12 best affordable Christmas gifts for Camera Lover

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2021)

It’s the holiday season again and Santa has a bag filled with vlogging cameras for videography enthusiasts this time. One thing’s for certain, we all have that one friend who loves to capture beautiful moments on camera. It’s the friend we all contact after a party to forward the amazing pictures. And that one friend who has decided to start documenting his journey through life, an amazing vlogging camera for beginners would be nice, right? And we’re here to help you find the most amazing gifts for these gems.

Contour Unimouse

Contour Unimouse

Let’s start our list with the contour unimouse. Hands down these are the most flexible mouse on the market. How? Its ergonomics make it the best fit for most hand sizes out there. It’s a mouse that is available for both left and right-hand users. Now the question arises that how is a mouse a great gift for a photographer. A great mouse is very important for photo editing, which is all about precision. The contour unimouse is a bang for the buck in that case. It’s one of the only mouse options that provide the best balance between functionality and money. But don’t take our word for it. This mouse has won an award. Yes! The Red Dot award for its design, ergonomics, and functionality. Its movable thumb support gives you a relaxed grip. The mouse comes with wireless tech and is available in four different variants. The best mouse out there for photo and video editing.

Nissin i40

Nissin i40

When it comes to photographers, portability is a serious factor. Nobody wants to carry bulky equipment for hours on end. This is where the Nissin i40 comes into the picture. This flashgun is known for its compactness without compromising on performance. And we’re talking seriously compact with max power. With the reviews we have received the i40 does occasionally get glitchy in the users’ hands with a slightly warm illumination but it’s not like those slimmed-down Speedlight flashguns out in the market. Compared to the flashguns that are powered by 2 AA batteries, the Nissin i40 is powered by 4 AA batteries so the user will expect near 220 flashes/charge with additional fast recycle times. If you compare this to the other flashguns out there you will see that the other models are designed to force in an LCD and buttons on the read end. In comparison the Nissin i40 is designed minimalistic, another factor most photographers value. With only 2 dials, out of which, one sets the flash mode where you can adjust the TTL, TTL slave, manual and manual slave, and the other dial adjusts power where you can adjust the compensation or exposure in TTL mode, Nissin i40 already establishes its superiority over all other flashguns. Furthermore, it has high-speed sync capabilities, a fully articulated head, and a very handy LED video light with nine different levels to adjust brightness during a run time of approximately 3.5 hours. This is the best accessory you can give to your photographer friend who aspires to use a flashgun in their clicks.

Kenro 4 in 1 Film and Photo Scanner

Kenro 4 in 1 Film and Photo Scanner


Every photography enthusiast wants a photo scanner. The Kenro photo scanner is fast, very easy to use and the best part is that it not only prints but also films! With the Kenro scanner, you can scan a positive or negative 35 mm film, a 3.5×5 inch, 7×5 inch, and 6×4 inch film and it simultaneously provides an ease to the user by saving the films directly to the SD card so you do not have to use any separate software. The Kenro photo scanner comes with a 2.4 inch LCD monitor that provides the user with an immediate preview of the film to be scanned. This is due to the camera-based scanner that is attached to the Kenro that uses a 5.1 megapixel CMOS sensor that photographs each frame. The Kenro can scan high contrast slides that have hugely brown highlights without any detail to compensate. The only downside to this product is the significant frame cropping. The users also complain that the scans of the negative films aren’t that great but the positive overpowers the negative at such a price range.

Manfrotto Elements Carbon Fiber Big Traveller Tripod Kit

Is the photographer not loving a tripod? Sounds impossible right! It is, especially if the tripod is Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Big Traveller Tripod. No negatives, just positives to this one. The first one is that it comes at a great price. The Manfrotto comes with a detachable monopod, making it not only strong with its carbon fiber legs but also light and portable. Carbon fiber tripods beat aluminum tripods by a mile, not only because they are light but they are also better at absorbing vibrations so with the Manfrotto you’re getting a price, performance, and convenience all in one package. It can handle more than an 8 kg payload, that exceeds the weight capacity of most if not all of the camera gear in the market and you can still detach one of its legs and use it as a monopod. This will put a smile on the faces of your photographer friends.

Peli Air Case 1535

Imagine having a thirty-thousand-dollar Tiffanys ring for your partner but packaging it in a 2-dollar box. Doesn’t sound like something you’d want to do right? So, if you’re friends have a great camera, what better to gift them than a great case. Compared to its size, the Peli Air Case, it’s very light for its size and very tough for its material used. It allows the owner to optionally insert a TrekPak. The Peli is great for travel purposes as it can be wheeled and is also cabin friendly, rarely do you find a camera that hasn’t visited multiple cities or countries. The Peli Air is nearly 40 percent lighter than the Peli hard case which has the same size. The Peli Air weighs just 3.95 kg. Inside the Peli Air 1535, you’ll find a cubed foam, sheets of corrugated plastic that are sandwiched between layers of closed-cell foams. This allows you to easily and elegantly fit any gear you have. A one-of-a-kind padding system.

Panasonic Lumix TZ90

This one is for your vlogger friends out there. The perfect camera for vlogging, a small body with a big zoom. But why the Panasonic Lumix? Is it because it has an amazing effect image stabilization system or maybe because it has one of the best selfie technologies for a camera. The. The Panasonic TZ series is known for its best selection of fully-featured point-and-shoot cameras for travel purposes. The camera comes to WiFi ready with a control that is enough for a broad set of users. Not only will it satisfy the users with its Raw shooting but its 30x optical zoom is a cherry on top, with 4k video shooting. Everything a vlogger needs for an amazing price. Can it get any better?

Samsung Portable SSD T5

What’s the point of clicking lots of amazing pictures if you don’t have a lighting fast SSD to store them in. A slick, satin, minimalistic metal design. In the industry, it’s regarded as the most stylish drive out there. Just 51 grams of weight, and just 74 mm long, it’s not only the most stylish SSD out there but also the smallest and lightest. The Samsung T5 comes in 250 GB and 500 GB. It has a 2m shock protection and the last technology of USB 3.1 second-generation connectivity compatible with USB C to USB A

The 500 GB T5 model has aced all speed tests at such an affordable price. But data has to be safe as well right? That’s why Samsung has included hardware data encryption feature letting your password protect all your media. Design, security, price, weight, what more do we need.

LEE Big Stopper

A desirable filter always makes your day. Especially if the filter is the LEE Big Stopper. Can you believe that there was a time when it was a privilege to own a LEE Big Stopper? The filter has a ten-stop effect on images, water, cloud, and anything else that has a possibility of reducing your image to a silky blur. The LEE square filter has the LEE 100 system so the user will need a separate adaptor ring if they want to mount the filter on the camera lens. Something to help your friends keep their images clean.

Lensbaby 50mm Spark Selective Focus lens

The perfect camera for your friend requires the perfect lens, and what better than the Lensbaby. The Lensbaby Spark is a terrific alternative for photographers who want to start experimenting on a budget because it is one of the most affordable Lensbaby special effects lenses. While the plastic construction may feel a little cheap, this very light lens is incredibly easy to use and virtually unbreakable (this clumsy author can attest…). Simply squeeze and tilt the lens to shift the sweet spot’ of focus around the photo to achieve the selective focus effect. While this lens is most known for portrait photography, it’s also fascinating to experiment with it in other genres.

Neos SmartCam

Affordable with multiple uses, smart, and integrated with modern tech. Sounds like a dream camera doesn’t it. Wait till you hear the price of this bad boy. This Neos costs just £25, and it’s versatile enough to be used as a home security camera or a pet camera. Despite its modest price, the Neos features a 1080p Full HD image sensor with a 110-degree lens, night vision, two-way audio, and Alexa support. Videos can be recorded indefinitely and archived online for 14 days for free, allowing you to check what your pet has been up to in the past or watch a live video feed on your phone. The camera comes with adhesive pads and a magnetic base, so it can be mounted on any wall and at any height.

 Rode VideoMic Go

Videography isn’t just about visuals; audio makes up for the rest half and has the power to either make or break the video. Though GoPro’s onboard sound recording is improving, if you want the best quality, you’ll want to invest in a separate microphone. The RDE VideoMic GO, an extremely capable, high-quality directional video microphone that will greatly improve the audio you’re collecting, is one of the most cost-effective. Be careful that some older versions may lack the necessary jack, necessitating the use of an adaptor.

Belkin Pocket Power 10K portable battery

A portable camera but no portable battery? That’s a position your friend would never want to be in. With this portable Pocket Power 10K battery for any tiny device, Belkin keeps it simple. This portable battery packs in 10,000 mAh and is wrapped in a sleek-ish and somewhat small shell, making it good for a day or two on the go. There’s nothing fancy about this, just two USB-A ports for plugging in cables to charge whatever gadget you’ve got, albeit they’re each rated at 2.4 amps for fast charging. It also has a 2-amp micro-USB port for rapid charging in between uses. This power bank comes in black, rose gold, and silver, so it’s aimed at smartphone users.


From flashguns to cameras to tripods to mics, these are the best things you can gift your camera-loving friends this holiday. All the products that we have mentioned here are great fits, at amazing prices, and have received stellar reviews from customers worldwide. Seeing this equipment in any professional photographer or videographer’s studio wouldn’t be a surprise. We’re sure this is what their imaginary bucket list for Santa looks like. It’s your time to show your photography loving buddy you’ve done your research!

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