How to Make Money from Vlogging – Top 5 Ways

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Picture a bustling shop that attracts a staggering 2 billion daily visitors. Even if not every visitor makes a purchase, the sheer presence of this multitude hints at its astronomical net worth and untapped possibilities. This is the essence of YouTube – a digital realm teeming with immense potential. Now, let’s delve into the question at the forefront of your mind: How do you monetize your presence on this platform and how to make money from vlogging?

A host of individuals have indeed mastered the art of transforming their vlogging endeavors into lucrative money-making ventures. Names like PewDiePie with his colossal 110 million subscribers and Mr. Beast boasting 74.2 million subscribers have become synonymous with this triumph. These luminaries reap a yearly harvest of over 15 million dollars from their YouTube ventures alone. This financial prowess underscores the power of harnessing the intricacies of revenue generation within the platform, elevating video content creation into a realm of unprecedented returns.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you either already helm a YouTube vlogging channel or are contemplating the journey to create and monetize one. The undeniable truth is that the potential to make money from vlogging on YouTube is colossal, but the path to attaining this isn’t one-size-fits-all. How can you differentiate yourself in a sea of millions of content creators, ensuring not only decent remuneration but sustainable success?

Rest assured, you’ve arrived at the precise juncture to demystify this journey. Before we plunge into the myriad ways you can monetize your vlogging efforts, let’s comprehensively explore the intricate process that underscores this exciting endeavor.

How do I start

Getting Started: Your Path to Monetization

By now, you’ve likely caught wind of the YouTube Partner Program – an avenue to partner with YouTube for financial gains. But before you set forth on this expedition, let’s explore some key insights that will illuminate your path.

First and foremost, your content must harmonize with YouTube’s content policies. Dodging violations is vital, akin to being a respectful guest under someone else’s roof. The maxim “better safe than sorry” is a guiding principle here.

An oft-misunderstood notion is that failing to secure entry into the YouTube Partner Program slams the door on all earnings. Yet, this isn’t the case. YouTube extends an alternate avenue for creators to earn rewards by crafting innovative, original content. This alternative rewards program has become a monthly boon for numerous creators.

However, bear in mind that even though your revenue originates from YouTube, tax obligations persist. Preparing your financial terrain for scrutiny is a wise measure to stave off unwelcome visits from the IRS.

Now, let’s pivot to the pivotal query: How does YouTube seed income? The terrain unfurls across five distinct avenues, each nurtured by the YouTube Partner Program.

  1. Advertising Revenue: Allowing ads to feature before, during, or after your videos ushers in income growth. The adage “more ads, more earnings” encapsulates the fundamental equation.
  1. Channel Memberships: An innovative addition, channel memberships thrive on exclusivity. Foster subscriber loyalty by offering them exclusive content and perks in exchange for monthly payments.
  1. Merch Shelf: If your vlogging path ventures into branded merchandise, every purchase stemming from your channel’s offerings bolsters your YouTube revenue.
  1. Super Chat and Super Stickers: During live streams, fans seeking prominence can contribute extra for highlighted messages, channeling funds directly into your account.
  1. YouTube Premium: Your share of the Premium subscriber’s subscription fee materializes as they engage with your content.

However, a twofold revelation awaits. Let’s address the less cheery aspect first: the YouTube Partner Program isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Each monetization facet comes with eligibility prerequisites, ensuring that you invest your resources wisely. As you navigate these waters, remember that fending off trolls is imperative – they act as vigilant sentinels safeguarding YouTube’s financial integrity.

In essence, the path to vlogging monetization is a captivating blend of promise and intricacy. With these insights as your compass, you’re primed to embark on this expedition with lucidity and the self-assurance to navigate this ever-evolving landscape.


Understanding the Prerequisites

Youtube eligibility requirements for partner program


Embarking on the journey to monetize your vlogging prowess requires a deep dive into the entry requirements that pave the path to financial success within YouTube’s realm. Let’s navigate through these stipulations that lay the foundation for a lucrative journey on the platform.

Ad Revenue: When it comes to reaping the rewards of ad revenue, you need to either be 18 years or older or have a legal guardian surpassing that age threshold. Furthermore, your content must seamlessly align with YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines – a testament to the platform’s emphasis on responsible and suitable content creation.

Channel Memberships: If you intend to tap into the realm of channel memberships as a revenue source, you should be at least 18 years old and boast a subscriber count exceeding 1000.

Merch Shelf: Venturing into the domain of merch shelves demands a slightly loftier prerequisite. A subscriber base surpassing 10,000 is a requisite to unlock this avenue. Additionally, your age must clock in at a minimum of 18 years.

Super Chat and Super Likes: Dipping into the revenue stream generated by Super Chat and Super Likes is relatively straightforward. You need to be located in a country where the Super Chat feature is accessible and hold an age of at least 18.

YouTube Premium Revenue: In contrast, the requisites for accruing YouTube Premium revenue are notably simple. There is no age threshold to contend with. All that is required is ensuring that your content reaches the eyes of viewers who are YouTube Premium subscribers.

While these prerequisites might be a mix of welcoming and restrictive for different individuals, it’s crucial to note that the YouTube Partner Program is merely one avenue to generate revenue on this platform. Notably, the towering successes of content creators like PewDiePie underscore the diverse strategies at play.


Traditional approaches to making money on YouTube.

Ways to earn money on youtube


Venturing into the traditional revenue generation on YouTube involves exploring sponsored or paid posts. Brands and companies seek partnerships with content creators boasting substantial follower counts, leveraging their influence to promote products within their content. While challenging to attain, this avenue is notably rewarding.

Affiliate links present an alternate route. In this realm, affiliating with brands and products is more accessible compared to sponsorships. These links, akin to Amazon’s affiliate program, yield a percentage of sales each time viewers use the link or code for purchases.

Additionally, the landscape unfurls with unexpected and innovative ways to generate revenue from vlogging. Selling Video LUTs – essentially color grading presets – offers a unique proposition. Vloggers like Sverre Ryland Glomnes sell LUTs, sound effects, and other creative assets they’ve employed in crafting their content.

Another intriguing avenue emerges through selling vlogger kits – comprehensive packages of digital tools utilized in video creation. This concept extends beyond LUTs, encapsulating diverse components that shape the vlogging experience. This convergence of creativity and entrepreneurship underscores the vibrant tapestry of vlogging’s revenue potential.


You’ve gained valuable insights into the myriad ways you can turn your vlogging passion into a profitable venture. We’ve covered a spectrum of monetization techniques, spanning both traditional and innovative avenues to harness the full potential of your YouTube vlogging channel. You’re now well-versed in the eligibility criteria required to embark on this journey, and crucially, you have a realistic grasp of the earnings potential.

As you navigate your way through the dynamic world of vlogging, remember that staying up-to-date with the latest tips, tricks, and techniques is paramount. The digital landscape evolves rapidly, and staying ahead of the curve will be instrumental in your success. So, keep a watchful eye on our platform for invaluable updates that will empower you on your vlogging voyage.

Your vlogging channel is more than just a creative outlet; it’s a gateway to financial independence and an opportunity to share your passion with the world. With dedication, perseverance, and an entrepreneurial spirit, you can turn your vlogging dreams into a lucrative reality.

Now, armed with knowledge and enthusiasm, it’s time to embark on your vlogging journey. May your content shine, your audience grow, and your income soar. Here’s to your vlogging success!

You now possess a comprehensive understanding of the techniques that can transform your vlogging channel into a source of income. Whether you opt for traditional approaches like sponsored content and affiliate links or venture into the realm of unique opportunities like selling LUTs and vlogger kits, the possibilities are abundant.


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