7 Ways To Get Non-copyright Music For Your Vlog in 2023

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Background music is the way to describe your content, sometimes viewers find background music really attractive which makes your content outgrow.

You can’t just copy anyone’s music even if it’s just for a few seconds it is illegal. The artists don’t like when someone else uses their music nobody does because we do not know how much hard work they have put into it.

But to every problem there is a solution there are many non-copyright music apps for YouTube videos that would help with your content and don’t worry it won’t cause you any kind of trouble.

From the following methods, you won’t get any copyright claims and copyright strikes on your YouTube videos.

Uncovering Legitimate Ways to Get Non-Copyright Music for Your Vlog


1. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic sound legit source of no-copyright music.


According to viewers, this app is one of the best places to find high-quality, almost free background music that would be the best fit for your videos. This website contains thousands of non-copyright music tracks and sound effects which will help you explore many options and to pick the best one.

Additionally, the nicest feature of utilizing this program is the chance to organize albums that have been provided by people rather than by some machine. This is great since human-curated sound effects differ from those created by some software in terms of how they feel.

Research tells us a lot of amazing facts about this app, it has an extensive library of music, and it’s one of the inexpensive apps which are good for every YouTuber. Face the fact that not every YouTuber can afford expensive apps and you don’t even need an expensive one until you know how to use the right music at the right time.

Getting a music license can be tricky but this website provides the best route to get a simple license that can be used across all the other platforms.

Now let’s talk about pricing it’s not that expensive, but it’s extremely reasonable for all Youtubers out there. License pricing starts at $0.99 and subscription starts at $12 per month.

The great news is that they have also given a special discount offer for buffer customers and the code for that discount is wer987ev.

Last, the good thing about this website is that it gives 30 days of free trials before buying a subscription with that time you will understand whether using this app is the right thing for you or not.


2. YouTube Audio Library – Best Non-Copyright Music Platform

Youtube audio library. Legit sources for Non-copyright music.

People have used several songs that are available in the YouTube library and most of them have given positive reviews about using them.

YouTube library is a great platform for non-copyright music it has a massive collection. This app functions in such a way that all the songs are categorized in form of the genre, duration, or even moods because for every content you have to put background music according to the air that it’s bringing up.

The most amazing fact about using this app can be that it has the option of popularity that gives you a list of songs that has been most downloaded by most users.

It’s not mandatory to go with the majority but by listening to that music you will learn what type the viewers love to listen and you could find something similar to that. Some YouTubers face difficulty to find the audio library. To access the YouTube library, you first need to click creator studio from there you will find the audio library. Another great thing about this platform is the free music.


3. Audio blocks

Audio blocks


YouTubers use audio blocks as their go-to app for sound effects for the podcast or even for other content that they have to post on other platforms.

By using this app, you won’t be only able to listen to these free soundtracks but will also have access to download unlimited songs or soundtracks.

Sometimes YouTubers get confused by listening to multiple soundtracks at a time so with this download feature they can shortlist the best ones they like and then decide to out of it.

Other than the download features this app functions in such a way that you can use its slide bars to direct the length of the soundtrack that you wish to like. That’s a good part because once you choose a soundtrack for free it takes several hours to work on the length and editing.

Sometimes you need to assign someone for editing because you aren’t aware of how to do it but this app makes your work easy and also it would save a lot of time.

Now let’s talk about the pricing. To be honest, it’s not that expensive if you see the pros of using such type of app that provides non-copyright music and will lessen your efforts.

It will be less time-consuming than the money worth it. I’m sure for every YouTuber $99 per year won’t be that difficult to afford.


4. Amazon Music

Amazon music prime

This app helps to explore many options for songs. It’s a streaming service that provides you with membership for no extra charges. For the prime member, there are many advantages they will listen to millions of songs which includes their top playlist.

The best thing you can even use this app when you are offline. It is a big factor because sometimes in case of an emergency having no access to Wi-Fi or mobile data you can’t use these apps but this app is going to solve your problems.

Like other apps, it also has a functioning feature where you can find your songs in an organized manner.

There is an innovative thing that you can ask “ALEXA” to play any song you wish. Alexa is like a virtual assistant that Amazon has developed. It plays the songs by voice reckoning so in a way it’s less time-consuming.

The subscription to amazon music is $7.99 per month for an individual plan for prime members and $9.99 for non-prime members. Amazon Music also offers a 30-day free trial in which you will get to know all about the app, and even if you have got a subscription; you cancel anytime you want.

With non-copyright music, this app offers tremendous features of melodious tracks, amazing sound effects, and beautiful instrumentals.

5. Freeplay music

Free play music

Freeplay music is one of the expensive ones but it’s worth the price. Do you know that Freeplay music is the first displayed site for free music on google? It has the best quality broadcast library you can find any music type from rap to jazz.

If you are using Freeplay for YouTube or any personal use, you will get access to free tracks.

It’s been said that it’s the best music library on the planet. Because it has over 50,000 free songs.


6. SoundCloud



Anyone aware of or actively involved with music knows SoundCloud. The place where you can find millions of independent artists posting their songs out to the world for free.

What better place to look for free music? Most of the music you can find here is non-copyright and licensed under the creative commons license so the tracks are completely free but it comes with a catch. Each artist has a specific set of guidelines that you will have to follow if you are using their track.

The learning curve for using SoundCloud for free music on your vlogs is quite steep but once you understand the procedure there are tens of thousands of hours of amazing soundtracks just waiting to be picked up by you.


7. IncompeTech


The artist which means runs this website has a broad variety of genres. Now when we say artist-run, we specifically mean Kevin MacLeod who is the creator and uploaded of all the soundtracks on this website.

You won’t find free music here, pay a fee but Kevin was kind enough for vloggers not to charge any royalty from them. A small payment on the website and you immediately have access to use all of his music on your vlogs.

With the right attribution, they have given you the right to download and use his music on many projects but let’s say that you would like to use his music without attribution, well there’s an option for that as well. A small fee of 20 USD and the track is all yours. A bit more expensive than the other options we have mentioned but hey can you put a price on something important to the quality of your videos?


As you can see, there are tons of sites with millions of hours of free soundtracks which are potentially a great fit for the next vlog you make. With the help of this information, you could choose your background music easily with no doubt.

Even if you have to pay for them, it’s advisable to utilize these over the alternative programs we have to discuss. These music applications provide you with many more options and benefits than the alternatives. Just select the finest option rather than pursuing it just because it is free on both sides.

All the apps above have certain pros and cons choose the one that will help you make your content unique and way different from others. Remember that audio matters more than videos for vlogging and the right soundtrack can itself be a great marketing tool for you to grow your  .


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