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If you are an aspiring and passionate musician who wants the world to listen to their music, making a music video is the best way to fulfill your dream. But if you are for the best camera to shoot music videos, then you should know that making a music video does not require a lot of money.

Even if you have a small budget, you can always get a good camera to shoot your music video. 

Many low-priced cameras come with excellent features such as HD resolution and editing options to help you make your music videos with little effort. 

Having spoken to many experts in the field and after hours of online research, we have identified the five best cameras you can use to shoot your music videos. 

The basic criteria for choosing the right video camera include cost, quality, and features.

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What difference does a camera make to the video quality?

When recording a music video, the best camera to shoot music videos can make a great deal of difference in how quickly you can complete the recording. 

The main thing is that you do not have to worry about audio problems because you can simply overlap your song and audio effects over the video during the editing stage. 

We have analyzed the video cameras on the market that offer the functionality of recording video cameras using the most convenient features. 

All the cameras included in this review are designed for beginners and moderate users. 

However, even as a professional or seasoned expert, you can benefit by having one of these cameras as part of your recording gear.

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Choosing the best camera to shoot music videos

The basic feature of a music video camera is a DSLR camera, or as it is more commonly known a mirrorless video camera. 

These cameras come in different quality and price points, so the better quality you seek, the higher the price. 

However, even a mid-range model gives a great result without costing a lot of money. 

If you look at the loss of DSLR cameras, you will find many models that will fit your budget. 

Not all of them will be suitable for producing a music video. So be sure about what features you need in your camera. 

When it comes to the best camera to shoot music videos, there are many models to choose from.

Whichever model you choose, remember that you can only record for 30 minutes at a time. 

After the 30-minute mark, start the recording process again. 

You will lose any action that you were trying to film if you forget to press the record button after every 30 minutes. Have a timer or ask a friend to remind you once the 30 minutes are up. 

As far as the price is concerned, apart from the cost of the DSLR camera, you also need to factor in the cost of the lenses. 

You will need at least a few lenses to get a professional music video, but these lenses are quite expensive. 

If you have about $1500 to spend, then you should allocate around $1000 for the main camera, and the rest for the lenses. 

If you want better quality, then obviously you will need to raise your budget by at least a few hundred dollars. 

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The best cameras to shoot music videos

A DSLR camera is the best camera to shoot music videos as it gives you a lot of benefits in shooting a music video.

The quality of the resolution and the variety of lenses let you create an extremely professional-looking music video. 

You can create many interesting video effects that take your video to the next level instead of giving a flat, one-dimensional look to your video. 

Another useful feature of the DSLR camera is the automatic focus which lets you record the video without having to stop in between to correct the focus.

These 5 Cameras is used to shoot music videos in 2023


1. Mevo Start – The best camera to shoot music videos

Mevo Start


The Mevo Start is an excellent wireless camera that you can use for recording and live streaming your music video. 

The best thing about it is that it is remote-controlled and you can control it just by using the Wi-Fi network of your smartphone. 

The resolution is 1080p which is excellent whether you are recording or streaming your music video live. 

Being one of the best cameras for shooting music videos, the Mevo Start camera also comes with a range of editing features that let you edit your video while you record it.

For example, you can cut to the next shot and even zoom in on a particular aspect while recording. 

The Mevo Start connects easily to the webcam so that you even share your music video on Skype or Zoom. 

Being a wireless camera, the battery life is a very important feature. 

The good news is that the Mevo Start has a battery life of over 6 hours, which makes it very convenient especially when you are recording in an outdoor location.

With the Mevo Start, you can record your music video and stream it with no delay. 

This is great for satisfying your fans and keeping them engaged. This camera virtually lets you have an entire recording studio on a single device. 

Mevo Start Pros & Cons

Best Camera to Shoot Music Videos | Cam Reviews 1



  • Long battery life
  • Live editing features
  • Great audio quality
  • Comes with an NDI output
  • Wi-Fi enabled
Best Camera to Shoot Music Videos | Cam Reviews 2



  • Limited zooming
  • Not YouTube compatible


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2. Melcam Video Camera Camcorder – Good camera for music videos

Melcam Video Camera Camcorder


The Melcam camera is perfect for recording music videos as it comes with a high resolution and HD quality. 

The screen resolution is 48 megapixels which give amazing video quality.

The camera also has a touchscreen functionality so that you can edit your video with a tap on the screen. 

The Melcam video camera gives you an exceptionally clear and sharp picture which is better than what other cameras offer. 

The frame speed is also high at 30 fps. The rotating screen makes it easy for you to view the video while you are recording and editing it. 

The Wi-Fi and webcam connectivity let you transmit the video via an app to any device or network. 

In this way, you can share your video on chat groups at your convenience. 

The compact design gives added stability to the camera so that you can shoot at any angle you want without worrying about getting a blurred image or losing the frame. 

Whether you are shooting in daylight or indoors, at night or in the morning, the picture quality will be the same. 

Even if you are using different lenses and hoods or deciding what kind of camera is used to shoot music videos, it will not affect the quality of your video.

With this Melcam video camera, you get two batteries, which means that you do not have to worry about running out of battery charge.

Melcam Video Camera Camcorder Pros & Cons

Best Camera to Shoot Music Videos | Cam Reviews 1



  • Easy to handle and use
  • Chargeable mic 
  • Remote controlled
  • Dual batteries
  • Night-time recording
Best Camera to Shoot Music Videos | Cam Reviews 2



  • Automatic settings
  • Noisy sensor


3. Seree Camcorder – Best camera for shooting music videos

Seree Camcorder


The Seree camcorder gives 1080 pixel HD quality and provides 18 times the zoom capacity of other video cameras. 

This model can be the best camera for shooting music videos as it comes with a 13 MP camera sensor. 

The quality of the video and images is lifelike and dynamic, which will make the video extremely attractive to the audience. 

This camera comes with a night vision feature which is called the fill light feature, because of which the user can record videos in all kinds of lighting. 

This camera is also compatible with the webcam which you can live to stream your videos and share them with others during chat sessions. 

The zoom feature means you can edit the videos in live time so that the finished product is ready in no time at all. 

The camera has multiple features, which include an external mic, wide-angled lens support, and stability features. 

The camera can record videos even while the battery is being charged. 

If you want to pause the recording, the Pause function makes it possible to pause at a current location and resume at the same point instead of creating a different file. 

Seree Camcorder Pros & Cons

Best Camera to Shoot Music Videos | Cam Reviews 1



  • High-resolution camera
  • Strong zoom features
  • 1-meter focus range
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent video quality
Best Camera to Shoot Music Videos | Cam Reviews 2



  • Pixelated video
  • Low battery power 

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4. Kicteck Digital Video Camera Camcorder – Best budget camera for music video

Kicteck Digital Video Camera Camcorder


The Kicteck digital video camera recorded has a high pixel rating of 1080 pixels or 15 frames per second. 

You don’t have to bother about what kind of camera is used to shoot music videos as the screen and picture quality are among the best in the range as it has a 24M resolution and 16X zoom feature.

The camera has a high level of stability and face-capture features. 

These and many other features make the Kicteck camera among the best models for recording music videos. 

It is also equipped this camera with a webcam feature, which makes it well-suited for connecting the camera to a laptop with the help of a USB cable. 

Then by setting up the video interface, the user can share the video through their chat feature. 

The pause function is another useful feature that lets you record the video without having to create a new file. 

Once this is done, it can download the video to the computer for editing and uploading to social media. 

Another excellent feature of the Kicteck camera is that you can continue recording videos while the camera is being charged. 

There is no need to be worried about the battery running out of charge while you are recording a music video. 

Kicteck Digital Video Camera Camcorder Pros & Cons

Best Camera to Shoot Music Videos | Cam Reviews 1



  • Affordable price
  • Wide range of features
  • Excellent image quality
  • Handy design
  • Multipurpose camera
Best Camera to Shoot Music Videos | Cam Reviews 2



  • Not compatible with all memory cards
  • Poor zoom feature


5. Seree 4K Video Camera – Best camera for 4k music video

Best Camera to Shoot Music Videos | Cam Reviews 9


The Seree 4K camcorder is a good camera for music videos and it comes with a high 4K resolution and 48-megapixel screen quality, which makes it ideal for recording music videos.

The frame rate is also excellent as it can capture 30 frames in a second to give you professional quality music videos. 

The camera supports a 37-mm lens which you will need to purchase separately along with the camera. 

This camera also has night vision features which you can use to record videos under many lighting conditions, whether strong or dim lighting. 

Another good thing about this camera is that it comes with dual batteries with which you can record for hours without worrying about recharging the battery. 

With the wireless functionality, you can easily control the camera using a remote from a maximum distance of 20 meters. 

The camera is also webcam-enabled due to which you can connect the camera to your computer and share videos on social media or chat platforms as you record them.

Seree 4K Video Camera Pros & Cons

Best Camera to Shoot Music Videos | Cam Reviews 1



  • Remote-controlled operation
  • Connects with YouTube Live
  • Sharp video quality
  • Excellent focus
  • Nice casing for safety and portability
Best Camera to Shoot Music Videos | Cam Reviews 2



  • Can be noisy
  • Not compatible with Chromebooks


A Final Word

After reading this article, stop wondering about the best camera to shoot music videos.

Simply go over the features and compare the pros and cons of each model. 

Then, seeing what your budget allows, go for the one that you can operate easily instead of investing too much money in a camera that you will never use.

The above options are not the only models that will give you excellent quality to make eye-catching music videos. 

But if you are just starting, these are some cameras that will give you great value for your money and will help you get started in your singing career. 

Even if you are an experienced artist, these cameras are among the latest ones on the market, and you may be interested in having at least one of these in your studio.

The best thing about these five cameras is that they are budget-friendly and will help you make a good return on your investment. 

Whether you shoot long videos or short ones, the quality will be excellent. 

You can share the videos on many online platforms at your convenience. 


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