Top 5 Best Vlogging Tripod Reviews 2020 for YouTubers & Videographers [Buying Guide]

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(Last Updated On: September 12, 2020)

To be a perfect vlogger, it is extremely important to have all those basic tools and accessories which are required for recording the best vlog or a video.  Among all those tools, we have a vlogging tripod which is a vital tool for an excellent vlogging video production.

No matter whether you are shooting for outdoor videos or either in the studio, a tripod is necessary for shooting cinematic and steady shots for all your next YouTube videos.  Tripods are available in different models and designs to pick the one which suits best according to your shooting and video requirements.

Why do you need a Tripod?

There are several reasons to choose a tripod for YouTube video shooting. Some of the basic reasons are as discussed below:

  • It offers great camera stability and even prevents to capture blurred shots.
  • Plus, it will also improve your overall macro experience.
  • Tripods even permit imaginative effects and allow a long exposure in low light conditions.
  • For landscape photography, a tripod is an important tool to capture the shots nicely in wet and windy outdoor conditions.

List of Top Best Vlogging Tripod

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Our TOP PICK is Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit. This is an affordable and an exceptional tripod which is best for your videography and YouTube vlogging purposes. It brings high-quality video results which add an extra charm in your whole vlogging process.

1. Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit (Editor’s Choice) 

On the top of our vlogging tripod list, we have Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit!  This tripod is included with an advanced set of features with which you can shot your videos as stabilized as possible. It has unique octopus legs which will enable you to easily mount your tripod in various places. Well-known Vlogger Casey Neistat also uses this tripod for his vlogging videos.


  • Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit is extremely flexible which makes it Best Vlogging Tripod for Youtubers. To mount it on a specific place you can easily twist it and wrap it.  It is available with wrappable legs so you can secure it in one place.
  • It can easily handle the weight of around 6.6lbs without any hassle. The top base of the tripod and its overall construction is made from durable material for long-lasting usage.
  • Apart from all such qualities, this stylish vlogging tripod has a stable construction. It is included with a smooth rubberized ring along with foot grips to resist rough terrains comfortably. This will initially make your whole videography task so much effortless and easy to perform.
  • Lastly, it has a compact design. Being lightweight you can easily carry it during the traveling time.

Why to Buy Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit


  • Best for creating stabilized videos or footages
  • Sturdy construction
  • Flexible product of vlogging tripod
  • Can bear the weight of 6.6 lbs
  • Durable foot grips to resist on rough terrains


  • Legs of the tripod might twist
  • Not a long-lasting durability

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2. LinkCool 360 Degrees Rotation 

On the 2nd spot, we have LinkCool 360 Degrees Rotation!  This tripod offers different advanced features and adds extra stability in your video making task.  Being compact in design and lightweight you can easily carry it during your travel time as well.  Another best thing about this best compact vlogging tripod is that you can even use it for recording your videos.


  • This is an extremely excellent and best tripod for smartphones and cameras which is available at a reasonable price range. The way it moves around in different directions will enhance your photo and video quality.
  • With the help of this tripod, you can achieve sharper photographs. It is portable and lightweight for cameras and smartphones.
  • Its weight is 0.93lbs and has a minimum height of around 14 inches when it is folded.
  • To easily carry it in your hands, it is available with tote bags and handles for secure handling.
  • It is decently designed in silver color which makes it look so stylish and elegant.
  • Plus it has a durable construction which is made out of premium aluminum alloy tube as well as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). I

This best travel tripod is compatible with smartphones and cameras.  For your smartphones, it is included with a phone holder mount which is compatible with the size of around 3.35 inches.

Why to Buy LinkCool 360 Degrees Rotation Tripod


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Professional and durable construction
  • Compatible with smartphone and cameras
  • Remote control use gives extra convenience


  • Remote control use gives extra convenience
  • Quite flimsy over heavy cameras
  • Not suitable for tall people

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3. Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod 

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod is another top leading and best handheld tripod for vlogging.  It has a compact design and is available at a reasonable price range. You can easily get it under 20 bucks which makes it one of the cheapest tripods in today’s market. It has some advanced features and does add your videos with extra stabilization.


  • This vlogging tripod is available in mini shape and has a compact design. For the daily vlogging, this is an extremely best vlogging tripod under $20.
  • It has a comfortable handgrip which will enable you to capture all your videos with superior stabilization. This will initially make your whole videography task so much effortless and easy to perform.
  • This cheap tripod is available with the push-button locking system for easy and quick setup. You can set-up your tripod with a single push button without any hassle.

Its lightweight feature makes it extremely best to use during travel time. It has an attractive shape which is so gorgeous looking

Why to Buy Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod


  • Best for vlogging & YouTubing
  • Best for vlogging & YouTubing
  • Perfect for various compact cameras
  • Adds stabilization in your video
  • Reasonable priced
  • Lightweight design


  • Not suitable for any bulky camera
  • The lacking height adjustment feature

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4. LinkCool Octopus Tripod 

For your daily vlogging and regular YouTube video shooting, this tripod is worth buying right now! Although it is pricey, the overall functioning of this small flexible tripod is worth talking about! It is composed of all those advanced features which you might not be experiencing with any other tripod model. Its durable construction is what makes it extremely popular among YouTubers.


  • The best thing about this tripod has been its fluid head for panning and smooth tilting of your cameras. It even offers a 60mm half ball for adding an extra smoothness in your video shots.
  • This cheap vlogging tripod is available with the two-legged design for extra stability and sturdy appearance. You can even attach some bulky vlogging cameras with it without any hassle.
  • Plus you will also notice the access of rubberized legs in this tripod which makes it so much unique. This rubber material will provide extra traction on rough surfaces and will keep the tripod in a balanced state.
  • Its build quality is extremely durable as it is made from special material-carbon fiber for long-lasting use.

To add extra portability, this tripod is available with the carrying case. You can easily fit your tripod in the case and can take it along with you during travel time.

Why to Buy LinkCool Octopus Tripod


  • Available with fluid head
  • Availability of 60mm half ball
  • Best for both outdoor and indoor shooting
  • Durable construction
  • Offers carrying case for transportation
  • Made out of the powerful Aluminum base


  • Costly
  • Not suitable for beginners

Joby JB01503 GorillaPod 1K Kit. Compact Tripod 1K Stand and Ballhead 1K for Compact... 

Last on our list we have Joby JB01503 GorillaPod 1K Kit! This is a flexible and compact tripod which is best for your videography and photography. Joby JB01503 GorillaPod is available in different models in which we have 1K, 500, 325, 3K, and 5K.  It is best to use for both beginners and professionals who are fond of videography or shooting YouTube videos.


  • This tripod is extremely different and unique looking as compared to other tripod models available in the market. Its overall look is so unique and stylish. It is available in black color with red accents on top of it which looks so much attractive.
  • Plus it is available in 5 different models and all the models are equipped with attachable ball head and legs. This will initially make your whole videography task so much effortless and easy to perform.
  • You can use this best vlogging tripod under $30 in 3 different ways. It can be used as a traditional tripod on which you can have your camera stand up.  Plus you can also use it as a strong grip to easily hold the camera. This will bring a constant improvement in the stability and creativity of your shot
  • It is excellent in its precision and smoothness. Being compact in a design you can easily take it along with you during travel time. This makes it ideal for vacationers of vloggers.
  • The top handle of the tripod is so strong that it can easily handle the heavy device with extra ease and comfort.

Why to Buy Joby JB01503 GorillaPod 1K Kit


  • Practical and versatile
  • Lightweight and compact design for travel
  • Durable construction


  • Flexible legs might require some time to get balanced
  • The lacking height extension feature
  • Wrapping mount is not completely secure

Important Factors to Follow when Buying Best Vlogging Tripod

Now the main question is how you should purchase the best quality of vlogging tripod for YouTube and videography. Let’s guide you a bit about it! Below we have a few important tips which you need to keep in mind for buying a high-quality vlogging tripod:


As a professional vlogger, there comes a moment when you have to instantly capture some moments in your camera.   You should choose a tripod that is easy in installation and set-up processing. Extra functional vlogging tripods are highly recommended.


As soon as you start to search for a vlogging camera, try to pick the lightweight one.  It is a common fact that you have to hold your tripod on your shoulder during travel time. So finding lightweight tripod is best option for you.  Compact design, portable nature and light weight product are few important elements which you need to pay attention at.


There is no need to carry giant tripod all the time on your shoulder during your travel purposes. So the best option will be to pick a compact tripod which you can easily get fitted into your bag.  This will initially make your whole videography task so much effortless and easy to perform.


Besides, the next most important element is to choose a tripod that is available with customizable legs.  This will enable you to fix your tripod on rough surfaces and terrains. By using such sort of tripods, you do have the choice in which you can easily hang your camera on top of the pole or over some location to take incredible shots.


Plus you need to be a lot careful about the selection of the brand which you are shortlisting to purchase the vlogging tripod. Sometimes the name of the brand can give you an idea that whether the tripod product of that brand will work in your favor or not. This is an important tip which you need to keep in mind.

Adaptable Nature

Being a vlogger, you will wish to experience different models and styles of cameras in your vlogging. Sometimes you will require the use of DSLR for videography or you might choose to use a GoPro camera as well. But at the end of the day, you should explore for a piece of the stand that can easily adapt virtually on every camera model.


The last most important element is the budget! No matter whatsoever design or model of tripod you are choosing, you need to make sure that it is following your budget. You can even get reliable and best tripods at affordable prices having advanced features.  Take help from professional experts to pick the best product for your videography.

Top 7 Best Selling Vlogging Tripod 2020

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ’S: Vlogging Tripod

What is meant by Vlogging Tripod?

This vlogging tripod is a three-leg designed stand which is equipped with a mounting head for hanging your camera. This will enable you to fully stabilize your camera, filming equipment, and flash.

Why do you need a Tripod for Vlogging?

For vlogging purposes, having an excellent vloggng tripod is extremely important.  YouTubers and travel vloggers can add their videos with good quality with the help of this tripod equipment.

Which is the excellent tripod for Vlogging?

We will prefer you to buy Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit as it is affordable and brings high-quality results in your videography shots.

Which type of vlogging tripod is best to buy?

According to us, the best vlogging tripod is the one that you can easily hold in your hand and is stable during vlogging. For the travel vloggers you can choose the one which is flexible and low weight. You can also look for the tripod which you can easily fold for travel purposes.


Buying an excellent tripod for vlogging and videography purposes is fully dependent on your basic vlogging needs. It might be confusing for you to pick the best one because so many models are available in the market and almost all of them have the same features. But always choose a tripod that is affordable and equally best in its image or video quality.  Consider the elements of camera weight, type, and height during the buying process.

Go and shop for it now!

Good luck and happy creating!

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