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After the world’s greatest search engine, Google, YouTube has become the go-to place on the internet for more than 2 billion people active users in a single month. We can easily deduce that YouTube has become a lifestyle for many. Influencing modern-day culture as millennials prefer to watch easily digestible videos.

Although on this platform, millions of hours of content are uploaded every day by hundreds of thousands of vloggers, there are a handful of vloggers who have become household names for YouTube and vlogging. This does not include any celebrity, singer, or public figure who is not Soley a vlogger. The list we have compiled of 10 Best Vloggers In The World is the Soley restricted to people who have achieved their fame via YouTube. For example. The top channel on YouTube, the T series, which has now over 156 million subscribers, is an Indian film production company. This channel is not mentioned on our list.

10 Best Vloggers In The World


1. PewDiePie

Pewdiepie. Top vlogger

PewDiePie is a pseudonym of a UK-based Swedish gamer who has been running a YouTube channel called PewDiePie since 2010. When it comes to YouTube, he is regarded as the most popular vlogger with the greatest number of subscribers.

Although he has not been active on YouTube currently. PewDiePie has had quite a few feuds to be the most popular vlogger on YouTube with other YouTube-like Smash and other channels like Tseries. Although he is regarded as a gaming influencer, he also likes to diversify into comedy sketches and vloggers, and he has even published his book recently.


2. Kids Diana Show

Kids Diana Show. Best vloggers

The Kids Diana Show takes the runner-up position when it comes to the most followed vloggers on YouTube with over 109 million subscribers. This channel is about a six-year-old girl, Diana, who plays with her family, including her little brother Roma and her friends. It is about her childhood and includes aspects of her life such as toy unboxing, storytelling, and playing games.

Diana is based out of Ukraine and has quickly become a dominating player in the children’s entertainment sphere. The KidsDianaShow has been ranked number 2 among all the channels on YouTube consecutively for two years from 2021 to the present.


3. Like Nastya

Like nastya. Best vloggers in the world.

Surprisingly, the third most popular YouTube channel in space is also in the kid’s entertainment sector and belongs to a girl Nastya who is leading one of the top three channels on YouTube with over 105 million subscribers (about thrice the population of California). Nastya makes vlogs regarding all the interesting parts of a kid’s life including toys, family games, or trips with family and friends.

Nastya is also based out of Russia and in her vlogs, she mostly covers her daily life. She has another channel on YouTube, other than Like Nastya, you will also find Like Nastya Show which also has tens of millions of subscribers. Nastya’s channels have been ranked among the top three channels on YouTube for two consecutive years since 2021.


4. MrBeast

Mr beast.

Among all the household names in the vlogger, the world is Mr. Beast. Mr. Beast launched his channel in 2012. Leading among the top YouTube channels in the space with nearly an 137 million subscribers, Mr. Beast’s content can be described as random but dazzling and attention-grabbing.

Mr. Beast, originally known as Jimmy Donaldson, is based out of the USA and is known most for his viral challenges. Some examples include eating the world’s largest slice of pizza, or some amazing charity stunts like giving away 1 million dollars in a minute just to spend the money.

This is the type of content most of the viewers on YouTube cannot resist. In 2021 alone, Mr. Beast has gained an an additional 16 million subscribers which has pushed him from 5th place last year to 4th in the rankings in 2022.


5. Vlad and Niki

Vald & niki

Vlad and Niki is one of the most popular YouTube channels with over 95 million subscribers and ranks as the fifth most popular channel on YouTube in 2023. This channel features two brothers, Vladislav Vashektov born on 26 February 2013, and Nikita Vashektov born on June 4, 2015.

From time to time, you will also see their mother Victoria Vashektov, and their little brother Christian Sergey Vashektov. The content on their vlogging channel is about how they pretend to play, travel to various places, and do other activities in Russia.

Their parents who add the animations and music that is designed to target each episode of the young generation run the channel. Collectively the brothers have more than 13 channels, and they translate the content into 13 languages, which if we combine the subscribers on each channel totals around 295 million subscribers.

Factoring in the age and the growth of their channel has made is what makes their channel much more impressive. Although Vlad and Niki were holding the fourth position in 2021, this year they have been demoted down to the fifth position. However, their popularity is nowhere near the decline.


6. Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is one of the most popular sports entertainment channels in the YouTube universe. They started this channel in 2009 and 5 best friends who are based out of Texas run it.

This channel is a combination of active sports and comedy. Originally this channel was started with basketball trick shot videos but now the founders of this channel have transitioned the content to include many sports including nerf battles, and funny stereotypes while maintaining a good dose of trick shorts. Their mix of sports and humor is the reason behind their enormous success.

With nearly 59 million subscribers (about twice the population of Texas) on YouTube, Dude Perfect has maintained its position as the sixth most popular channel on YouTube consecutively since 2021.


7. Fernanfloo


The most popular YouTube channel Salvador and one of the seven most popular YouTube channels around the world, Fernanfloo is a household name among gamers on YouTube. It is owned and run by Luis Fernando Flores, a Salvadoran YouTuber. Although Fernanfloo is mostly known for making gaming videos, he also uploads personal vlog-style videos.

On his channel, you can find an entire playlist of animation videos and a walk down of many games from horror to GTA5 to GOW and even random indie games. With a stunning growth from ranked as the 10th most popular channel on YouTube last year, he has grown by 3 ranks now to the 7th most popular channel on YouTube with nearly 46 million subscribers.


8. Felipe Neto

Felipe Neto

Felipe Nito is one of the most multi-talented personalities on YouTube. While being one of the most successful vloggers on YouTube, Felipe is also an actor, writer entrepreneur, and influencer. He is originally based out of Portuguese and Brazil.

Those who are aware of Felipe also know that he has a brother in the YouTube space, Lucas Neto. Felipe started his YouTube channel by talking about celebrities and movies, always giving a critical and comedic twist. We know Felipe to be the first person in Brazil to reach 17 million subscribers (about the population of New York) on YouTube.

Although now you can see that he has shifted his content from critique to general entertainment and offers many sorts of content on his channel including comedy, challenges, gaming, and more. With nearly 45 million subscribers on YouTube, Felipe has grown his channel from being ranked 9th in the most popular channels on YouTube in 2022 to the 8th most popular YouTube channel in 2023.


9. Winderssounnunes


Whinersson or originally known as Whindresson Nunes Batista is a young Brazilian singer that has a comedic and fierce sense of humor. He has been known for uploading diverse types of comedic content since he was 15 years old which includes songs, travel vlogs, podcasts, movie reviews, and vlogs regarding his daily life.

With nearly 44 million subscribers (about twice the population of New York) on his channel, it ranked him as the 9th most popular vlogger in 2023.


10. HolaSoyGerman


Considered Chile’s biggest YouTube star, German Garmendia is ranked among the top 10 vloggers in the entire YouTube space this year. While being a vlogger, German is also an actor and a musician.

He started his YouTube journey by posting comedy sketches and vlogs whereas on his second channel JuegaGerman was started in 2013 he focused on gaming videos while also expanding into comedy. German has not posted on his first channel for years now, but his channel remains one of the most popular channels in the world.



There you have it. A list ranking and distinguishing the top 10 best vloggers in the vlogging community worldwide. This does not mean that these are the only vloggers who are household names on YouTube. YouTube is the largest video content area on the internet. There are countless names with thousands of followers in each country. These vloggers are mentioned to give you an idea of how universally accepted and viral content looks like so someday your name will also be on the list by studying their success.


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