6 Ridiculous Camera which we do not Recommend for Vlogging

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Every camera has its specialty which attracts buyers to purchase it. Researching the camera before buying it is a key step that cannot be missed. Research can tell you a lot about the camera which helps you to decide much easier. Every camera has its pros and cons and best features what buyers need to do is find out which camera is best for their situation.

The camera’s particular features help with the situation that you are in. What the buyers must keep in mind is that instead of falling into a salesperson pitch invest some time in deciding on your own and deciding which camera is the better fit for you.

The biggest mistake that the buyer makes before buying is that because of their lack of knowledge about the camera they prefer to buy the one which is the most expensive. Because they assume that the expensive one will have the best feature but let me tell you it does not work that way.

There are plenty of those cameras which have the best properties and still are affordable. Keep in mind that never runs after the price tags.it will not be the reason for your success.

There are many mistakes that buyer makes. Let me tell guide you about those mistakes so that you could avoid making them. Vloggers who are in their learning phase and they make them by viewing videos that guide them in the wrong way and puts them in crisis. Especially made the mistakes I am going to tell you Let’s discuss some of the basic ones.

First, if you need to purchase a camera do not buy it for one purpose. Try to buy cameras that work out in every situation which is a smart move for example if you are in vlogging profession, you need to consider that there are multiple contents that you will create so try to buy the camera that is the best fit for all these situations.

Second, do not fall for any discount offer or sale just because its price is getting reduced that does not mean that it is one of the best ones. It is not a terrible thing to look after the sales and purchase from it but does not buy that one which is a total waste for you. If you want to check out the sales, then look at those cameras that you need.

The most important tip in finding one is that first enlist those cameras that come in your range and then make a final selection out of it which will make the process easier.

Last, I will recommend you do not take advice from your close friends or relatives and try to research on your own.  Because they are not experts in photography or videography. If you want to seek advice, then ask those who are experts in this profession but remember to don’t rely on them just research and try to put hard work and effort into your own.

Now let us focus on those cameras that are not recommended for vlogging


1. Vivitar DVR558HD-LIC 5.1MP Digital Camcorder

Vivitar DVR558HD-LIC 5.1MP


If we discuss the best camera for vlogging which will help you upgrade your experience level then this might not be the right one for you.

Before finding out the reason for not considering this camera, let’s go through its specification. Vivitar camera comes with a screen size of 2.4 inches. It has an optical sensor resolution of 5.1 Megapixels which is nothing compared to another great one which has over 16 megapixels.

 With, 5.1 MP it also has an optical zoom of 5x. Only a lower megapixel cannot define the quality of the camera, but it gives a negative point that it will not collect the details that a higher megapixel can.

Other than that it has SD support in the camera, and it requires 3 AAA batteries. People often judge the camera by its weight. Although it dies carries a weight of 12.6 ounces which is lightweight and makes it easier to carry all along but still other factors outweigh this one.

Vivitar camera has a video capture format in AVI which is rarely used for video streaming if we uncompressed the files in AVI then it can compare to the other file formats.

The customers who have purchased this camera have been given an average rating of 2.7 out of 5 which is extremely low. Other than that, there are many reviews that have given bad reviews about this camera.

First, as I mentioned earlier that the camera requires 3AAA batteries disadvantage of using these types of batteries is that they could be drained out easily within hours which won’t work out in case of vlogging.

Second, its video quality and image quality are fine but the sound quality is disappointing if you are in this profession then you know how important it is in vlogging and how it might affect your whole video.

Furthermore, the camera does not work well in sunlight so it does not provide good results in form of photos or videos. With, all this feedback you will have a clear mind about not going for it.


2. Vivitar12.1MP with 2.7 TFT Digital Still Camera

Vivitar12.1MP with 2.7 TFT


Unfortunately, another camera which is not recommended also belongs to Vivitar. Vivitar camera is affordable despite that, money is not the only factor that you need to consider.

In vlogging, we might need a kind of package deal that not only includes good image quality but our price range as well, and trust me out there no doubt it will require a lot of time to find one, but that time would be a great investment.

Features of this camera include a screen size of 2.7 inches it produces 12 megapixels with an optical zoom of 4x which is still better than the previous one discussed. And it slightly weighs more than the first one. This camera provides HD quality with a video capture resolution of 720p which is quite good.

According to the overall features it carries it seems to be considered a good camera but still reviews really matter. Specifications are the key, but most customers prefer reviews over specifications the reason is that those buyers who are not an expert in those areas do not get enough knowledge from the data, but they get an idea by reading thousands of reviews.

According to the research, 67 percent of the buyers have rated under 3 which creates a bad impression. In the reviews sections, the customers shared their experiences which were not good. Most of the customers had an issue with sound quality which is kind of a deal-breaker because it is not some technical issue that can be resolved but the issue remains permanent and has no solution which puts you at the loss.

As mentioned earlier, the HD quality, was good, but the material of the HD camera seems like it is made from cheap material which did not make customers satisfied with their purchase. These reviews do not convey a motivational message if purchasing it so try to avoid that mistake and advice others to not opt for it.


3. ZAGG Now Cam Social Video, Camera, and Bluetooth Speaker

ZAGG Now Cam


It is a different type of camera provided with the Bluetooth system as well which is a plus point to increase the rate of customers. While selling this camera it shows up some notable features about it but reviews tell a different story.

ZAGG camera can capture around an angle of 120 degrees which makes the work easier because it can capture the whole area in a few seconds so it is less time-consuming and a good feature for vlogging as well. The camera provides easy dial control between three modes video, six-second video, and still shot by the help of these dial control they will not lose every time they face a different situation furthermore it also contains 4GB memory which can store over 15000 images.

Another feature is that the company Launch has an app that aims is transfer images or videos to a phone for a fast working process. The name of this app is ZAGG now a cam app and is both available on iOS and android. About the Bluetooth speaker feature, it may last up to 3 hours and it automatically pauses the music when the camera mode is on.

People still wonder why although it contains good features then why reviews are against them. Reviews of this camera suggest that buyers do not purchase it because of many issues that they have faced while using it. Most customers complained about the app feature which is the specialty of the camera they reviewed that the ZAGG Now cam app works no longer neither on iPhone or android by losing the app it took the essence of the camera which results in buying rates declining rapidly.

Others are not in favor of the camera because of plenty reasons.

First, the camera does not work when it relates to any portable device.

Second, when the camera battery is about to die so transferring images or videos via Wi-Fi just stops working automatically which made the customer really mad.

The ZAGG camera contains 4GB memory, but the storage is not expandable which is not a good sign and with all those issues the main issue is the picture quality which is bad. The camera is the exact opposite as it is described.


4. Vivitar 12.1MP with 2.4-Inch TFT Digital Camera

Vivitar 12.1MP with 2.4-Inch TFT


Most of the cameras that we have discussed which are a suitable choice for vlogging belong to Vivitar company. And now another one also belongs to Vivitar which has almost the same features as the others. This one produces a 2.4 screen size. Vivitar has upped its megapixel up to 12.1 mp which is a lot better than 5mp. Compared to the previous one it now contains two types of zoom type one is a digital zoom of 5x and the other is the optical zoom of 4x.

With more features company has also installed a face detector and shake feature which is part of their technique to increase the number of buyers. With all that in mind, it weighs more than the other Vivitar camera about 0.55 pounds.

By going through the features, it does not contain that extraordinary feature that would make the buyer satisfied by purchasing it. Although most of them purchase it because of its lower price later they regret their decision.

Observing the review pattern is kind of disturbing. With thousands of people purchasing, they have given an overall rating of 2 which is quite low and disappointing. One issue the camera has is that it contains 3AAA batteries which will die within hours. And not only the batteries are not durable the camera is not as well. With the durability issue, the picture quality is upsetting.

The customer has many complaints about this camera that its video mode does not work, the battery compartment just fell out with few days after using it, after clicking the button it takes several seconds to capture the image and the camera itself turn on and off while using it. Seems like the customer is disappointed.

All these reviews save you from the decision you were about to make.


5. Besteker Digital Camera, Camcorder

Besteker Digital Camera, Camcorder


If you looking for an affordable one and do not care about the rest of the features, then you might consider this one, or else this camera is not worth the value.

Before checking out the reviews let us just talk about the specification it carries. Besteker digital camera carries 24.0 MP with full HD 1080p video resolution. Compared to the rest of the cameras mentioned above this one has a better megapixel than the rest of them. With the higher megapixel, it also is lightweight which is easier to carry.

The features of the camera include picture mode and video mode. It contains a screen size of 3 inches which can move at 180 angles for photos. The camera comes with a package deal of 5mm UV light with 4x digital zoom and it can cover the entire area with a 0.45x angle.

Now let us get into the reviews. According to the research, it does not satisfy people with the product. They have complained about the image quality is blurry and the camera freezes after clicking the picture. As we talked about the picture and video modes, customers face difficulty in switching the modes because of unclear instructions.

Considering the poor picture quality there was a complaint about the poor color as well which was disappointing. Going through all the reviews it does not seem to be the right fit for vlogging it is like risking too much at a time and to be honest on this platform such kind of risk can cause real damage.


6. Panasonic G100

Panasonic G100


Many claims that the Panasonic G100 was one of the worst cameras for vlogging made in the year 2020. Among many things, the key issue raised from this Panasonic creation upon customer review was that the Nokia ozo spatial audio was less than useful.

Vlogging cameras require in-body image stabilization or IBIS which the G100 lacked. The camera also did not have a contrast only autofocus and a 4K crop. The camera also does not have an external microphone jack or a hot shoe to mount it on. It was the lack of IBIS that caused much criticism among the vlogging community because Panasonic cameras are renowned in the camera market for their IBIS, and its absence caused 4K croppings where because the G100 heavily depended on electronic stabilization, it significantly decreased the viewing angle and cropped into the video frame.

Removing the autofocus system was another drawback. Previous Panasonic cameras highly depended on their Depth from Defocus autofocus system. Yes, they removed this in the G100 but that too without adding the phase-detect autofocus system. This represented a huge lack of autofocus ability in the camera.

Therefore, even though it is Panasonic, one of the major players in the industry, if you are looking for a vlogging camera then we are sure that you have many other great options out in the market where your money will be much better spent


Well, These are all the cameras that are not recommended for vlogging because of multiple issues in them.

Most of them have bad image quality with technical errors which can be frustrating. For vlogging, there are many cameras that are in the same ranges but are much better and worth it. This gives an amazing image quality with the features of editing and many features which will make your video spectacular.

To make the job of finding the right camera we have already done our research and prepared a list of the best vlogging cameras you can check out. If you are on a tight budget, we also have a list of the best vlogging cameras you can purchase for under $200.


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