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So, you’d like to start your own video blog, eh? And you’re in search of a best camera for vlogging? Well, consider yourself lucky to have landed on our site, because we have just the cameras for you.

Of all the cameras out there, we believe we have found the best camera for vlogging – and that’s saying something! It will not sound unreasonable nor surprising to you when we say that finding the perfect camera can be quite challenging.

With all the models, brands and features they offer, it’s just so hard finding the thing you want – one camera may have the framerate you want, but another may have the zoom, while another has the suitable mic. And there’s a matter of price. Paying two thousand dollars for a camera might not appeal to us all. Besides, there are cameras that perform just as well as some companies’ flagship equipment, and at considerably lower price.

Short Preview

Model Video Qualiy LCD Rating More info
Panasonic HC-V770 HD 1080p FULL HD No 4,9 View more
GoPro HERO4 BLACK 4K No 4,8 View more
Canon PowerShot G7 X 1080p, 60 fps Yes 4,7 View more
Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS 16MP 1080p Yes 4,6 View more
Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 780p No 4,5 View more

What to look for when buying a vlogging camera

So, what features should you look at when cameras are concerned.

  • Video quality

Of course, the first concern is the video quality. An excellent video camera will probably allow you 4K footage. However, these are more expensive, probably in excess of 900 dollars. So, if you don’t want to pay that much, you may go for a Full HD camera. These film in 1080p which will provide you with more than enough quality to make excellent videos for your vlog.

  • Weight

Secondly, there is the matter of weight. A good camera shouldn’t be too heavy, as you may want to film on the fly, using one hand, preferably. A heavy camera will most likely be a hindrance in that case, and it will cost you more. Therefore, for best effect, pick a camera that is comfortable to carry for prolonged times.

  • Optical Image Stabilization

The third matter you need to consider is the Optical Image Stabilization. A good cameras for vlogging should have such an option on board because it will help improve the quality of your video. Of course, you can use various programs to stabilize your video afterward, but this will yield quality videos not as near as a video from a camera that has this option.

  • Audio quality

Fourthly, a good audio performance is a splendid addition to a camera. This is a necessity, as your vlog will probably lose its point if your audience can’t hear you.

And lastly, pick a camera with a good lens. Since you’ll shoot videos at close range, a good lens is a necessity to create fine footage.

Well, that’s enough about technicalities, so let’s get on to our products.

Panasonic HC-V770 HD Camcorder

panasonic-hc-v770-hd-camcorderOf all the cameras we’ve looked at, this one fits best the conditions we’ve mentioned above. This is no flagship product, but, for a very attractive price, this camera will provide you with amazing performances.

Superb video quality, excellent audio and plenty of other high-end features (such as Optical Image Stabilization) are wrapped in a camera priced under 500$. For a beginner vlogger, as well as for an experienced one, you will not find a better product that will deliver as well as V770 for its price.

So, let’s see what we have here. This is Full HD camera, and it shoots footages in 1080p quality. For someone who doesn’t want to add another 400 bucks for a camera to shoot in 4K, or simply for someone who doesn’t find a need for 4K, this is the best offer you will get.

The camera is capable of filming in 60 fps, offering excellent video quality. But wait, there’s more! The camera can film in slow motion, at 120 fps, and without losing any of the quality. But the camera can go even further, and film in super-slow motion, at 240 fps. However, if you wish to use this mode, you’ll have to be satisfied with a 720p quality, which is pretty good at this framerate.

The camera also features an Optical Image Stabilization option that makes shooting while on the move easy as pie. It is also very light and simple to use – it is almost the same as the as the V750 model. Another great feature this camera has is the Twin Camera option.

This is made possible because the camera has Wi-Fi access, which enables it to connect to other cameras with Wi-Fi, or your smartphone. This enables you to take picture-in-picture footage, leaving you with some great footage from multiple angles. You also have a few cool filters, like 8mm film, Silent Film and Time Lapse.

  • Excellent 1080p Full HD video quality.
  • 120 fps slow motion and 240 fps super slow motion mode.
  • Optical Image Stabilization.
  • Easy to use.
  • Plenty of filters and features.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Does not feature 4K quality.

buy-amazon-buttonGoPro HERO4 BLACK



The second entry on our best camera for vlogging list is the GoPro HERO4 camera. A solid and cheap product, the HERO4 is a good entry level camera for beginner bloggers. It is easy to set up and easy to use, making it a favorite with experienced users as well.

Although we favor the Panasonic, this little thing packs 4K quality. For a product priced well under 500$, this is a great addition. It also features much the same things that V770 does. This includes a 60fps filming, and at 4K, 1080p 120fps slow motion and a super slow motion filmed at 240fps and 720p.

You can also capture images at 30fps with a 12 MP camera. This camera also features Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to connect to your smartphone for some great shots from different angles, or for picture-in-picture shots. It also enables you to live-stream your footage, on Ustream, for example.

This camera is also adept at taking great footage in dimly lit environments. Additionally, the item’s high contrast secures top-quality footage in less than ideally lit areas and conditions, such as indoors or in the evening.

The camera also has two great features for shooting in nighttime conditions. Night Photo and Night Lapse offer great quality photography for nighttime shooting via customizable exposures. In addition, the device features Optical Image Stabilization, making this camera, along with its relatively small size, great for outdoor and on-the-fly filming.

  • 4K video quality.
  • 120 fps slow motion and 240 fps super slow motion mode.
  • Very good for nighttime filming.
  • Very affordable.
  • Has Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Does not have as many filters.


Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera

canon-powershot-g7-x-digital-cameraThird up is a product coming from one of the most famous companies in the camera industry. The Canon PowerShot takes spot number 3 on our best camera for vlogging list due to its affordable price and excellent performance. Not only that, but the camera is relatively small sized, making it very portable, and enables you to carry it everywhere with you and use it whenever the inspiration hits.

This 20 Mp camera is a very powerful tool for capturing high-quality video and images. It films in 1080p, meaning it films in Full HD, which makes it awesome for vlogging of any kind. The camera has been outfitted with Canon’s iconic DIGIC 6 Image Processor that offers stellar video quality. The device can film at 60 fps through a 9 blade lens and has a 4.2x optical zoom.

It is also important to note that the camera has Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to post your pictures and videos straight to social media. The device also has a selfie-ready multi-touch LCD that can be raised in order to facilitate convenient self-portrait taking.

  • Comes from a widely known and trusted company.
  • 20 MP camera.
  • 1080p video quality, 60 fps.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Movable LCD screen for selfies.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Does not film in 4K quality.


Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS 16MP Digital Camera



Another product from the Canon PowerShot series, this camera is one of the cheapest and the best performing devices on the market, earning it its rightful place on our best camera for vlogging list.

Priced just over $200, this little thing is a convenient, light, cheap and superb camera for those who want to get started on their own vlog, but also like to move around and make a video whenever the inspiration hits. Of course, this does not mean you won’t be able to use it for at home shooting – the device is very well equipped for handling static shooting.

The camera is rated for 16 MP, offering very good quality shots and video. It films at 1080p, in full HD, making it a very good choice for vloggers, as your video will come out crispy clear and well balanced.

It also has a 12x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom, with 48x total zoom, which means that this device as one of the most extensive zooms for a handheld, non-camcorder, non-professional camera. In fact, the zoom is so big that you won’t be needing a pair of binoculars to peer at far-away sights (and you’ll be able to take pictures).

Furthermore, the camera sports a DIGIC 4 Image Processor, a fine processor of Canon make. This processor does a great job at capturing the most undistinguished details, boosting the device’s video quality significantly. For ease of viewing, the camera has been outfitted with a 3’’ TFT color LCD. Also, the device has been fitted with Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can directly upload your footage to social media of your choosing.

  • 1080p full HD quality.
  • 48x zoom.
  • 16 MP
  • Very affordable.
  • Comes from a trusted company.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Does not film in 4K quality.


Canon PowerShot ELPH 130


And the final product on our list is yet another Canon camera. The ELPH 130 is the predecessor of the ELPH 340, but it is still very relevant in the camera industry. This is because the device offers great performance and superb video quality, making it very hard to outdo and replace. The camera is pretty much the same as the ELPH 340, especially in design, so if you’ve had one, you’ll certainly be able to use the other with ease.

This camera is a true beginner’s device. It does not film in full HD but still offers good quality video at 720 p. This quality is enough for some good shots, and the pictures and video will come out very clear and well defined.

The camera features an 8x optical zoom, which is pretty decent – but this is a camera really meant for indoor and static shots that don’t require you to shoot far-away sights. The device has been outfitted with the same DIGIC 4 image processor as the ELPH 340, so you can expect some good video quality, even at 720p.

Like its progeny model, the ELPH 130 has Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to connect to the Internet and post your footage right away to social media. It also has the ECO mode that allows for smarter battery consumption, thus prolonging the time you can actively use the camera.

  • Very cheap camera.
  • Decent 8x zoom.
  • DIGIC 4 image processor.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Comes from a widely regarded company.
  • Films at 720p

buy-amazon-buttonFinal Verdict

Well, there you have it, our best camera for vlogging list. Among all these excellent products, it is hard to pick a winner. However, we have a good inclination toward crowning the Panasonic V770 as the winner, because it really fits the description of the perfect camera. It may not have 4K like the GoPro, but it offers excellent quality, superb zoom and plenty of filters and features to play around with.

It also has the Optical Image Stabilization technology that allows it to excel at shooting on the fly. All in all, we believe this is the perfect camera, and for the money, it will serve you extremely well.

However, we also have to commend the GoPro. As a camera this small, you’d expect it not to have 4K quality, but it does. For a vlogger, image quality is very important, and of all the cameras on this list, this is the only one that shoots video in such high a quality. That is why we chose to name it the Uncrowned King of our list. In conclusion, we hope you pick the best video camera for vlogging according to your personal preference, and, most importantly, enjoy shooting some good videos with it.

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