10 ways to increase subscribers

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2021)

Since the past few years, video marketing has been growing and spreading vastly. People are trying more social media platforms to promote their brands which is highly affecting their profit rates. According to the surveys People suggest that creating a YouTube channel and investing your time to promote your or others’ brand is the best way rather than other sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok which is without any doubt a great place.

YouTube is considered as a clone of google where people can find any content.  it’s just like a chain that helps people connect and engage. if you know a few tricks how and study the mindset of people that would make them watch your content then you’ll be able to work at such a pace that won’t make you stop. Here are the 10 best ways that can increase subscribers within the fastest amount of time.

1. Stay on the topic

Focusing your video around the content that you are creating is the best way to grow your followers. Youtubers think that missing this won’t be a big deal but it is. your audience will always notice your steps and how content is coming and they will need something impressive that would make them watch your videos over again. This will not only create positivity in your channel but will also increase your number of subscribers. Other than that you will also need to focus on your key tools for that use keywordtool.io which is specially used for YouTube. these tools are designed to help you show the most searched words and places you want to target.

2. Connect with the audience

YouTube is such a platform where posting your content won’t be enough there’s a need to be interacting with your audience so that they remain connected with you and your content. For example, if you are posting content on daily basis and not responding to the comment, then it would be an immense loss for you. Here’s a trick for you to reply to your follower’s comments and make them show your personality other than that don’t ignore negative comments just always try to bring some positivity from it which will greatly impress your audience which is your priority.

Another advantage of this can be that YouTube rewards those channels whose engagement with their audience is astounding, so keep up your pace and focus on it.

Other ways of connecting can be that post questions related to your content or ask what content they would like to see more don’t wait for your audience take the initiative don’t forget that it’s your channel and you are the engine of the whole train. By asking questions your audience will not only watch it but will also spread the word about you. and most importantly make sure to thank people to share your YouTube channel or to write good comments on your channel.

3. Boost up your channel on other platforms

social platforms

Promoting your channel on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok is the most important step, and it’s the best way to outgrow your channel. The more you promote your channel, the more possibility for the people to buy an interest in your channels and thus increase the number of subscribers.

there are great ideas for promoting your channels one of the ways can be that if you choose Instagram, you can put trailer of your short film there and put your whole content on your YouTube channel by this you’ll get a chance to engage with all your different audience on other platforms. Moreover, you use your blogs as well you can post your content there. try to use as many platforms as you like to outgrow your channel.

4. Be consistent with your audience


Try to post your content on a consistent pattern. Like if it’s twice a week then try to keep timings consistent and most importantly keep your audience updated about your next video.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind before even posting. like editing now you don’t have to worry about assigning some big brand company for that today’s smartphones offer the best possible editing apps in which some may be free of cost which is an amazing opportunity. with the help of your skills and apps, you can edit your content under your budget. show your audience how serious and passionate are you by your content and other things that matter in the video like location or editing.

5. Use the Top Content Again

Your top priority is to outgrow your YouTube channel in the best way possible. But not in all cases do you have to create content from scratch. you can use some help from the best videos that you have already created. since past years people have watched numerous amounts of how-to videos which weren’t the same case years ago. It has been compared that within a year 4 billion people have binged videos about how to because due to lockdown people got less opportunity to explore out so they utilize that time on YouTube in a way we can say that they were quite dependent on YouTube which is not a bad thing because, by the help of such an amazing platform they got to learn a lot, for example, some people watch home remedies or some watch cooking videos.

by this lockdown, we got to know that our follower doesn’t get bored of making videos on a repeated topic they just want something interesting from that same topic.

furthermore, try to keep your content in a limited time because you don’t know what viewers like the most it’s like a 50 percent probability so in this case play safe. make sure it should be between one to five minutes but make them believe that even it was for short period it’s worth watching it again.

6. Be the face of the channel

If you are running the channel all by yourself or even you are working in a company or organization then it is highly advantageous for you to be in most of the videos because in that way your audience will be more connected to you and will be able to know you as an individual. every vlogger needs to follow that tip because when it comes to defining yourself to your viewer it is not only all about showing your creativity and your ideas but it is also about how do you see yourself.

Being the face of the channel doesn’t mean that you must come in every video, but it will never give you any drawback it will only lead you towards more success.

Try to engage more frequently with your follower for your benefit, by doing this you won’t be only connecting but you can observe how other vloggers are working and try to do better than them.

7. Brand matters

Remember that everything is built on top of a brand. All your content, the music you use in your vlogs, the cinematography, the editing, the post-credits, the font styles, the speech, the captions, everything should point towards a single identity you create for your users which is attractive enough for them to retain your image among the thousands of content creators out there. Do keep in mind that all branding isn’t visual. For example, adding custom URLs to your channel headers and writing an interesting bio for your channel also constitutes branding. Monetization matters on this. Say you have a catchphrase that is a core part of your brand, that has the potential to grow itself into a sales channel.

8. Thumbnails


Say you’re a filmmaker. You make this amazing video on a big budget, cast the cream of Hollywood, have the most amazing cinematography done, and have the best soundtrack, but you slacked off on the poster. What do you expect to happen? Now imagine that you have all that but nobody knows you. The consequences are even more severe this time. The importance of a poster for a movie is synonymous with the importance of a video’s thumbnail on YouTube. Adding a great thumbnail means increasing your click-through rate (CTR). Here you can use highlighted areas, big fonts of text, arrows, and appealing images to improve your CTR.

9. Subscriptions

Notice how whenever you want to start an ad campaign you are given many choices. Do you want to increase your views, or your subscribers or your engagement, or tens of other factors? When you’re on YouTube always push for subscribers, that’s the measure of retention. The more subscribers you have, the more pre-booked audience you have for your next video.

10. Innovation

Even though you have to build a brand, and stay on topic while maintaining the theme that your channel is creating, you need to bring something new to every video. This does not only mean a new story. If you just portray different stories in the same format, editing, cinematography each time, you will eventually lead your audience to a tipping point where they will feel exhausted and leave your channel. This will cause your retention rates to decline. You can bring innovation in many aspects, invite guests, change the scenery, add drone shots, add a segment to your vlogs, introduce new characters, the more you explore each aspect, the better you’re making your channel but remember, too much can be harmful as well. A good balance is always hard to find but also the most rewarding.


Now I am sure you that you just get an idea about the ways to increase subscribers. Creating a YouTube channel and working on it isn’t an easy job but with these tips, you will be able to handle that pressure easily. Remember communication in this platform is a key to success, always think of spreading your channels as many ways as possible, Be consistent with your content and your viewers, and use keywords so that it would help you to stick on a topic.



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