How to Charge a Flip Camera Quickly | 3 Method in 2023

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If you are clueless about how to charge a flip camera, then you are landing at the right place. We are sharing the top three methods you can use to charge your flip camera in no time!

A Flip video camera is a handy portable camera that comes with a USB connector that you can easily connect to your PC. 

If you are a full-time YouTuber, then you might need one of these cameras for taking insert shots for your videos. 

Ever since this camera was launched in the late 2000s, it became an instant hit with the masses owing to its tapeless design and affordable price. 

However, with time, these cameras have gone through several transformations. Today, the most popular model is the Flip UltraHD.  

One of the most popular features of a flip camera is its portability. Its body is super sleek and thin, and you can use it anywhere and everywhere.

The only downside is the battery that needs to be charged to keep your camera alive. 

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How to charge a flip camera

There are many ways through which you can charge your flip camera. 

However, remember there is no foolproof method to do so. 

You need to come up with a combination of different methods to see which one works and is effective enough to charge easily your device.

In this article, we will discuss three different methods for charging a flip camera.

So, let’s discuss the first method.

Method No.1 to charge a flip camera 

For this method, you will either need a computer or a standard wall charger.

The step-by-step method list is below.

Step 1: 

First, remove the batteries inside your flip camera.

Step 2: 

Next, connect your camera to your computer’s charging port or a functioning wall charger 

Step 3: 

Now, an indicator will turn on. Next, what you need to do is place back the same battery inside your flip camera.

Step 4: 

This step is tricky. Based on the operating system you use on the computer, you need to adjust your settings accordingly. 

For this, the first thing you need to do is turn on your PC and go with the remove hardware settings. 

If you are a Mac user, then you won’t get the same options on your computer. 

Therefore, you need to go with an option that s like the one that’s readily available on the Windows computer. 

Note: You can skip this step if you are using a conventional wall charger to charge your camera.

Step 5: 

On completing all four steps mentioned above, remove your camera from the charging port or the wall charger. 

Next, insert it back again. It will immediately start charging and you are done!

If you have completed all the steps from the first method, and your camera is still not charging. Then, in such a situation, you can try going with a different method. 

For this, you will first need to rest your device for several minutes before heading on to the second method.

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Method No.2 to charge a flip camera 

The first thing you need to understand while following this method is that you can only perform it using a computer instead of an external charging device. 

Step 1: 

Remove all batteries inside your flip camera

Step 2: 

Once, you have taken out the batteries, the next thing you may need to do is connect your camera to the USB port of your PC.

Step 3: 

Just like the previous method, an indicator will show up, now simply place the batteries back into the camera.

If you tried the first method without a wall charger, then following all the steps in this method won’t be too hard as the first three steps in this method are like those you had performed in the first method.

Step 4: 

Once the indicator turns on, all you need to do is remove all your content from the recycle bin. 

Step 5: 

Take off your flip out from the USB port and this time do it without opting for the safe remove option.

Step 6: 

This is the last step, and hopefully, by the end, your device will start charging. 

Simply, reconnect your device and see if it charges. In case, it won’t charge, then try going for the third method.

Method No.3 to charge a flip camera 

Just like the previous method, you need to have a working PC to perform this method. 

Step 1: 

Just like the previous two methods, remove the batteries that are inside your flip camera.

Step 2:  

Once you have removed all the batteries from your camera, connect it to your PC’s USB port

Step 3: 

Clean up its recycle bin

Step 4: 

Take off your flip out from the USB port and this time do it without opting for the safe remove option.

Step 5: 

Reconnect your device and see if it charges

If you try to turn on your camera and the screen is blank, then you best believe that the problem isn’t with the batteries. 

The battery is perfectly fine and all you need to do is follow these methods and hopefully, your camera will charge.

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To wrap up

In case you followed the first method and it didn’t work out, then remember one major step that’s a part of the second and third methods which is of cleaning the recycle bin. 

Therefore, to remain on the safer side, make it a habit to keep it empty at all times.

You need to make sure it’s empty before you connect your camera to your PC. 

If you cannot do so, your camera can start retrieving those files that are inside your computer’s recycle bin folder. 

If you cannot empty your computer’s recycle bin and connect your flip camera to your computer, it affects the overall charging capabilities of your camera.

The unnecessary data retrieved from the recycle bin gets stored inside your camera.

When all these files are stored automatically in your camera, your camera won’t fully charge.

If the battery drained out completely, then wait for at least 2 to 3 hours to charge your camera.

Charging a flip camera is not rocket science, you just have to follow the instructions for charging the battery in the manual of the camera. Keep charged to move forward.


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