12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k)

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Looking to snag the ultimate 4K action camera without breaking the bank?

Look no further, we’ve got you covered!

In an era dominated by mobile phones, cameras have seamlessly woven into the fabric of our daily existence. From sunrise to sunset, from casual brunches to jubilant soirées with friends, we document every facet of life to etch these moments into our memory vaults. While mobile cameras serve their purpose, there’s an unparalleled charm in seizing heart-pounding escapades, outdoor odysseys, and those rare, unrepeatable gatherings through the lens of a rugged action camera, primed to withstand even the most adventurous endeavors.

Traditionally, the mere mention of top-tier action cameras conjured names like GoPro or Sony. However, the camera landscape has exploded, with a plethora of options now vying for your attention. The best part? You can effortlessly lay your hands on a remarkable 4K action camera that fits snugly within the confines of a 100-dollar bill.

In the present day, the market is an exciting whirlwind of brands churning out a diverse array of products, each boasting exceptional quality across a spectrum of price points. The quest for the finest 4K action camera under $100 has never been more straightforward. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking to immortalize breathtaking feats or an enthusiast hoping to capture life’s most cherished instants, the perfect budget-friendly 4K action camera is well within reach.



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Here is our top pick: AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera


Best 4K Action Camera Under 100$ Reviews

Save yourself the endless online scroll – we’ve sifted through the digital sea to handpick the 12 premier budget action cameras available. These choices eliminate the grind, offering you the cream of the crop without the exhaustive legwork. Garnering a chorus of rave reviews on Amazon, these products solidify their position as market leaders, catering to those seeking top-notch quality without straining their wallet. In our upcoming user guide, we’ll delve into crucial pointers to bear in mind before making your final call. So, let’s plunge right in and explore the realm of affordable excellence!

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1. AKASO EK7000 4K Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera – Action camera with the longest battery life



Everyone’s pockets not run deep enough for a GoPro, the AKASO EK7000 emerges as a compelling alternative, all at a price that won’t cramp your style. With an Amazon best-seller badge gleaming proudly, this action camera has garnered a staggering 21K+ reviews and counting. While it doesn’t quite ascend to the GoPro summit, the AKASO EK7000 claims the throne as the preeminent sub-$50 action camera, delivering remarkable value to savvy seekers.

Sporting a GoPro-esque design and functionality, the AKASO EK7000 mirrors its renowned counterpart in an array of ways: 4K video capabilities, time-lapse prowess, burst mode brilliance, still photos that capture fleeting magic, integrated Wi-Fi, and waterproof armor. Flick on its lens, and you’ll find it dancing harmoniously with GoPro standards.

The AKASO EK7000 showcases its mettle by recording riveting 4K videos at 25 fps, while its 12MP HQ camera deftly seizes moments at a breathtaking 30 fps. An image and video quality that shines brightest among its peers, it paints vibrant stories and vivid memories.

Unveiling a treasure trove of accessories – mounts, RC tethers, a USB cable, a stand, a waterproof haven, and more – this action camera invites you to a comprehensive adventure package. Power plays a protagonist here too, with a robust 90-minute battery life. And if that weren’t enough, built-in editing tools extend the invitation to mold your imagery and videos, ready to share in a heartbeat via a dedicated app.

Nurturing your inner explorer, the waterproof prowess of the AKASO EK7000 embraces both indoor escapades and outdoor exploits, presenting the ideal canvas for immortalizing your cherished moments in perpetuity. 


– Video: 4K at 25 fps

– Photo: 12MP at 30 fps

– Battery Life: Up to 90 minutes

– Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi

– Accessories: Mounts, RC tethers, USB cable, stand, waterproof case, and more

AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • Best seller 4k action camera
  • Great value for money
  • Compact size
  • Waterproof
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • Can’t change FOV


2. Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera – Best budget action camera

Campark 4K


Introducing the Campark Xtreme 1+: an action camera that seamlessly balances performance and affordability. Sporting features like 4K video recording, time-lapse functionality, burst photos, and a bundle of accessories, it confidently stakes its claim as your go-to budget option. Let’s dive into the details.

The Xtreme 1+ takes a page from GoPro’s book, offering an economical alternative that doesn’t skimp on features. Its design sets it apart, with button placements diverging from the AKASO EK7000. An innovative light sensor beneath the lens paves the way for optimal auto exposure, complemented by a night-shooting-friendly LED light.

Campark doesn’t hold back on extras either. You’ll find a 2.4G wireless remote snugly wrapped around your wrist, much like its AKASO counterpart. But the treats don’t stop there – the package includes an array of accessories: a versatile bike mount, helmet attachments, tripod mounts, essential wire cables, and Velcro strips tailor-made for snowboards and surfboards, ensuring rock-solid security. The deal sweetens with not one, but two cases: a waterproof standard case for aquatic exploits and a non-water-resistant alternative for mounting scenarios.

Delving into image quality, the Campark doesn’t pale against its budget peers, including the AKASO. Its color accuracy holds its own, painting vivid landscapes. While submerged, audio quality takes a minor hit, but surfaces clear and crisp in other contexts. Indeed, the old adage holds true: you receive value commensurate with your investment. And in this instance, you’re taking home the crown jewel of sub-$100 action cams.


– Video: 4K

– Photo: 20MP

– Features: Time-lapse, burst photos

– Accessories: Wireless wrist remote, bike mount, helmet attachments, tripod mounts, wire cables, Velcro strips, waterproof case, non-water-resistant case

Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • Budget-friendly
  • 4K resolution
  • Front-facing LED
  • 16M images
  • Time-lapse and burst function
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • Not touch screen
  • Not waterproof without the casing


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3. AKASO Brave 4 4K Action Camera – Best action cam under 100

AKASO Brave 4 4K


Empowering you to seize life’s extraordinary moments with finesse, AKASO delivers top-notch, wallet-friendly action cameras that excel where it counts. Enter the AKASO Brave 4: a beginner’s delight and an upgrade from the AKASO EK7000. Let’s delve into what makes it a standout choice.

Offering a trio of video quality options – 1080p at 60 fps, 2K at 30 fps, and 4K at 24 fps – the AKASO Brave 4 reigns with a mighty 20MP image resolution. The outcome? A feast for the eyes, captured in stunning images and HQ 4K video brilliance. A versatile range of view angles – 70, 100, 140, and 170 degrees – grants you creative control, while the anti-shake and image stabilization features ensure the smoothest playback, as velvety as butter.

The connectivity suite doesn’t lag behind, with Wi-Fi empowering swift editing and sharing of your most cherished moments. The camera’s HDMI support facilitates seamless content access on TV screens, computers, tablets, and smartphones. Plus, a waterproof capacity, delving down to depths of 30 meters, transforms aquatic exploration into breathtaking escapades.

Unveiling the Brave 4 unfurls a treasure trove of extras, including a 2.4G remote control, two 1050mAh batteries, a waterproof sanctuary, bicycle and helmet mounts, a collection of mounts and clips, a bandage, tethers, a protective backdoor, and the essential USB cable. Tying it all together, a comprehensive user manual serves as your compass through this feature-rich landscape.


– Video Quality: 1080p at 60 fps, 2K at 30 fps, 4K at 24 fps

– Image Resolution: 20MP

– View Angle Options: 70, 100, 140, and 170 degrees

– Features: Anti-shake, image stabilization, Wi-Fi connectivity

– Extras: 2.4G remote control, two 1050mAh batteries, waterproof case, bicycle stand, mounts, clips, helmet mount, bandage, tethers, protective backdoor, USB cable, user manual

AKASO Brave 4 4K Action Camera Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • Supports SD card up to 64GB
  • Zoom for pictures
  • Mini LCD in the front
  • Wifi and remote control
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • Needs a waterproofing case for underwater shootings


4. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera – Best action cam under 100

Dragon Touch 4K


In a market teeming with options, all it takes is a discerning eye to uncover gems. Among the sea of action cameras influenced by the GoPro Hero legacy, the Dragon Touch 4K camera emerges as a remarkable find under 100 dollars.

Packing a punch in the performance department, the Dragon Touch boasts a 16MP image prowess and video versatility that spans from 1080p at 60 fps to 4K at 30 fps. Its repertoire extends to time-lapse, slow motion, and a dedicated diving mode. Adding to the appeal, this camera incorporates WiFi connectivity and an SD card reader for seamless data exchange.

Design-wise, the Dragon Touch action camera earns its reputation as a GoPro doppelganger – a testament to its meticulous craftsmanship. Donning an economical price tag doesn’t hinder its resilience – it’s waterproof to an impressive 30 meters. Armed with a wireless remote, a 2-inch touch screen, and conspicuously accessible large buttons, it balances user-friendliness with utility. The package further flourishes with a gamut of accessories: batteries, bicycle and helmet mounts, a waterproof casing, and an assortment of other essentials.

Stunningly, the Dragon Touch 4K action camera offers a treasure trove of features at an enticingly low price point. Surpassing rivals by a hefty margin, it wields the magic of 4K recording and 16MP imagery. The result? A captivating blend of durability and unmatched image and video quality. In sum, a wallet-friendly option that delivers exceptional value, positioning itself as a compelling alternative to the GoPro range.


– Image Quality: 16MP

– Video Quality: 1080p at 60 fps, 4K at 30 fps

– Features: Time-lapse, slow motion, diving mode

– Connectivity: WiFi, SD card reader

– Design: Waterproof up to 30 meters, wireless remote, 2-inch touch screen, accessible buttons

– Accessories: Batteries, bicycle mounts, helmet mounts, waterproof casing, and more

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • 2.4G remote control
  • Waterproof
  • Great value for money
  • A great alternative to a GoPro
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • 4K recording is limited to 30 fps

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5. AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Camera-Best action cam under 100

dragon touch 4 4k


In a realm awash with camera brands touting cutting-edge 4K video, the AKASO EK7000 Pro emerges as a standout, embodying the trifecta of coveted features: 4K video prowess, a responsive touch screen, and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). These attributes, typically found in pricier models, are the very pillars that drive action camera selection today.

With the EK7000 Pro, AKASO takes its predecessor, the EK7000, to new heights. This updated version is a cinematic dynamo, capturing the essence of 4K at 25 fps, 2.7K at 30 fps, and 1080p at 60 fps. Even more remarkable is its ability to deliver 16MP stills – a feat that defies its sub-$100 price point.

The standout two-inch ultra-clear IPS color touch screen serves as your creative canvas, simplifying shot arrangement with an intuitive touch interface. While navigating through settings is a breeze, the star of the show is the EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) feature. Mirroring GoPro’s Hypersmooth, this function ensures your footage remains steady, a quintessential element in any action-packed narrative. Moreover, the camera’s waterproof case gets an upgrade, now extending its protection to depths of 131 feet underwater.

Flexible viewing angles, encompassing narrow, medium, wide, and super-wide options, allow for versatile framing. Bundled with an array of accessories and brimming with features, the AKASO EK7000 Pro stands as a testament to unparalleled value in the realm of action cameras.


– Video Capabilities: 4K at 25 fps, 2.7K at 30 fps, 1080p at 60 fps

– Photo Resolution: 16MP

– Display: 2-inch ultra-clear IPS color touch screen

– Features: EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), adjustable view angles

– Waterproof Depth: Up to 131 feet

– Accessories: Tons of accessories included

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Camera Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • 2” IPS touch screen display
  • 4K video and 16MP image quality
  • The electronic image stabilization feature
  • Multiple angle view options
  • Waterproof up to 131 ft
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • No Zoom available


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6. AKASO V50X Native 4K Action Camera-Best cheap action camera



Dive into the world of crisp native 4K with the AKASO V50X – a treasure trove for scuba divers and thrill-seekers alike. Bundled with a 17-piece accessory ensemble, including mounts, tethers, a waterproof case, straps, helmet mounts, batteries, and a remote control, it’s primed for expeditions beyond limits.

Marvel at the dynamic view angles – 170, 140, 110, and 70 degrees – a canvas that adapts to your narrative. The real showstopper is the distortion calibration feature, an invaluable ally for wide-angle close-ups. Enhanced further by EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), the V50X captures velvety-smooth footage during your biking escapades or ski odysseys.

The camera flaunts impressive versatility, capable of recording at 4K at 30 fps, 2K at 60 fps, and 1080p at 90 fps, delivering visuals that astound considering the price point. While it might not conjure earth-shattering results at the max depth of 130 ft or in dim light, it comfortably outpaces most rivals. With a staggering 180 minutes of shooting time, it reigns as the undisputed monarch of enduring battery life in our lineup.

Equipped with an external mic port and remote control, the V50X elevates convenience to the forefront. Though it carries a slightly steeper price tag compared to its peers, the offer remains fair for those who seek an exceptional blend of quality and value without breaking the bank.


– Video Capabilities: 4K at 30 fps, 2K at 60 fps, 1080p at 90 fps

– View Angles: 170, 140, 110, and 70 degrees

– Features: Distortion calibration, EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), waterproof up to 130 ft

– Battery Life: Up to 180 minutes

– Accessories: 17-piece accessory kit including mounts, tethers, waterproof case, straps, helmet mounts, batteries, remote control

AKASO V50X Native 4K Action Camera Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • 130 ft depth ratings
  • Tons of accessories
  • Electronic Image Stabilization 
  • 180 minutes battery life
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • Doesn’t work perfectly in low light


7. APEMAN A87 Action Camera Touch Screen-Action camera for beginners



Immerse yourself in the art of preserving and sharing cherished memories and thrilling escapades with the world, courtesy of the APEMAN A87 4K action camera. If you’re stepping into the action camera realm, the APEMAN A87 could easily claim the title of the finest sub-$100 4K action camera tailored to your preferences. And it doesn’t stop there – an ensemble of all-inclusive accessories accompanies this gem.

The APEMAN A87 unfurls its canvas of creative possibilities, allowing you to seize ultra high-quality photographs with its remarkable 20MP image precision. In the realm of video, prepare for the marvel of 4K at 24 fps. The showstopper is the built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), ensuring your footage remains smooth and devoid of jitters. Further amplifying your lens options, the 8x zoom feature transports you nearer to your subject, unveiling intricate details.

Battery endurance remains commendable, offering an uninterrupted 90 minutes of recording on a single charge. With a backup battery in tow, you’re ready to embark on day-long odysseys without the worry of power depletion. The integrated Wi-Fi capability bridges the gap between your camera and your smartphone, while the AV out option opens doors to reliving your content on laptops, TVs, or projectors.

Claiming its spot as the unrivaled best 4K action camera under $100, the APEMAN A87 caters to discerning individuals in pursuit of unparalleled value without stretching their budgets. The cost-to-performance ratio is a spectacle to behold – offering affordability in tandem with remarkable returns. Beyond the camera’s prowess, revel in a package that includes not only the camera but also two batteries, a waterproof haven, an array of cables, adapters, and essential mounts. Not to mention the sleek folding backpack, offering not only convenience but also abundant space for your accessories and more.


– Image Quality: 20MP

– Video Quality: 4K at 24 fps

– Features: Built-in EIS, 8x zoom

– Battery Life: Up to 90 minutes per charge

– Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi, AV out option

– Accessories: Two batteries, waterproof case, multiple cables, adapters, mounting accessories, folding backpack

APEMAN A87 Action Camera Touch Screen Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • Built-in EIS
  • 40M waterproof rating
  • Compact and portable design
  • Budget-friendly
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • Doesn’t support an external microphone


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8. REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD Action Camera

REMALI CaptureCam 4K


Whether it’s freezing a moment in high-quality images or narrating your escapades through high-definition videos, the REMALI CaptureCam 4K action camera stands ready to capture every pulse-quickening instant. Boasting an expansive ultra-wide angle of 170 degrees, it’s a creative tool for seizing breathtaking visuals. Designed with the intrepid traveler, outdoor enthusiast, and vlogging aficionado in mind, this camera offers an unmatched value proposition.

Equipped with a 1.4G wrist remote control, the REMALI empowers you to effortlessly snap selfies and immortalize moments from up to 30 feet away. Dive into the world of connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing seamless synchronization between your REMALI 4K action camera and your smart device via a dedicated iOS and Android app.

When venturing into aquatic realms, fear not – the REMALI 4K action camera remains waterproof up to an impressive 98 feet when nestled within the provided waterproof case. The package expands further with a robust shockproof carrying case, housing an arsenal of 21 mounting accessories. Among them, you’ll find three batteries, a dual battery charger, wall charger, various cables, the indispensable waterproof case, and a treasure trove of more essentials.

Favorably adorned with the title of best seller in the sports and action video camera category on Amazon, the REMALI CaptureCam 4K offers a compelling alternative to pricier counterparts, sans the hefty price tag. Say goodbye to spending exorbitant sums – this camera is your passport to adventure without breaking the bank.


– Image and Video Quality: 4K Ultra HD, ultra-wide angle of 170 degrees

– Remote Control: 1.4G wrist remote control for selfies and remote capture

– Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi, compatible app on iOS and Android

– Underwater Capability: Waterproof up to 98 feet with included waterproof case

– Accessories: Shockproof carrying case, 3 batteries, dual battery charger, wall charger, cables, waterproof case, and more

– Accolades: Best seller in sports and action video cameras on Amazon

REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD Action Camera Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • Anti-shake feature
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Included Shockproof carrying bag
  • 21 accessories included
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • Not-so-great battery life


9. Campark X20 4K Action Camera-Best action camera under $50

Campark X20 4K


Unveil the world of dynamic visuals with the Campark X20 4K action camera, a compact powerhouse that transcends boundaries. Packed within its unassuming frame lies the capacity to capture breathtaking videos in 1080p, Ultra HD, and 4K, all while producing striking 20MP still images.

The crowning jewel of the Campark X20 is its touchscreen display, revolutionizing navigation and delivering seamless control at your fingertips. Augmenting this convenience is the intuitive LED screen, presenting essential information like recording mode, battery status, and elapsed time.

Engineered to thrive in extreme sports, the Campark X20 action camera is primed for skiing, mountain biking, climbing, and more. Dive into the depths with confidence, as this waterproof marvel descends to 30 meters underwater, crafting mesmerizing UHD imagery for underwater enthusiasts, be it bodyboarding, surfing, or snorkeling.

Crafted from rugged plastic, the Campark X20 is the epitome of durability, standing tall against the harshest weather conditions. Its waterproof casing, engineered from high-quality plastic material, mirrors this resilience. The bundle includes two rechargeable batteries, charging cables, a selection of mounting essentials, a waterproof housing door, and an insightful user manual.


– Video and Image Quality: 1080p, Ultra HD, and 4K videos; 20MP still images

– Display: Touchscreen display with LED screen for crucial information

– Use Cases: Ideal for extreme sports, skiing, mountain biking, climbing, underwater adventures

– Waterproof Capability: Submerges up to 30 meters underwater

– Build: Durable plastic construction, robust waterproof casing

– Accessories: Two rechargeable batteries, charging cables, mounting accessories, waterproof housing door, user manual

Campark X20 4K Action Camera Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • Built-in EIS
  • Front of Cam LED screen
  • Wifi Connectivity to share images and videos right away
  • 4X Zoom & Loop recording
  • Compact, small, durable design
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • Supports micro SD only up to 32 GB
  • No official App


10. New EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera-Best action camera under $50



Introducing the EKEN H9R 4K action camera, a remarkable contender in the realm of best budget action cameras. With its 4K recording prowess, this camera emerges as a game-changer. Embracing the latest advancements, it now flaunts a live streaming function (exclusive to iOS users), enabling instantaneous sharing of exhilarating escapades on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

A versatile performer, the EKEN H9R offers an array of modes, catering to various recording needs. Unveil the magic of 4K at 25fps, 1080p at 30fps, and 720p at 60fps – a perfect match for enthusiasts who are mindful of their spending while fueling their passion for action-packed shots.

Equipped with a 12MP camera featuring a wide 170-degree angle, the EKEN H9R captures stills that are nothing short of breathtaking. Accompanied by a 2-inch LCD screen, the camera ensures seamless viewing and navigation. The deal extends further, encompassing a rich trove of accessories. From tripods and USB cables to batteries, waterproof cases for dives up to 100 feet, a 2.4G remote, and a medley of mounting essentials, this package has it all. Additional perks like Wi-Fi connectivity and SD card support amplify its allure.

The EKEN H9R 4K action camera caters to the aspirations of outdoor sports enthusiasts grappling with budget constraints. In the realm of value propositions, this deal stands unparalleled. Discover excellence without compromise – that’s the promise the EKEN H9R encapsulates.


– Video and Image Quality: 4K, 25fps; 1080p, 30fps; 720p, 60fps

– Camera: 12MP with a 170-degree wide angle

– Display: 2-inch LCD screen

– Accessories: Tripod, USB cable, mounting accessories, batteries, waterproof case (100 ft dive), 2.4G remote, and more

– Features: Live streaming function (iOS only), Wi-Fi connectivity, SD card support

New EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • Budget-friendly
  • Wifi Connectivity, LCD
  • Remote control
  • 1080p recording is ridiculously amazing
  • Multiple included accessories
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • No official app


11. Neewer G1 Ultra HD 4K Action Camera – Best under budget camera

Neewer G1 Ultra HD 4K


In today’s era, action cameras have emerged as social media darlings, reigning supreme for travel enthusiasts, outdoor sports aficionados, and adventure seekers. Amid this trend, the Neewer G1 Ultra HD 4K action camera stands tall as a budget-friendly contender under $100, ready to capture your escapades in stunning detail.

Sporting a sleek jet-black finish, the Neewer G1 seamlessly blends into the lineage of budget cameras, all the while packing a punch in performance. What truly sets it apart is the quality of its footage, which outshines many counterparts within this price bracket. The secret lies in its 12MP camera and advanced sensor, culminating in mesmerizing ultra-HD visuals. Envision capturing breathtaking 4K footage at a smooth 25 frames per second. Be it conquering the racetrack or embracing fierce winds, the Neewer G1, complemented by its comprehensive 50-in-1 accessory kit, stands steadfast.

Versatility is the Neewer G1’s strong suit. It isn’t confined to just one role – it serves as a dash camera, a security sentinel, and an action camera, all rolled into one sleek package. The camera embraces four dynamic recording modes: time-lapse, continuous shooting, image rotation, and the ever-dependable driving mode.

Beyond the camera, the Neewer G1 package unfolds a treasure trove of accessories. From the protective waterproof housing and backdoor to a plethora of mounting options, batteries, USB cables, and lens cleaning essentials, every piece is thoughtfully curated. With the Neewer G1 in tow, you’re not just gaining a camera; you’re embracing an adventure-ready companion.


– Video and Image Quality: 4K at 25 fps, 12MP camera

– Features: Dash camera, security cam, action camera

– Recording Modes: Time-lapse, continuous shooting, image rotation, driving mode

– Accessories: Waterproof housing, protective backdoor, back clip, battery, USB cable, handle mount, pole mount, bandage tether strap, lens cleaning cloth, adhesive mount, ribbon, wire cable, switch support, base buckle, mount adapter, 50-in-1 accessory kit

Neewer G1 Ultra HD 4K Action Camera Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • Lightweight with 4K video recording
  • Touch screen display
  • Official mobile app
  • 50 universal accessories
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • No EIS and remote control


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12. VanTop 4K Action Camera-Best camera for all sports

VanTop 4K Action Camera


In the list of exceptional 4K action cameras under $100, the VanTop Moment 4 claims its rightful place as a champion. This dynamic device delivers 4K footage at a steady 24 frames per second, complemented by a robust 20MP camera that captures images in crisp precision. The touch-enabled display amplifies user convenience, while the built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) takes the lead in keeping your visuals steady and unwavering.

Diving into the technicalities, VanTop stands out by embracing genuine 4K ultra HD resolution without resorting to image interpolation—a rarity in the landscape of action cameras. Expect nothing less than authentic hues and vibrant details that pop out, elevating your visual experience to new heights.

The camera doesn’t just stop at 4K capabilities. It excels in crafting smooth visuals at 24 fps in this resolution, while the 1080p HD at 60 fps combination seamlessly fuses unparalleled image quality with unmatched fluidity. The field of view (FOV) automatically adjusts to a maximum of 170 degrees, although you have the power to tailor it to your preference, fine-tuning it to 70 degrees. Meanwhile, the EIS feature steps in, banishing shaky footage from your captures. With a simple switch to Dash Cam mode, the camera transforms into a reliable driving companion, recording Ultra HD footage during your journeys.

As the curtain lifts on additional features, you’ll discover slow motion, photo/video lapse, and burst mode functions at your disposal. The VanTop 4K action camera is the ideal arena for novice users, inviting exploration and learning.


– Video and Image Quality: 4K at 24 fps, 20MP camera

– Features: Touchscreen display, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)

– Resolution Authenticity: True 4K ultra HD resolution with genuine colors and vibrancy

– Field of View (FOV): Adjustable from 170 degrees to 70 degrees

– Additional Features: Dash Cam mode, slow motion, photo/video lapse, burst mode

VanTop 4K Action Camera Pros & Cons

12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 1



  • Ultra HD 4K Quality
  • 100 ft waterproof rating
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Budget-friendly
12 Best 4k Action Camera Under $100 (Capture the Action in 4k) 2



  • Substandard Waterproof Casing


Best 4K Action Camera Under $100 – Buying Guide

Embarking on the journey to choose the finest 4K action camera calls for a moment of understanding what exactly this device is all about. An action camera, often referred to as an action cam, is a digital marvel meticulously crafted to seize the essence of action while being an active participant in the activity. Typically fastened to helmets, surfboards, or handlebars, these cameras unveil exhilarating perspectives and immersive experiences, unleashing the thrill of outdoor adventure sports and beyond.

As the market swells with a diverse array of action cameras, each vying for the spotlight of being the best, there exist crucial considerations to navigate before securing your ultimate companion in capturing life’s dynamic moments. 

Key Aspects to Ponder:

Image Quality

  •  Distinguish between Native 4K and Upscaled 4K resolutions.
  •  Opt for a Native 4K camera (3840x2160p) for genuine clarity.
  •  Larger sensor sizes within the camera enhance image quality.
  •  Larger sensors perform exceptionally well in low-light conditions.

Weight & Size

  •  Compact, lightweight design ensures portability.
  •  Action cameras come in various sizes and shapes, tailored for specific purposes.
  •  Experiment with mounting positions for diverse shooting angles and experiences.

Durable Build

  •  Look for weatherproof and water-resistant features.
  •  Ideal for shooting in rain, snow, and underwater scenarios.
  •  Some models require a waterproof case for enhanced protection.

Field of View (FOV)

  •  Assess the camera’s area of coverage (FOV).
  •  Wide-angle FOV is common; some models offer customizable FOV modes.
  •  Be mindful of potential distortion in wide-angle shots.

Battery Life

  •  Consider battery life, a crucial factor for extended usage.
  •  High-quality video recording and connectivity features affect battery drain.
  •  Aim for a balanced choice between cost and battery life.


  •  Set a budget range before venturing into the market.
  •  Strike a balance between affordable and feature-rich options.
  •  High-end cameras offer sophistication; budget cameras provide value.

Frame Rate

  •  Understand the role of frame rate in video quality.
  •  Higher frame rates contribute to smoother videos.
  •  Resolution and frame rate collectively shape overall video excellence.

In your quest to secure the best 4K action camera under $100, align your preferences with these vital considerations to ensure a device that not only fits your budget but elevates your capturing prowess. Capture the thrill, document the adventure, and embark on a visual journey that stands out amidst the dynamic landscape of action cameras.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Top Action Camera under $100?

With an impressive 20K+ reviews on Amazon and a solid 4.4/5 star rating, the AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera stands tall as the unbeatable choice for the best action camera under $100. Packed with features, it offers exceptional value for its price.

Which Action Camera is Best on a Budget?

For those seeking a budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality, the AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera steals the show. With a price tag of just $49.9, it provides an exceptional blend of affordability and performance.

What’s the Top GoPro Alternative?

Enter the Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera, a cost-effective gem that mirrors the prowess of GoPro models. This budget-friendly action camera offers a delightful array of features, making it an ideal alternative.

Is GoPro Still the Unrivaled Choice?

In the realm of action cameras, GoPro remains the iconic name. Its innovative designs, exceptional features, and unparalleled image and video quality have solidified its reign as the best. 

Is There an Alternative to GoPro?

Indeed, while GoPro is the reigning champ, other brands offer alternatives at reduced prices. Brands like AKASO, Campark, DJI, REMALI, among others, present competitive options that cater to diverse preferences.

Who Competes with GoPro?

Within the arena of mountable and wearable cameras, GoPro faces off against formidable competitors. Notable rivals include Samsung, Olympus, Canon, Sony, and Leica, each vying for the spotlight with their own unique offerings.

Can You Trust Affordable GoPro Alternatives?

Rest assured, even among the more budget-friendly options, GoPro maintains its high standards and reputation. Even the most economical GoPro models come equipped with impressive features, including 4K video recording and high-quality image-capturing capabilities.


While GoPro stands as the pinnacle of action cameras with its top-tier quality, remarkable visuals, innovative design, durability, and user-friendly controls, the reality is that not everyone can accommodate its cost. Fortunately, the market offers an array of alternatives that prove to be worthwhile investments.

For those of us working with budget constraints, the key lies in striking a balance between value and expenditure. Instead of reaching for the priciest options, it’s wise to consider what delivers the most bang for your buck. Our comprehensive guide to the best 4K action cameras under $100 aims to assist you in pinpointing the ideal match for your preferences.

Feel free to dive into our article and explore the vast expanse of options available both within our guide and across the digital landscape. Your possibilities are limitless, so seize the chance to find the perfect companion to capture your adventures in stunning 4K quality.

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