7 Ways To Get Non-copyright Music For Your Vlog in 2023

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Non-copyright Music for Your Vlogs with Legal and Captivating Tunes

Your vlog content, meticulously crafted and engaging, now with an added layer of sonic allure. Background music has the power to elevate your videos, injecting an extra dose of appeal that resonates with your viewers. However, the snares of copyright restrictions have grown tighter, making it clear that using someone else’s music without permission isn’t an option, even for a fleeting few seconds. 

The modern digital sphere echoes with the efforts artists pour into their compositions. As conscientious content creators, we respect the toil and creativity that goes into every melody. And while challenges abound, solutions flourish. The realm of non-copyright music apps for YouTube has blossomed, offering an array of tracks to complement your content without the looming specter of legal issues.

This comprehensive guide unveils seven savvy strategies to seamlessly integrate non-copyright music into your vlogs. Say farewell to the worries of copyright claims and the dreaded strikes on your YouTube channel. Our curated selection of methods not only keeps you on the right side of the law but also ensures your vlogs pulsate with fresh, original beats. Let’s delve into a world where your content shines brighter while respecting the artistry of musicians.

Legitimate Ways to Get Non-Copyright Music for Your Vlog


1. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic sound legit source of no-copyright music.


Epidemic Sound stands tall as a viewer-favored haven for premium, nearly-free background music that seamlessly complements your videos. With its extensive collection housing thousands of non-copyright music tracks and sound effects, this platform opens a gateway to a multitude of options, ensuring you discover the auditory gem that perfectly resonates with your content.

Setting Epidemic Sound apart is its distinctive touch of human curation, a refreshing departure from the algorithm-driven alternatives. Crafted by people rather than machines, these soundscapes imbue your videos with an authentic and emotive quality, elevating the overall feel of your content.

Extensive research underscores the app’s remarkable attributes. Boasting an expansive music library, Epidemic Sound emerges as a budget-friendly yet powerful tool suitable for every YouTuber. Recognizing the diverse financial landscape of content creators, the platform accommodates burgeoning talents without compromising on quality. Because, let’s face it, effective music doesn’t necessarily come with a hefty price tag. It’s all about harnessing the right melody at the right moment.

Navigating the labyrinth of music licensing is a challenge many content creators grapple with. Epidemic Sound, however, simplifies the journey by offering a streamlined licensing process that covers multiple platforms, saving you time and potential legal headaches.

Price-wise, Epidemic Sound hits the sweet spot of affordability. The spectrum ranges from a modest $0.99 for individual track licenses to a monthly subscription starting at just $12. Moreover, a tantalizing bonus awaits Buffer customers, with an exclusive discount code “wer987ev” extending a hand toward even more budget-friendly options.

Now, the cherry on top: Epidemic Sound extends a 30-day free trial period, allowing you to immerse yourself in its auditory wonders risk-free. This trial period serves as a litmus test, helping you gauge whether this platform is the sonic muse your creations have been seeking.


– Wide-ranging collection of non-copyright music and sound effects.

– Human-curated content for an authentic auditory experience.

– Budget-friendly pricing, catering to a diverse range of creators.

– Streamlined licensing process for ease of use.

– Exclusive discounts for Buffer customers.

– Generous 30-day free trial to explore the platform’s offerings.


– Limited free content beyond the trial period.

– May not have extremely niche or specialized tracks.


2. YouTube Audio Library – Best Non-Copyright Music Platform

Youtube audio library. Legit sources for Non-copyright music.


The YouTube Audio Library stands as a reliable bastion where creators rejoice in the harmonious blend of visuals and captivating melodies. With a myriad of users sharing resounding testimonials, this platform has etched its mark as a formidable source of non-copyright music, resonating harmoniously with a plethora of content.

The YouTube Audio Library emerges as a veritable haven, housing an expansive collection that caters to a diverse array of preferences. Its intuitive organization breathes life into the selection process, allowing users to browse through songs segmented by genres, durations, and even moods. Recognizing that every video possesses a unique aura, the library’s structured categorization ensures that the chosen background music seamlessly complements the content’s ambiance.

A standout feature that sets this platform apart is its popularity ranking system. Unveiling the tracks most downloaded by fellow creators, this option provides a window into the sonic preferences of the masses. While adhering to trends isn’t obligatory, immersing oneself in these favored melodies offers insight into the melodic harmonies that resonate deeply with viewers. The auditory voyage can serve as a guide, leading creators toward compositions that encapsulate similar tones and emotions.

Navigating the YouTube Audio Library may occasionally pose a minor challenge for some content creators. However, the process is straightforward: venture into the Creator Studio, where the gateway to the audio library awaits, offering a world of musical creativity at your fingertips.

And the icing on the cake? The abundant offering of free music. The YouTube Audio Library exudes a spirit of generosity, presenting an array of tracks that can be seamlessly integrated into your creations without the nagging specter of copyright woes.



– Vast and diverse collection of non-copyright music.

– Intuitive categorization based on genre, duration, and mood.

– Popularity ranking system guides creators toward favored tracks.

– Accessible through the Creator Studio interface.

– Abundance of free music for unrestricted use.



– Some users might encounter initial difficulty in locating the audio library.

– Limited customization compared to premium music platforms.


3. Audio blocks

Audio blocks


Your Sound Solution for Engaging Content

In the realm of content creation, Audio Blocks stands as an indispensable companion, catering to the auditory cravings of YouTubers seeking impeccable sound effects for their podcasts and diverse content shared across various platforms.

Unlocking a world of auditory possibilities, this application doesn’t just offer a chance to listen to a plethora of free soundtracks; it grants you the power to download an unlimited array of songs and soundscapes, unleashing your creative potential like never before.

Navigating the symphony of choices can often be overwhelming, but Audio Blocks brings clarity through its download feature. Seamlessly shortlist the most resonant soundtracks that harmonize with your vision, making the selection process a breeze.

But that’s just the beginning. This app doesn’t merely provide a buffet of audio options; it empowers you to tailor their length. Utilize the intuitive slide bars to craft the perfect duration for your soundtrack, saving you the hours typically invested in post-production editing. Streamlining your workflow, Audio Blocks ensures that your creations flourish without the hassle.

The boon of simplicity extends beyond mere editing. For those unfamiliar with the intricacies of audio manipulation, Audio Blocks becomes a guiding light. Its user-friendly interface slashes the need for outsourcing editing tasks, simultaneously saving precious time and elevating your content quality.

Now, let’s delve into the pricing landscape. Positioned against the backdrop of its remarkable benefits, Audio Blocks’ cost proves a worthy investment. Priced at $99 per year, this app serves as a cost-effective solution, bridging the gap between non-copyright music and seamless content creation. Time saved, quality upheld—it’s a trifecta that justifies the investment for every discerning YouTuber.



– Wide array of soundtracks and sound effects.

– Unlimited download options for expanded creative freedom.

– Download feature streamlines selection process.

– Adjustable soundtrack length for tailored content.

– User-friendly interface reduces editing complexities.

– Affordable pricing, $99 per year.


– Annual subscription may not suit all budget ranges.

– Limited free version with premium features requiring subscription.


4. Amazon Music

Amazon music prime


Amazon Music stands as a versatile and robust option, offering an array of advantages for content creators seeking the perfect soundscapes to enhance their vlogs.

As a streaming service, Amazon Music unlocks a world of musical possibilities. Membership comes at no extra charge, a boon for both convenience and savings. Prime members are in for a treat, gaining access to an extensive library boasting millions of songs, alongside curated top playlists that cater to diverse preferences.

A standout feature that sets Amazon Music apart is its offline usability. The ability to enjoy your chosen melodies even when Wi-Fi or mobile data eludes you can be a game-changer, especially during those unexpected moments or emergencies.

Navigating the app is a breeze, thanks to its organized layout that lets you swiftly locate your preferred tracks. Beyond the conventional, Amazon Music offers a tech-savvy twist through its integration with “ALEXA,” Amazon’s virtual assistant. By invoking this AI marvel, you can effortlessly command it to play any song, streamlining your music selection process and saving you precious time.

Delving into the subscription landscape, Amazon Music offers two tiers: $7.99 per month for individual prime members, and $9.99 for those outside the prime circle. A noteworthy aspect is the 30-day free trial, a golden opportunity to explore the app’s offerings extensively. Plus, the subscription can be canceled at any time without hassle.

And the auditory feast doesn’t end with non-copyright music alone. Amazon Music takes your audio journey a step further, showering you with melodious tracks, captivating sound effects, and evocative instrumentals.



– Inclusive membership at no extra cost.

– Millions of songs and curated playlists for prime members.

– Offline usability for uninterrupted listening.

– Streamlined organization for easy track discovery.

– Integration with “ALEXA” for voice-controlled music playback.

– Reasonable subscription pricing with a 30-day free trial.

– Beyond non-copyright music, a wealth of melodious tracks and sound effects.


– Limited to non-copyright music, might lack extremely specific or specialized tracks.


5. Freeplay music

Free play music


Freeplay Music shines as a premium choice, offering a rich tapestry of high-quality selections that justify its cost. An intriguing fact worth noting is that Freeplay Music claims the first spot on Google’s search results for non-copyright music, underlining its prominence in the digital soundscape.

At the heart of Freeplay Music lies a broadcast library that exemplifies excellence. Diverse and versatile, this library encompasses a vast array of musical genres, spanning the rhythmic cadence of rap to the soulful melodies of jazz. This comprehensive range ensures that every creative vision finds its perfect sonic match.

For those venturing into the realm of YouTube content creation or seeking tracks for personal projects, Freeplay Music extends the gift of free tracks. This provision underscores the platform’s dedication to empowering creators with accessible and inspiring musical resources.

Earning accolades as the “best music library on the planet” is no small feat, and Freeplay Music wears this distinction with pride. With a staggering collection of over 50,000 free songs, it emerges as a wellspring of boundless creative inspiration.



– Premium quality selection of music.

– Prominent presence as the top result for free music on Google.

– Diverse library covering genres from rap to jazz.

– Access to free tracks for YouTube and personal use.

– Vast collection of over 50,000 free songs.

– A potent source of creative inspiration.


– Higher cost compared to some alternatives.

– Some tracks may not fit extremely niche requirements.


6. SoundCloud



A Melodic Haven for Free and Original Non-Copyright Music

SoundCloud needs no introduction, it stands as a vibrant hub, where a myriad of independent artists converge to share their musical prowess with the world, igniting sonic journeys that resonate with the soul.

For seekers of free, non-copyright music, SoundCloud is an oasis of possibilities. Boasting an extensive repository, it serves as a treasure trove for those in pursuit of the perfect auditory accompaniment. The platform’s heart beats with the spirit of the creative commons license, rendering most of its music accessible for free use. However, as with any treasure trove, there’s a key that unlocks it: the individual guidelines set by each artist.

Navigating SoundCloud does come with a slight learning curve, particularly when integrating its musical gems into your vlogs. However, once you surmount this curve, a world of sonic wonders unveils itself. Countless hours of meticulously crafted soundtracks beckon, ready to infuse your content with emotion, energy, and ambiance.



– SoundCloud houses millions of tracks, showcasing the vast diversity of independent music.

– The majority of the music on SoundCloud is licensed under creative commons, providing a wealth of non-copyright options.

– Artists’ guidelines may require adherence, but they often grant creators the freedom to use their music in creative ways.

– Discover hidden musical gems that add a distinctive touch to your vlogs.

– Engage with emerging artists directly, forging potential collaborations and building a network.


– Understanding the procedure for utilizing SoundCloud music can be initially challenging.

– Adhering to individual artist guidelines may involve extra effort and attention.

– Sound quality and licensing terms can vary across different tracks.

– Some artists may necessitate proper attribution in your vlogs.

– While efforts are made to ensure non-copyright music, occasional disputes might arise.


7. IncompeTech



Your Musical Gateway

Step into the world of IncompeTech, a haven where artistic diversity flourishes. Guided by the adept hands of Kevin MacLeod, the creative genius behind every soundtrack, this platform pulses with a wide array of genres and melodies.

At the core of IncompeTech is Kevin MacLeod, an artist and creator whose dedication resonates through his musical creations. While the term “artist-run” might be used frequently, here it’s a testament to Kevin’s personal touch as the sole composer and uploader of the captivating soundtracks featured on the website.

IncompeTech takes a unique stance in the realm of non-copyright music. While it does involve a fee, Kevin extends a generous hand to vloggers by exempting them from royalty charges. With a nominal payment, a world of musical possibilities unfurls, granting you unrestricted access to infuse your vlogs with captivating rhythms.

The platform ensures that credit is duly attributed to Kevin’s artistic endeavors. This gives you the green light to not only download and use his music across a multitude of projects but also the freedom to opt for a royalty-free experience, albeit for a small fee of $20 USD. Although pricier compared to some alternatives, can you truly assign a value to something that adds immeasurable quality to your videos?



– IncompeTech’s range spans an array of genres, catering to various creative needs.

– Kevin MacLeod, the creator, maintains a hands-on approach, ensuring a unique sonic experience.

– Vloggers can access Kevin’s music without incurring additional royalty charges.

– Proper attribution grants unrestricted usage, making the music a seamless fit for numerous projects.

– For a modest fee, creators can secure music without attribution, adding flexibility to their content.


– IncompeTech involves a payment, which might be a drawback for those seeking entirely cost-free options.

– Opting for royalty-free music incurs a $20 USD fee, comparatively higher than other platforms.

– While the music is diverse, it’s limited to the compositions of Kevin MacLeod.

– In comparison to premium platforms, IncompeTech might lack advanced features and customization.



Crafting the Perfect Vlog Ambiance with Non-Copyright Music

With an array of platforms at your fingertips, the journey to discovering the ideal non-copyright music for your vlogs has never been smoother. As we’ve explored the landscape of musical choices, it’s evident that countless hours of immersive soundscapes await your creative touch.

Gone are the days of scouring for suitable background tunes. Armed with this knowledge, the process of cherry-picking the ideal soundtrack becomes a breeze, eliminating uncertainty from the equation. Whether you opt for free or paid options, the sheer diversity and quality of music available promise to amplify your vlogs’ impact.

As you traverse this auditory odyssey, keep in mind that while free alternatives exist, the value-packed within these music applications transcends mere cost considerations. The scope of options, benefits, and seamless integration they offer sets them apart from the alternatives. It’s the difference between good and exceptional, with your content poised to benefit from the latter.

Each application we’ve discussed boasts its unique set of advantages and limitations. The key lies in aligning your choice with the identity you wish to infuse into your content. Remember, in the realm of vlogging, sound isn’t just an accompaniment; it’s a powerful tool that shapes your brand. The right soundtrack isn’t merely background noise—it’s a symphony that resonates with your audience, serving as a strategic instrument to foster growth.

In the end, as you embark on this journey of crafting captivating vlogs, let your audio choices stand as a testament to your commitment to quality. The world of non-copyright music beckons, offering you a palette of possibilities to paint your vlogs with hues of emotion, energy, and authenticity.

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