Top 5 Best Mobile Vlogging Kit Reviews 2023 for Professional Use

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Welcome to the world of mobile vlogging, where your creativity and storytelling take center stage. If you’re an aspiring vlogger or even a seasoned filmmaker, choosing the right mobile vlogging kit is your ticket to elevating your content game. In this rapidly evolving landscape, having a dependable and top-notch vlogging kit is the cornerstone of enhancing your video-making prowess and ensuring superior image quality.

The market offers a plethora of options when it comes to mobile vlogging kits, each sporting unique features, designs, and styles. Here, we’re here to lend a helping hand by presenting you with the definitive rundown of the top 5 best mobile vlogging kits in 2023, meticulously curated to cater to both beginners and professionals alike. With our insights, you’ll be able to navigate through the myriad choices, making an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your creative aspirations and vlogging journey. So, let’s dive into the reviews below and unlock the tools that will take your vlogs to the next level.

1. Gorillapod Mobile Vlogging Kit (Editor’s Choice)

Joby gorila mobile vlogging kit

The Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit stands as a pinnacle choice for content creators seeking excellence. This kit boasts a comprehensive array of accessories, including a Smartphone rig, beamo mini LED lights, wavo mobile microphone, and a flexible tripod. It’s not only recognized as one of the finest iPhone Vlogging Kits available, but also offers exceptional durability and performance.

Versatile Components for Comprehensive Creativity:

– GorillaPod Mobile Rig: A sturdy foundation for your vlogging endeavors.

– Wavo Mobile Microphone: Ensures professional-grade audio quality for your recordings.

– Beamo Mini LED Lights: Provides adaptable and controllable lighting solutions.

– Accessory Arms: Equipped with two arms that expertly hold the LED lights, accompanied by a small carrying case and microphone.

Three Main Components, Endless Possibilities:

Featuring three core components – the GorillaPod mobile rig, wavo mobile microphone, and beamo mini LED lights – this kit goes beyond the ordinary. Complemented by additional accessory arms, a compact carrying case, and an efficient microphone, this kit is a complete solution.

Flexibility and Stability Combined:

The GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit introduces moveable and bendable legs, allowing effortless placement on any surface. Whether you need stability, a secure grip, or unique wrapping angles, this kit offers flexibility to suit your needs with simplicity.

Exceptional Noise Cancellation:

Concerned about unwanted background noise in your recordings? Rest easy, as the integrated wavo mobile microphone excels at eliminating extraneous sounds, ensuring your audio remains crisp and clear.

Customizable Lighting for Perfect Shots:

The Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit presents a controllable LED light that you can tailor to achieve your desired lighting effects. Moreover, this adaptable LED light allows you to fine-tune color temperature, catering to various skin tones and lighting environments.

Designed for Personal Preference:

The kit’s flexibility extends to its configuration. The Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit can be easily customized, allowing you to add or remove components according to your creative vision and project requirements.


– Core Components: GorillaPod mobile rig, wavo mobile microphone, beamo mini LED lights

– Supplementary Accessories: Two accessory arms for LED lights, compact carrying case

– Adaptable Leg Design: Movable and bendable legs for versatile positioning

– Enhanced Audio Quality: Integrated wavo mobile microphone for efficient noise reduction

– Adjustable LED Lighting: Controllable LED light with customizable color temperature

– Tailored Configuration: Easily add or remove components to suit your preferences

Why to Buy Joby Gorilla pod Mobile Vlogging Kit

Top 5 Best Mobile Vlogging Kit Reviews 2023 for Professional Use 1


  • It is versatile.
  • The product is durable.
  • The microphone is impressive.
  • It has a sturdy construction.
Top 5 Best Mobile Vlogging Kit Reviews 2023 for Professional Use 2


  • The product is expensive.


2. Like Me Vlogging Kit for Smartphones and Cameras

Like me mobile vlogging kit.


When it comes to enhancing your video and image content with the best in mobile vlogging, the Like Me Vlogging Kit for smartphones and cameras emerges as the prime choice. This indispensable vlogging kit has been meticulously crafted to elevate your videos with improved audio and lighting, catering seamlessly to both indoor and outdoor shooting scenarios. With its versatile features, it stands as a game-changer for content creators seeking professional-grade results.

Unleash Your Creative Potential:

Designed to optimize both sound and light, this kit empowers you to create captivating videos and images that resonate with your audience. Its standout feature includes a microphone that’s universally compatible with cameras and smartphones, ensuring impeccable audio quality for your recordings.

Illuminate with Brilliance:

The Like Me Vlogging Kit doesn’t stop at audio enhancement. It also equips you with a 36 super-bright LED light, ensuring that your visuals are illuminated with precision. Whether you’re filming indoors or outdoors, this LED light ensures your subject is well-lit, eliminating shadows and enhancing clarity.

Steady Shots with Ease:

This vlogging kit comes complete with a tripod grip that offers effortless handheld access for steady shots. With a 120-degree mount rotation, you can position your camera or smartphone precisely for the perfect angle. The included smartphone adapter with a built-in shoe allows you to mount not only your phone but also the microphone or LED light.

Adaptable to Your Needs:

The kit’s pistol tripod design provides remarkable flexibility, allowing you to transition from handheld to tripod-mounted shooting seamlessly. Additionally, a smartphone grip can be easily attached to your tripod, enhancing stability while shooting. Please note that the kit does not include the microphone adapter.

Tailor Your Lighting:

With 36 LED bright lights featuring three adjustable brightness settings, you have full control over your lighting conditions. Whether you’re filming in low light or dark environments, this feature ensures your visuals are consistently well-lit and vibrant.


– Universally Compatible Microphone

– 36 Super-Bright LED Light

– Tripod Grip for Steady Shots

– Smartphone Adapter with Built-In Shoe

– Pistol Tripod Design with 120-Degree Mount Rotation

– Smartphone Grip (Microphone Adapter Not Included)

– 36 LED Bright Light with Three Dimmable Brightness Settings

Why to Buy Like Me Vlogging Kit

Top 5 Best Mobile Vlogging Kit Reviews 2023 for Professional Use 1


  • Allow you to capture images and videos even in low light settings/dark mode
  • Available with a smartphone adapter to easily mount the phone
  • Affordable
Top 5 Best Mobile Vlogging Kit Reviews 2023 for Professional Use 2


  • Lacking microphone adapter
  • Not durable


3. Powerextra Smartphone Video Stabilizer Rig Kit

Best mobile vlogging kit 2022 professional.

Claiming the 3rd spot is a game-changer in the world of mobile vlogging equipment — the Powerextra Smartphone Video Stabilizer Rig Kit. If you’re on the hunt for an exceptional vlogging experience, look no further. This universal smartphone kit boasts advanced features and unparalleled functionality, catering to both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Versatile Compatibility:

Designed to accommodate smartphones up to 7 inches wide, this kit is a match made in heaven for most devices available on the market. Moreover, its 1/4 screw offers seamless compatibility with action cameras and DSLRs, enhancing its usability across various setups. With a Bluetooth working range of approximately 10 meters, you’ll have freedom of movement without compromising connectivity.

Creative Lighting at Your Fingertips:

Harness your creative potential with this vlogging kit’s customizable lighting effects. Whether you’re aiming for vibrant hues or subtle tones, installing colorful filters allows you to achieve your desired brightness effortlessly. 

Built to Last:

Crafted from heavy-duty aluminum, the Powerextra kit boasts remarkable durability and longevity. This robust construction ensures stability and solidity throughout your shooting sessions. The inclusion of a mini ball head with adjustable legs empowers you to achieve the perfect angle for every shot, no matter the setting.

Ready for Any Adventure:

With its user-friendly setup, compact design, and exceptional versatility, this kit is your ultimate travel companion. Whether you’re vlogging, live streaming on Facebook, creating YouTube content, or delving into filmmaking, it’s the tool you can rely on. What’s more, it supports all smartphones equipped with a 3.5mm audio input jack.


– Universal Compatibility for Smartphones up to 7 inches wide

– 1/4 Screw Compatibility for Action Cameras and DSLRs

– Bluetooth Working Range of Approximately 10 meters

– Customizable Lighting Effects with Colorful Filters

– Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction for Durability

– Mini Ball Head with Adjustable Legs for the Perfect Angle

– Compact and Travel-Friendly Design

– Supportive of Smartphones with 3.5mm Audio Input Jack

Why to Buy Powerextra Smartphone Video Stabilizer Rig Kit

Top 5 Best Mobile Vlogging Kit Reviews 2023 for Professional Use 1


  • Durable construction
  • Best for vlogging, Facebook live to stream, making YouTube videos, or filmmaking
  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Excellent Bluetooth range
Top 5 Best Mobile Vlogging Kit Reviews 2023 for Professional Use 2


  • Pricey


4. Movo Smartphone Video Rig Kit V

Top 5 Best Mobile Vlogging Kit Reviews 2023 for Professional Use 7

Next up on our list, we’re introducing the Movo Smartphone Video Rig Kit V7 – a game-changer in the world of mobile vlogging gear. This dependable kit is your ticket to enhancing all your mobile videos, whether you’re venturing into documentary-making, launching a YouTube channel, or delving into filmmaking.

Lightweight and Compact Design:

Designed for on-the-go creators, this kit is a true companion during your travels. Its lightweight and compact structure ensures easy portability without compromising on performance. Setting up the kit is a breeze, even for beginners, allowing you to capture high-quality videos wherever you are.

Enhanced Stability and Flexibility:

The PR-1 smartphone rig is a star feature of this kit, offering enhanced stability along with a range of mounting options for your accessories. Whether you’re using external microphones or additional lights, this rig has you covered.

Master Low-Light Environments:

Don’t let low-light settings hinder your creativity. The included LED light is a powerful tool that ensures excellent lighting effects even in challenging lighting conditions. Your videos will shine regardless of the environment.

Pro-Grade Sound Quality:

The Movo Smartphone Video Rig Kit V7 doesn’t stop at visuals – it delivers exceptional audio quality too. Thanks to the VXR50 Pro Stereo Mic, your videos will be accompanied by full, rich sound that elevates the overall viewer experience.


– Lightweight and Compact Design for Travel-Friendly Use

– Quick and Easy Setup, Ideal for Beginners

– PR-1 Smartphone Rig for Enhanced Stability and Accessory Mounting

– High-Performance LED Light for Optimal Lighting in Low-Light Conditions

– VXR50 Pro Stereo Mic for Professional-Grade Sound Quality

Why to Buy Movo Smartphone Video Rig Kit V7

Top 5 Best Mobile Vlogging Kit Reviews 2023 for Professional Use 1


  • Lightweight & compact
  • Best for travel use
  • Offers bright results for LED lights
  • Easy to set-up
Top 5 Best Mobile Vlogging Kit Reviews 2023 for Professional Use 2


  • Not durable
  • Costly


5. Movo Smartphone Vlogging Kit with VXR10-PRO

Best mobile vlogging kit 2022 professional

From documenting daily routines to capturing travel adventures and culinary delights, vlogging has become an integral part of our lives. Crafting engaging and transparent vlogs requires a blend of creativity and the right mobile vlogging kit. Enter the Movo Smartphone Vlogging Kit with VXR10-PRO – your ultimate solution for achieving top-notch vlogging results without breaking the bank.

Unveiling Creativity Within Budget:

Creating captivating vlogs doesn’t mean draining your wallet. The VXR-10 mobile vlogging kit introduces you to a world of possibilities, allowing you to produce content that stands out. It’s a comprehensive package that delivers outstanding results while keeping your budget intact.

All-in-One Versatility:

This kit is a true powerhouse, equipped with essential components to kickstart your vlogging journey. It includes a universal microphone, smartphone grip, tabletop tripod, extension pole, USB-C, and lightning adapters – all backed by a solid one-year warranty. The compact design adds to its versatility, catering to the needs of various vloggers.

Crystal-Clear Audio and Stable Footage:

In the realm of vlogging, audio quality is as important as video clarity. The universal microphone included in this kit ensures that your vlogs maintain the highest standards of transparency and engagement. The PR-1 grip is exceptionally sturdy, providing stability for your shots. Its robust aluminum alloy tripod can hold up to 11lbs, making it compatible even with DSLR cameras.

Effortless Adjustments:

Flexibility is key, and this kit delivers. With a 16-inch expandable extension pole and a mini ball head, you can effortlessly rotate and angle your phone to achieve the perfect shot. The kit adapts to your creativity and the demands of the scene.


– Universal Microphone for Crystal-Clear Audio

– Smartphone Grip for Secure Holding

– Tabletop Tripod and Extension Pole for Stable Footage

– USB-C and Lightning Adapters for Universal Compatibility

– Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Tripod Supports up to 11lbs

Remarkable features that this setup brings to the table:


– Polar Pattern: Cardioid

– Frequency Response: 35 Hz to 18 kHz, +/-3dB

– Sensitivity: -42dB +/- 1dB/0dB=1V/Pa, 1kHz

– Signal to Noise Ratio: 76dB

– Output Connectors: 3.5mm TRS Mini-Jack, 3.5mm TRRS

– Power Requirements: No battery needed

– Dimensions (LxD): 0.86 x 3.2″

– Weight: 86g


– Construction: Aluminum, ABS plastic, rubber

– Components/Features: Adjustable phone clamp, padded handle, bubble level, cable holder slot (x2)

– Minimum Phone Height: 2.24″

– Maximum Phone Height: 3.8″

– Dimensions: 5″ x 2″ x 1″

– Weight: 164g


– Material: Aluminum alloy

– Adjustable Height: 3″ to 16″ (Shaft Req.)

– Weight Bearing: Up to 11 lbs.

– Weight: 11 oz.

Each element in this setup is thoughtfully designed to enhance your vlogging experience. The microphone, with its precise cardioid polar pattern and wide frequency response, ensures your sound is captured with remarkable clarity. The grip, built from sturdy materials, offers you full control and stability while filming. The adjustable tripod, crafted from reliable aluminum alloy, adapts to various heights and provides steadfast support for your setup.

Whether you’re filming on the go or setting up for a professional shoot, these exceptional features work in harmony to elevate your vlogging game. From audio quality to secure mounting, every aspect has been meticulously crafted to meet your vlogging needs.

How to Buy the Best Mobile Vlogging Kit? Buying Guide Tips.

If you’re stepping into the world of vlogging and aiming for top-notch content creation, a reliable mobile vlogging kit is your best ally. But before you dive into the plethora of options available, there are a few crucial pointers to keep in mind. This comprehensive buying guide will equip you with the essential insights to make an informed choice and find the ideal vlogging kit tailored to your needs.

Key Considerations for Optimal Choice

1. Build Quality:

The durability of your vlogging kit hinges on its build quality. Opt for kits constructed from robust materials, like metal, for prolonged usage. While plastic alternatives might appeal to some, nothing beats the longevity and sturdiness of metal. To truly assess the quality, visiting a local store to touch and feel the materials can provide a clearer picture.

2. Protection and Safety:

Prioritize the safety of your smartphone when selecting a vlogging kit. A stylish design should not overshadow the importance of safeguarding your device. Look for kits that offer protective covers or features ensuring a secure attachment to your smartphone.

3. Ease of Installation:

Simplicity is key, especially when it comes to installation. Save both time and money by opting for a kit that you can effortlessly install yourself. Avoid the need for professional assistance, which can incur additional costs and delays.

4. Comfort and Ergonomics:

Seek comfort and compatibility in your chosen kit. Find one that aligns with your personal style and seamlessly integrates with your smartphone. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and explore options that include stands for added convenience.

5. Budget Consideration:

Setting a budget is paramount before embarking on your vlogging kit hunt. While many options are budget-friendly, certain kits with advanced features might be pricier. Factors like additional accessories, installation, and material composition can influence the overall cost.

Remember, a well-informed choice ensures your vlogging journey starts off on the right foot. By paying attention to build quality, prioritizing safety, seeking user-friendly installation, focusing on comfort, and aligning with your budget, you’re bound to find the perfect mobile vlogging kit that elevates your content creation experience. Happy vlogging!


So, there you have it – the cream of the crop when it comes to top mobile vlogging kits for 2023. These three outstanding options are your gateway to mastering the art of filmmaking and creating captivating videos that stand out. Take your pick based on your filmmaking demands, budget considerations, and everyday vlogging essentials. It’s time to equip yourself with the ultimate tools for an exceptional vlogging journey.

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