YouTube Video Titles Ideas – 5 Tips to Rank Your Videos Higher

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YouTube is a similar playfield to Google. You might have heard of the word Search Engine Optimization. This term became an area of study thanks to the most powerful search engine in the world. This is because of the massive amounts of data available, to make sure that your content is read on Google you must make sure that it is not on the 50th page.

Let us be real, how many times have you ever gone to the 50th page of a google search to find something? Considering that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, the search engine optimization techniques are as important as they are on Google. The goal is to give the user the most relevant results based on the keywords mentioned. And in YouTube, keyword relevancy measures this in your title, description, and other details of your content.

But with the question of how to rank your videos higher on YouTube, it is not only the video title and description of your video. The category our videos belong to couple with some indirect factors such as the engagements on your videos, the likes on your videos, dislikes, comments, shares, the subscribers on your channel, and the watch time, all play a key role in how high your video is ranked on YouTube.

So, if you wish to rank your video high on search results you must keep these factors in mind and optimize your videos accordingly. Here is a small guide to get you started on this process.


Research the keywords

Research the keywords

Researching the keywords is the first step you will take in improving the SEO for your content on YouTube. This is the most important tip for vlogging successfully. But before you do that, identifying your target market is essential.

A wonderful way to get started is to observe YouTube’s search suggestions when you search for a keyword. You can either do that or use an online tool that will give you a specific volume of search results per keyword.

Consider this, you found many keyword search results, and now how to filter through them. This is where the Keyword difficulty factor comes into play. You might get many video title ideas but not every one of them will agree with your keyword search results. Using Google search operators, you can find the difficulty of any specific keyword on YouTube. And how do you do that? Just type in. (your keyword).

This will give you a list of all the videos that are listed under your keyword. Remember, research is the best tip for vlogging we can give. Of course the lower number of videos, the better for you so naturally you search for fewer results or what is called low-keyword difficulty.

You will use this to outrank videos made by the same keyword you will use. Do some competitor analysis first, you will see what the ranking of your competitor on YouTube is along with what type of audience they are targeting, and might even understand a strategy on how to rank your videos higher on YouTube amongst your competitors Out of all the competitors see which one of those has used that specific keyword in their title description or tags.

Once you have a list of all the competitors who are closely related to your keyword along with a strong competitor analysis, you will know how to form a strong keyword strategy.


Title, Description, and Tags Optimization

Title, Description, and Tags Optimization

Now that you are done with the first step of choosing your keywords comes the next tip for vlogging. And you use it wisely in your title description and tags. A useful tip would be not to overuse keywords. Let it take its natural course.

Keep in mind that the title of your video should not be too long because over 70 percent of the viewers on YouTube use the site through a mobile channel. No matter what your video title idea is, it shouldn’t be too long Keeping the title too big is just a hit on the visibility of your video. So, a sweet spot would be around sixty to seventy characters. But in these sixty characters should be present as the main keyword. And try to use this main keyword at the beginning of your title for the video or within the first few words at least.

Other than using the keyword at the beginning of the title you should also make sure that the title for your video should entice the user’s curiosity. The video title idea has a major effect on the Click Through Rate (CTR) on YouTube. So, the higher the CTR, the higher your video will rank on the channel.

And of course, it is a media search engine so having a great and invoking thumbnail along with an invoking title is a great step you can take to increase the CTR of your video which will help rank your video higher. When you are making the thumbnail, just make sure that the thumbnail size is optimized for mobile users as well.

Unlike competitors in keywords, there is absolutely no competition in thumbnails, so this is a good opportunity to show your creativity. It’s not just a vlog idea that counts, it is the thumbnail idea as well.

Granted that many users do not focus too much on the video description but for YouTube, it is important to understand what the context of your video is. The better it understands the better it will help you rank your video for the specific keywords. And how to write a stellar description. Here are a few tips.

  1. Focus on your keyword in the first line of the sentence of your description.
  2. Your description should be at least 250 words. The more the merrier.
  3. Use all your targeted keywords across your description in a coherent manner.
  4. Repeat your target keywords 2 to 4 times throughout the description but do not overdo it.

Now come the tags. Unlike the keywords, these are not available publically. So, you cannot know about your competitors’ tags. But there are third-party sites you can use that will tell you tags associated with a specific video like Tags. If you use tags of the popular videos on YouTube that share your target market, it gives you a chance to rank your videos higher on YouTube compared to the suggested videos.

This will help you generate a high number of views organically. But make sure your tags are not too much and too long, 8 to 10 medium-length tags are good enough.

Now that you have optimized your title, description, tag, and keywords, let us focus on the crux of the video. The content.

Your content should focus on increasing your user retention rates and watching time. Let us give you a few pointers on how to have content that increases watch time and retention rates for your videos.

  1. Create a YouTube intro for your video channel.
  2. Focus on value not marketing.
  3. Create videos with a high image and sound quality.
  4. Keep the audience engaged in the video.
  5. Focus more on the first parts of your video.
  6. Add subtitles.
  7. Add info cards to your video.
  8. Have something that distinguishes you from the competitors.
  9. If you are using infographics, make sure they are fascinating.
  10. Long videos rank higher on YouTube compared to shorter ones but do not forcefully increase the duration of your video.

Drive Engagement

Youtube engagement

If there is no organic talk about your video around the audience you have targeted, your content will never grow. This is where everything that you know including tags, keywords, titles, video title ideas, vlog ideas, and description optimization becomes secondary. And do we have some tips for you?

  1. Have a proper call to action for your videos.
  2. Use high-end video-making tools.
  3. Encourage your audience to like and share the video and subscribe to your channel.
  4. Invite your audience to comment.
  5. Engage with your audience in the comment section.

Channel Optimization

Youtube optimization

This is an especially important part of SEO on YouTube. When a visitor visits your channel, you must make sure that they get all the vital details about you or what your channel is about.

A great channel description helps both YouTube and the visitor understand what your channel is about and what your brand represents. Make sure that you sprinkle your main keywords here as well. Do not overdo the description. Keep it brief.

Like strategizing your video title ideas we mentioned, this is also an important part of YouTube SEO. Whenever users visit your channel, they should be able to get all the information about you or your brand. You can also add links that help the user migrate to other social media channels you have.

A playlist can give you an amazing number of views when you play one successful song after the other to help keep the user on your site.


Promoting your YouTube channel outside of YouTube

Video promotion Now that we have covered everything you can do to optimize your video, and hopefully given you some great tips for vlogging in the process you would expect the process to be over, but the story does not end here, especially when you are dealing with what we call high difficulty keywords.

It is important that you spread the word about your YouTube channel outside of YouTube. There are a few things we can do that will help you in your channel marketing strategy.

  1. Make a small version of your video and post it on social media channels.
  2. Include your videos in blog posts.
  3. Promote your videos on Reddit and Quora.
  4. Include your videos in email marketing campaigns.


Given that you have mastered the understanding of how the search engine optimization strategies on YouTube work, and assuming that you have some great video title ideas according to the SEO techniques that we have mentioned, this does not at all mean that you no longer must create useful content.

Nothing matters if your content is not great. But do also keep in mind that YouTube, unlike Google, does not use any backlinks to measure the quality of your video. It mostly depends on metrics like watch time, audience retention rates, and engagement rates to analyze your video to rank among your competitors.

So now that you have a complete idea of how to rank videos higher on YouTube, apply these ideas and wait for the magic to happen Rank videos higher on YouTube.


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