How to Start a Travel Vlog in 2023 | 7 Things to Keep in Mind

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If you enjoy traveling, you may discover the world, explore new places, try different foods and create travel vlogs. We researched and wrote a guide on How to Start a Travel Vlog. It helps in setting up a roadmap to start your journey.

Vlogs are like the engine of YouTube because recently most Youtubers have started vlogging. According to research, over 122 million people worldwide watch one billion hours of content every day. That’s a big number and in those billion hours majority of the audience watches vlogs.

People are now more interested in vlogs because it makes people learn about a lot of things. By watching Study vlogs they learn and try to adapt that same routine in their life to make their professional and social life balanced. Some people think that it’s a waste of time but the thing they don’t realize is that when you watch vlogs daily, it puts a huge impact on your life; you explore new things and get to learn a lot which puts you in realization after you have put that learning in some good place.

Other than the creative ideas and developing skills it also helps you to make a better person. YouTubers try so hard to put positivity in their vlogs to change their audience’s mindset. Sometimes when people are off, they need some kind of motivation and encouragement which can get from vlogs and that’s a great part. Helping someone when they are really in need is a great example of human humanity.

If you are serious about this profession you won’t worry about buying an expensive camera. You can even start with a phone it is just about learning a few tricks on how to use it in the right way. Being a vlogger is an amazing job but there are a lot of hurdles that you have to cross to become a successful vlogger.

You see every profession has its obstacles similarly this one has too but the key to success is to keep trying hard. Sometimes it’s really difficult to become a vlogger because you know that you have played the role of filmmaker, editor, writer, and managing sound department all at the same time but if you know tricks of how to manage these roles, then within the time you will be like queen of a chess game ruling all over.

Now let’s talk about travel vlogs that are fun to watch. Travel vlogs are the type of tour guide for that place. Vloggers travel to some fascinating places and provide interesting information about the specific places till the end of their destination which encourages their viewers to put these places on their bucket lists.

Another great thing about travel vlogs is that it shows complete details about the places and have time to share their own experience. These types of vlogs educate and guide people in such a way that even guidebooks cannot.

In this article, you will get some tips that would help you make amazing travel vlogs.

Let’s Get Started: The First Thing You Need to Consider Is…


1. Gaining Experience by Watching Other YouTuber’s Vlogs

Travel vloggers

This step is the most important one. As a phase of beginner, you need to learn a lot of things to create amazing content. A profession like vlogging from the start till the end is like a learning phase where each day you learn something new. One way of getting better with time is to learn by watching other YouTubers’ travel vlogs and learning their perspective toward viewers.

With this help, you will learn your viewer’s interests which will make them watch your content again. Get experience from their videos never copies their videos from that you won’t only get copyright claims but it will put a reason for your viewer to watch it if they have already seen it somewhere else. Watch their videos to use their tips and make such content that inspires them to watch and learn from your videos.

2. Keep your Videos Short

Keep video short


Short videos are ideal for social media. There is a solid reason behind it. It helps to keep your viewers connected throughout the whole time. With the help of search, it tells that on YouTube 55% of the viewers watch videos that are under 5 minutes. There is no exact length of how long videos should be but try to keep them under 15 minutes unless something is interesting to show that will spark your viewer’s mind.

It’s recommended to make short videos because vloggers rarely risk losing their viewer’s attention which is a big deal. People mostly get bored and keep scrolling to the next video if they are too long so don’t take a risk. Don’t forget the talking component in the video.

The duration of that must be between 30 to 40 seconds. Most people don’t like to watch that piece so try to make it short. Last, remember to add a YouTube end screen to the last 5 to 20 seconds of your videos where you can tell them to subscribe to your channel and encourage them to keep watching your amazing content.

3. Travel as Much as You Can

Do more travel

Always make your viewer’s interest your priority. Because their views are upgrading your channel so put their request on the to-do list. But you also must show them some of your favorite places to build up their attention and by this, they will get to know more about you, which is considered a great thing because this platform is all about building connections with your viewer so showing interest part works in both ways.

Some vloggers travel to expensive destinations to impress their viewers, but it’s unnecessary to do that not all vloggers can afford expensive trips just find places near your hometown and make content about it. Just think, in that way that your viewer’s interest is different maybe what you are showing is dull for you but it might bring interest to your viewers.

To know more about your viewer’s interests, you must engage with them in your comment section or even on other platforms so you should get more ideas about their interests.

4. Create an Interesting Profile

Interesting profile


It’s an important step in vlogging. Create an interesting profile that would build up your audience’s interest. You can use the same profile that you have created on YouTube on other platforms and Instagram or Facebook. Before creating your profile, you must know a few tips.

First, you must create a captivating profile with full authenticity and no error because some people read profiles and make assumptions about them.

Your profile must be very clear to your audience and remember to re-check your profile before posting it because an error in the profile will create a terrible impression.

In the why section of your profile, you must put a detailed explanation of what you do currently and why you want to join this platform.

In the other section of your profile use the facts about this platform and connect them to how you can use it in a useful and right way.

If you have completed your profile in a good way, then you observe that within time people will reach out to you to get to know more about you which is a great thing.

Just remember that the first step to increasing your number of subscribers is by creating a captivating profile that would build up your viewer’s interest.

5. Be Consistent

If you are serious about this profession so you will easily be able to manage this step. Being consistent means not only that you should upload your content on time but also means to keep searching for an opportunity to engage with your audience.

One of the great examples would be to go live with a great and top vlogger and have a conversation with him with this not only your viewers but that vlogger’s viewer will see your potential and it may increase the probability that other viewers may find interest in you by following you or watching your content.

I know that finding opportunities like that isn’t easy but always keep in mind to keep trying hard because hard work will never disappoint you and remember that without hard work nothing grows but weeds.

Now let’s talk about time consistency. We recommend it to post your content at least twice a week to keep your audience engaged. Furthermore, you must post updates about your content before uploading it. Stick to your schedule and try your best to post your content on time. If in case of an emergency your uploading is delayed then mention the reason for your story before posting your content to show how considerate are you.

6. Learn about Video Editing

Video editing


Most vloggers get worried about it because some of them pay a lot of money to big firms or companies to do this job which is frankly an expensive way. There solves this problem as well. With the help of some video editing apps like In video which is available worldwide, you can get professional results at a lower cost which can afford by vloggers.

Even with the help of apps still, people don’t know how to use them so they can search on YouTube for ‘’ how to edit videos on In video and through the tutorial, you will get to learn in a short period. Editing is the hardest part but self-belief and hard work will always earn your success.

7. Sound Effects Are Just as Important as the Content

Video sound

Sound effects are indeed really important because one of the biggest turnoffs for the viewers is bad audio. Video quality is still forgivable but having bad audio is a deal-breaker and clearly, you don’t want to put real risk on your content by taking it lightly. It’s extremely important to buy an external microphone. It’s not mandatory to buy a costly one but at least buy one which makes the audio worth to listen.

Buying an external microphone is worth the money because it will cancel out all the disturbances, echoes, and even the tiniest sound that is creating distractions in your videos.

If you are investing your time in creating content then don’t waste that hard work by ignoring these factors that highly affect your viewer rate.

Conclusion on How to Start a Travel Vlogging

With the help of these tips, you could easily make a vlog. Just remember to gain experience in vlogging by watching other vlogs, travel as much as you can, create a captivating profile, be consistent, and don’t forget to focus on video editing and sound effects.

Always remember the quote ‘’ Keep your dreams alive. Understanding to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe’’.


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