How To Start Vlogging – Complete Guide for Newbie Vloggers

Interested in learning how to vlog? A sensible decision on both fronts, pal! With the rapid rise of YouTube serving as proof, it is undeniable that video is turning into a more well-liked medium for both consumers and content producers. Did we mention YouTube is free? And it also supports HD? Below is the article, we have mentioned some vlogging tips for creating your vlogs, doing this in little time, and charging next to nothing.

Without wasting the time let’s start and learn…


How To Start Vlogging:

Vloggers tool box

Vlogger’s Toolbox:

  • Internet/Computer Connection:

You are reading this article which means you have both to work with!

  • Video Recording Device:

For recording the best, HD video blog, you will need a vlogging camera. There are a lot of different brands accessible that provide you with the best cameras for the vlogging purpose such as the canon flip screen vlogging camera.

  • Editing Program:

Again, even if you are oblivious, you almost certainly already have it. Windows Movie Maker comes packaged with MS systems, and with Macs, comes iMovie. If it does not satisfy you with these tools, then you can always go for some other editing tool as there are many available.

  • Desk Lamp (Optional):

For putting the best face forward, light it properly. Natural lighting from a casement is perfect, but if you are shooting nocturnally, you will almost certainly require additional lights beyond only the overheads. When you have the best DSLR camera for vlogging and lights, it will automatically boost your confidence.

Now you have the basic setup for vlogging. Let’s move to our next brainstorming point.


Pick A Trending Topic:

Trending topics


Important: Although vlogging is personal, it is not your diary, people. Perhaps you desire to listen to yourself go on about the ordinary minutiae of your life, your present emotional condition, or is on the top of your head, but, trust us, no one else does.

Your vlog, to be successful, ought to be strongly centered on a remarkable topic, one about which you are well-informed and passionate.

If you meet these qualifications, then the vlog has a high chance of presenting something useful to the viewer in a compelling, exciting manner.

One of the simplest methods to achieve this is by doing a product review. If you frequently use a product and love doing that, then you probably acquaint quite a little with it and would come across vigorously when speaking to it, plus, you already have that around your home to show on cam.

Congrats, you are capable to vlog and make money with vlogging!


Lights, Camera And Action!

Light camera action


  • Lights:

The best choice is to position yourself near a casement, allowing the sun to light the face. The aim is to make sure that your face is well-lit so the watcher can see all that enthusiasm about bounce dryer pieces being emoted on the meaningful features.

If you need to use artificial lighting with your best video camera for vlogging under 300, evade depending just on the overheads, which can shade the eyes and just not offer adequate light. We would recommend using a desk lamp set up near your eye level to supplement.

  • Sound:

Using the cam’s built-in mic ought to be good enough; however, make sure you are somewhere quiet. That denotes eradicating as much background sound as possible, including your laundry sound being dried to static-free excellence.

  • Performance:

Your primary instinct might be to write a simple script. Do not do so! Sounding as if you are reading lines works poorly and having a draft nearby convinces you to do something even shoddier: looking off-cam to read what you have written. Do that, and as the outfit of clingy clothes, the entire thing is destroyed.

It works great when you provide a natural-sounding delivery while glancing into the lens, seeming to make eye contact with your viewer. Move ahead and outline what you desire to say, it will assist you in staying focused and decreasing disturbing “um” pauses, but just do not write it verbatim.


Edit Your Vlog, Then Edit It A Little More:

Editing video


When started vlogging, you must have some basic skills to edit a video yourself. If you don’t, then you will have to hire someone for video editing and it may cost a high price.

  • Rule#1:

Normally speaking, shorter equals better. It is a moot point that there is a 10-minute limit on YouTube; the vlog should not come within a cabinet make-out session span of that time utmost. Seriously, we highly doubt what you are speaking about warrants over 3 minutes, possibly only 2.

If you have not been concentrating, online content platforms becoming well-liked lately fall under the micro category of more-is-less. Twitter, anybody?

  • Rule #2:

Always come to the point rapidly, to the point of no faking. With the vlog’s title, you are making a promise; and you have to deliver on this promise quickly, and by rapidly, we denote in the first 5 seconds. If not, then you are running the great risk of watchers clicking away.

  • Effects/Techniques:

A text introduction and outre are okay, just make sure they do not force you to infringe on the rules mentioned above. When you are beginning, the video editor’s incorporated transitions and effects are like gleaming new objects enticing you to play with them, they are innocent-looking, but use them at your own risk.

Anything beyond a fade is probably gonna look endearingly cheesy, at bad exasperatingly distracting.


Upload Vlog On YouTube:

Upload vlog on youtube.


The details you wrap around the vlog are just as important as the details you provide in it. Around it? Yeah, we are speaking about the info, title, and tags.

Not just do these three structures the text that will communicate to the viewer what the vlog is all about, but, significantly, there are three main aspects by which YouTube indexes the video to include in its search engine, also how the other main players like Bing and Google do that too. Per se, you ought to fill every with searched keywords best explaining the topic matter.

The title is vital; the art is coming up with one that packages the newsworthy keywords into an interesting attention-getter, clearly and providing the general idea, but in a click-baiting, convincing way.

How To vlogging-Conclusion:

Today’s video become the most powerful medium to convey your message and promote your business. More likely people prefer watching videos rather than reading a long-form article. It applies to all categories whether it is DIY, Education, Cooking, or Travel, everyone loves to learn or watch videos.

So don’t hesitate, jump into the world of visual marketing and start vlogging.

How To Start Vlogging – Complete Guide for Newbie Vloggers 1

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