Best Gifts for Vloggers under $200 | 2022

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2022)

Budgeted and best gift-giving becomes a challenge when the person on the receiving end is a vlogger or a YouTuber. The best gift you may think of will likely be out of budget considering the average price of the cameras, camcorders, smartphones, drones, microphones, or earphones especially if optimized for a vlogger are pricey.

To solve this problem, we have compiled a list of 8 gifts for vloggers. All the products have a few cores common characteristics. Firstly, all the products are under 200 USD to optimize the best gift-giving when you are under a tight budget. Furthermore, we have ensured that the products listed have amazing reviews, we have tested and used all the products ourselves before recommending them to you to ensure an optimal experience for your vlogging buddy.

Top 8 Gifts for Vloggers

1.SanDisk Extreme Pro – 128GB Card

SanDisk Extreme Pro – 128GB Card

At first thought, one might think that this is a very insignificant and small but best gift for a vlogger, but this small chip plays a huge role in the life of a person who is most likely always facing data storage issues after recording hours and hours of 4K UHD content. The SanDisk Extreme 128 GB is a problem solver.

This SanDisk card is perfect for shooting a 4K UHD video. This card ensures a faster postproduction workflow. Furthermore, this card is built and tested in harsh conditions, so it is a perfect data storage device.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro comes with an SDXC flash memory and hardware interface. It also comes with Class 10 digital security. It can shoot speeds up to 90 MB/s and can also transfer data at a speed of 170 MB/s, but it does require compatibility with devices to reach the spend such as the Sandisk SD UHD 1 card reader which is sold separately. The performance of this device might be slower based on the host device, interface, usage conditions, and other factors.

2. Rode VideoMic Pro On-Camera Microphone

Rode VideoMic Pro On-Camera Microphone

The Rode Video Mic Pro is a winner in the vlogging community and potentially a great gift for your vlogger friends. This is especially because it is designed to be used with camcorders, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras.

The Rode Video mic has an astonishing battery life of more than 70 hours (about 3 days) from a single 9 Volt battery. The power, filter, and level controls of the mic are easily accessible from the back of the mic. The filter on the mic is built to prevent slight noises in the recording environment from being recorded.

The mic is powered by an AC power source with a 3.5 mm connector with a unique audio sensitivity of 14 db. It is compatible with both cameras and camcorders. It weighs around 3 ounces and has n unidirectional polar pattern which makes it a compatible, portable, and the best gift.

3. Emart Green Screen

Emart Green Screen

If your vlogging friend does not have a green screen, it will make the best gift. A green screen is one of the most essential tools for a vlogger. It serves the purpose of being dedicated to changing the background of the final image on the video. Apart from the fact that it is environmentally friendly, Emart green screen is also lightweight, portable, and easily foldable. It is also extremely easy to clean and store.

The Emart greenscreen’s weight is around 19. 6 pounds. It has dimensions of 72x 61 inches and includes the pop-up innovation method to pull up the green screen. This device comes under one of the most budgeted yet useful tools you can gift a vlogger.

4. Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

Known as one of the most widely used, popular, and stylish tripods in the vlogging community, this tool should be a part of your vlogger friend if it is not already. Manfrotto PIXI tripod is made essentially for home vlogging. It is made with an attractive Italian design. Furthermore, it is also light, small, and easy to hold a camera weighing up to 1 kg so you can rest assured that the camera will be compatible with whatever camera your friend has. However, this tripod is perfect for pocket cameras or smartphones.

One of the key differences between other tripods and the Manfrotto PIXI is that it is very ergonomic and aesthetic. It has a push-button locking mechanism for easily setting up your camera, camcorder, or phone but most of all it is a very affordable but the best gift you can give your vlogger friend.

5. Ulanzi Pocket Mini Rechargeable Video Light

If you are looking for the best gift that will surprise your vlogger friend, but you are also restricted on a budget, the Ulanzi Pocket mini rechargeable video light is the perfect gift. This pocket video lighting system is compatible with almost all cameras out there from smartphones to DSLRs. The light has a long-lasting illumination capacity from a 3100 mAh battery which can directly be attached to a USB cable. It is also very ergonomic as well as easy to carry around.

The video light has two removable magnet filters that provide the user with soft light shorts, but it also comes with brightness wheels on the side, The wheels on the side can be used to adjust the brightness of the LED video light. The video light can also be controlled by a computer to adjust brightness. It also has a lamp for video conferencing while being adjustable at a 270-degree angle capable of providing up to 150 minutes (about 2 and a half hours) of lighting.

6 . Neewer Advanced 18 Inches Ring Light Kit with a Carrying Bag

The Neewer advanced lighting kit is one of the top gifts you can gift to a vlogging enthusiast, it can also be relevant, beautiful and the best gift for makeup vloggers, hair stylists or even selfies lovers. One of the main advantages of the lighting kit is that it is very convenient and easy to carry around. The entire kit also comes with a light stand, a carrying bag that can accommodate a smartphone, a camera, an adapter, and the entire lighting kit OfCourse.

An additional benefit is that the hot-shoe adapter that comes with the kit is compatible with most of the DSLR cameras out there, this also applies to the smartphone holders that are compatible with most of the smartphones in the market.

The lighting kit includes a 48 cm (about half the length of a baseball bat), 55 W LED ring light, a soft tube, an orange color filter set, a universal power adapter, and a smartphone holder all packed neatly in a carrying bag for the ring light. If you are looking at a budgeted but best gift for a friend who does not have proper lighting equipment, you have chosen the best gift.

7. TARION XH Waterproof Camera Backpack

Within a restricted budget, you may not be able to buy your friend a camera but what you can do is buy your friend a camera backpack and if your vlogger friend likes to make travel vlogs or is generally a traveling enthusiast then there is no better but the best gift to give than the camera backpack. The backpack is made with durable material and is also capable of securely packing all your camera gear in a protected environment against all harsh weather conditions.

The backpack is big enough to store 2 DSLR cameras along with a small-sized drone and other small compact vlogging camera and equipment, that is a lot of gear for one backpack It also has a detachable dedicated laptop camera along with a quick side and front access. The backpack has shock-proof abrasion and is weather resistant. It has a large capacity with an expandable rolltop compartment.

8. Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit

Your vlogger friend likely has all the intention of making their lives as easy as possible. The Joby GorillaPod Kit is one of those gifts that will make life convenient for your vlogging friends. The three-strong wrappable les are meant to secure the camera equipment and stabilize the video. Furthermore, it is the most ergonomic tripod that can be found on the market. However, there is a limiting factor with the tripod that it can hold a camera weight of up to only 3 kgs but that also means that it is compatible with most of the cameras in the market.

The tripod is made of durable materials like ABS Plastic, Stainless steel, TPE, and Aluminum. It has a maximum height of 30 cm and weighs around 13.8 ounces. According to the reviewers, it is described as flexible, precise, modular, versatile, and most commonly, affordable.


There you have it, 8 of the most affordable gifts that you can give to your vlogging enthusiast friends. Contrary to widespread belief, and proved by the list of products provided above, it is very much possible to produce budgeted gifts in a market that is filled with expensive equipment. This includes every product from green screens, camera backpacks, tripod kits, lighting kits, storage devices, and more. Everything here is a game-changer incompatibility and affordability for your vlogging friends.








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