How to Make Money from Vlogging – Top 5 Ways

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Can you make money from vlogging?

Imagine 2 billion people coming to a single shop daily. Even if these people don’t buy something, it’s most likely that this shop has an extremely high net worth and potential. That is what YouTube is, and that is the potential you are looking at. So let’s first focus on whether you can make money from YouTube.

Many people have mastered the potential how to make money from vlogging. With a minimum of 10 million subscribers on YouTube, you must have heard of a name like this.

PewDiePie (110 million subscribers), Mr. Beast (74.2 million subscribers), and many more names. These names generate over 15 million dollars from YouTube annually. That kind of money comes from mastering the art of how to make money on YouTube. That is a butt load of money for making video content. It’s all about how you sell your content.

If you’re here, you probably have your own YouTube vlogging channel or are thinking to start one and monetize it. There’s no denying that there is immense potential in making money from vlogging on YouTube but what are they? What are the most effective ones to make money from vlogging? How can we stand out in a crowd of millions of content creators to get paid decently? You’ve come to the right place but before we discuss how you can make money from vlogging, let’s see what the process is.

How do I start

Heard of the YouTube partner program. It’s a way you collaborate with YouTube so they can pay you! But there are a few conditions.

  1. Keep a check on your content, view their content policies, and DO NOT go against them. If you’re living in someone else’s house, you better not piss off the owner.
  2. It’s a misconception that if you do not get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program (don’t worry it’s not as tough as getting into Harvard) then you can’t earn money. YouTube has another program to reward creators for making creative original content and thousands of creators are rewarded by this program every month.
  3. Just because your money is coming from YouTube doesn’t mean you have tax exemption on it. So get ready to audit your finances or the IRS will come knocking soon.

Now let’s allow curiosity to lead us to the next question. How can YouTube make you money? Well, there are FIVE distinct ways where you can generate income using the YouTube partner program.

  • Advertising revenue: Here you can allow ads to run before, during, or at the end of the video. The more ads, the more money is a general rule of thumb.
  • Channel Memberships: They introduced recently this feature. Say you grow your subscriber count but you want some exclusivity in the pool. So you ask your subscribers to make recurring monthly payments to your channel to get access to exclusive content and special perks you offer for members only.
  • Merch Shelf: If you’re a vlogger on YouTube, you most likely have a watch page. Any purchase made from the officially branded merchandise showcased and bought through your channel ends up adding extra dollars to your YouTube revenue.
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers: Exclusivity can come. Say you’re having a live stream on YouTube, if some of your fans want their messages to be highlighted in the live/chat stream, they can pay a few extra dollars which eventually travels to your wallet.
  • YouTube Premium: Here YouTube offers you part of the Premium subscriber’s subscription fee when your viewers watch your content.

There are two pieces of news we have for you. One good and one not-so-good. Let’s get rid of the not-so-good one and end on a good note.

Just because the YouTube Partner Program has tremendous potential does not mean that it is for everyone. There are eligibility requirements to turn on each of the monetization features we discussed above, essentially for you to make money on YouTube. Trolls to guard YouTube’s money.


What are these requirements?

Youtube eligibility requirements for partner program


  • Ad revenue: To generate revenue through ads on your vlogging channel you need to be at least 18 years old or have a legal guardian older than 18. You also need to make sure that the content you create follows the advertiser-friendly content guidelines YouTube provides you with.
  • Channel Memberships: To make money from channel memberships, you need to be 18 years old and have over 1000 subscribers.
  • Merch Shelf: The requirements for merch shelves are a tad higher. Have over 10,000 subscribers before you come knocking and oh yeah, make sure you’re at least 18.
  • Super Chat and Super Likes: To make money from this feature the only thing you have to do is live in a country where the super chat feature is available and be at least 18.
  • YouTube Premium Revenue: This is the simplest one. No age limit! Plus all you have to do is make sure that the people who are viewing your content are YouTube Premium subscribers.

Good news for some and some this was a bummer, right? But let’s jump on to the good part. YouTube Partner Program is not the only way you can make money on YouTube. Do you think all of PewDiePie’s 15 million comes from YouTube only?


Let’s discuss the traditional approaches to making money on YouTube first.

Ways to earn money on youtube


  • Sponsored or paid posts: Let’s say you have a substantial follower count of 10,000 viewers. This is where brands and companies will establish partnerships with you to use your influence among your followers to advertise their products in your content. This is the hardest to achieve but the most rewarding source of revenue as well.
  • Affiliate links: We’ve already discussed the YouTube partner program and merch before so let’s skip to affiliate marketing. These are much easier to land than sponsorships but bring in less money. To make money from here, first, find products or brands that you would like to promote and apply for their affiliate programs. Like Amazon, but on YouTube. Get affiliate links your viewers will use to make a purchase. Every time they use the link or the code, you make a percentage of the total sale.

Now let’s come to the unexpected and unique ways you can generate money from vlogging. They rarely used these but you can make a lot of money using these techniques with your vlogs.

  • Selling Video LUTs: LUTs or Look-Up Tables are like filters. Essentially a set of numbers your hardware or software identifies to change the colors of an image. As you know color grading is a very complex process and adding LUT to your vlogs makes your life so much easier. Now how do you make money with this concept on YouTube? Say you made a beautiful video with color grading and editing, why not make some bucks with the setting you worked so hard to find? This travel vlogger Sverre Ryland Glomnes does. He posts beautiful videos on his YouTube channel and then sells his LUTs, sound effects, and anything else he creates in making his vlogs. Unique right?
  • Selling Vlogger Kits: There’s nothing better than a vlogger selling you vlogging equipment and the vloggers on YouTube know this. Vlogger kits are just another type of digital product that you can sell online easily. It extends the LUT idea. Just take all the things you create or use in making your videos, make a package of them and sell them online. If you want to get an example of how it’s done, check out “VFXnut’s vlogger’s pack’’. Easy money from vlogging.


Now you know how you can make money from your vlogging channel. What the techniques are, the conventional and non-conventional ways of monetizing your YouTube vlogging channel, what the eligibility requirements are, and most importantly how much money you can potentially make. Keep visiting us to stay updated for important tips, tricks, and techniques related to vlogging!


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