60 Unique Vlog Ideas That Your Viewers Will Love

Each vlogger in the world has asked this one question what should he or she vlog about to make their YouTube channels more well-liked?

The 60 unique vlog ideas would be a breakthrough. You don’t need to do brainstorming to find out which topic you should choose for your next vlog.

If you are fed up with ordinary answers, like do your best and never give up, this post is the right place for you! Speaking that thinking outside the box is a fine idea would be an understatement. The fact is that the major things in history were attained through lateral thinking! Your possibility of attaining YouTube fame is much greater if you try new ways than if you stick to customary methods. Carrying out the same as everybody else will not make you appealing to the audience; it’ll make you look boring!

Extreme periods need extreme actions, if you desire to attain extreme fame on YouTube, you have to experiment. To get you expired to go & try to locate your unique way to magnificence, we provided you with a few simple, yet very good Vlog Ideas. So, here you go!

Check out these brilliant ideas below.

General Vlog Ideas:

general vlogg ideas.

  • Facts About Me:

Could you say fifty facts about yourself? It is not precisely a simple video to make using a canon vlog camera, but it brings the subscribers near you.

  • Tutoring:

Are you good at something that you can teach others? You can make your small studio at your place and make it a classroom, or just use a screen-cast to record the monitor and create a tutorial. You can then level it up to a tutorial series that can provide you with tons of videos.

  • Storage Ideas & Room Organization:

If you are good at organizing stuff, it is a good idea to record a vlog using a Canon vlog camera with a flip screen teaching your methods. And do you know What to Look for in a Vlogging Camera? Not to worry! Pick a cam with excellent resolution and good space.

  • A ‘How-To Video’ For Hiding Stuff At Secret Places:

Are you great at hiding things that are essential for you? It is a very original idea for making a video, and a few of the hiding places are incredibly well-thought-out.

Travel Vlog ideas:

Travel vlogg ideas

  • Traveling Instructions:

This vlog idea is an ideal topic for a YouTube channel that is based on traveling. If you’re a seasoned voyager, allow your subs in on your traveling secrets. What are the things you take, do, or purchase that make your traveling life a lot simpler? This easy YouTube vlog idea is one that the subs are certain to love.

  • Traveling On A Budget:

If you are a travel vlogger, then you know it can be expensive, and fellow travelers acquaint that a traveler’s number one objective is to always discover methods of how to do it inexpensively. For this vlog idea, enlighten the subs by providing them instructions on how to travel cheaper.

  • What’s In My Travel Bag

Do you know about what’s in my bag challenge? Then, take a spin on this challenge, and make a what is in my suitcase or travel bag vlog using a Sony vlogging camera. This cam is one of the top 10 best vlogging cameras you can ever get for vlogging purposes. Allow your subs to get a peep into what it looks like when you go on a tour. What tricks and instructions do you have for traveling that you can share with your viewers to make the real act of traveling practically?

Humorous YouTube Video Ideas:

Humorous YouTube Video Ideas

  • Parody Video:

Creating a parody video isn’t precisely simple to do well. There’re good parodies you can accomplish without a huge budget and good video-recording skills with vlogging cameras if you are funny enough.

  • Makeup Tutorial Fails:

There is something enjoyable about seeing beauty gurus applying their makeup. But they do not always succeed. Whether it is a mismatched base or over-plucked eyebrows, collect these clips up and create a compilation out of them.

  • Top 10 Fails:

These are very good at drawing views. However, it is not for any type of channel. You can instead do a compilation of something else you can visualize. The viewers love numbers in a title, trust us.

Connect with Followers 

Connect with followers. best vlogg ideas.

  • Mash-Up With A Fellow Video Blogger:

One of the great Vlog Ideas is to join other video bloggers to reap the advantages of networking. If you have a vlogger buddy, the two of you can meet and create a YouTube video. It’ll help boost both your online influence and presence because you’ll now have access to a new audience who is more eager to subscribe.

  • Do A Simple Giveaway:

Everybody loves something free. Make the most of that by making a giveaway vlog for your audience. The giveaway is one of the most delightful video blog ideas. Not just will one fortunate viewer gets the giveaway. But it is the ideal opportunity to get new subscribers. Set rules like sharing with your friend to acquire some fresh eyes on the video blog channel.

  • Make A Most Requested Video:

Many well-liked video blog ideas need a fair amount of research. For that next vlog idea, examine the data to check what the audience desires to watch. Based on that, make a YouTube video that revolves around what your subs desire to see.

Some More Vlog Ideas:

Compare productsDesign a roomDIY Decor
Teach how to use new stuffReview makeupHairstyles
Explain an exerciseHome remediesDiscuss new fashion trends
Give an exercise planTalk about MinimalismGive makeup tutorial
LifehacksPlay a PrankGrooming tips
Build somethingShow off animal tricksFunny animals
Show to reuse thingsShow cute animalsReview pet products
Show off a skill (and teach it)Train animalsTalk about musicals
Do some stretchesGet public opinionBTSs of a musical act
Do a live streamHave a bold opinionBring back a classic song
Share a GoalInterview someone interestingInstrument upkeep & tuning
Teach a languageCreate a reaction videoExplain how to play an instrument
Gift ideasDiscuss current eventsReview an album
Top supplementsMorning routineRecommend a band
Tell us about your idolHelp with weight lossVocal warm-ups
Give a yoga routineGood workout habitsCover a song
Introduce your channelAnswer health questionsExplore history
Talk about the YouTube gear you useHelp with boring stuff (taxes, accounting, resumes)Be the first to know when news breaks
Cover eventsBe motivatingGive singing lessons
UnboxingDocument a journey to a raceExplain a complex issue
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