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You might be an emerging photographer who is investing in good equipment, or you might be someone who is looking to gift your photographer friend a little something. Whoever you are, you must already know how important is to have a good wide-angle lens in your collection. It not only works well in capturing landscapes but is essential for taking group pictures.

 The most annoying part of getting pictures is the fact of standing in rows to get a picture clicked. What’s the purpose of taking a picture if you can’t show your outfit? THAT’S IT!! So what you need is a good wide-angle lens. 

A good wide-angle lens will save you from that. Here, we have concluded a list of 12 such lenses, to help you find the best lens for group photos. One thing you need to know is that these lenses are $300 less!! Before jumping to reviewing them, let’s identify why you need a wide-angle lens at all.

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Why do we need a wide-angle lens for group photos?

Wide-angle lenses are used to take group photos to fit everyone in the frame. Also, the more you are close to the group this kind of lens captures the more detailed picture of your face. So, it is known to be the best lens for group photos.

Wide-angle lens not only works for lifesaver weddings but are the best lenses to invest in for travel photography. Now that you’ve understood that you need a wide-angle lens for group shorts, there’s one more way where you can use it. For travel pictures, you want to capture the surroundings as much as you can. 

You can’t do that unless you’ve got a wide-angle lens. UltraWide angle lens is wider than wide-angle ones, which simply means that with ultra-wide, you’d be able to capture more background. You need to understand your needs and then make the final decision. Wasting no time let’s jump right into talking about it. 

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12 Best Lens for Group Photos–2023 Edition



CANON EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM


The Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM is light, easy to use, and a fast device with new AF, and quality optics. You can use the lens for a wide variety of ranges and purposes for quality with full coverage of the area. Also, the lens has a special coating inside to improve the flash and haunt. 

The device also has an excellent color balance that is a 7-blade circular aperture keeping the focus well maintained. It has also STM AF motors that help the servo AF micro-stepping driver to keep the aperture silent. Besides, it has 7- a blade diaphragm that can easily measure which is less than 1-thick. 

The Canon lens also helps in doing a minimum distance shoot of 0.5 ft, manual AF adjustments are available with its superb focus all the time. The Canon EF-S 24MM F/S STM can be a great addition to your collection if you want to have a handy and friendly device with quality results. 

Features and Specifications

The lens can construct 6 essentials in 5 groups. It has a maximum closing distance of 0.52 ft. / 0.16. the filter size of the lens is 52mm and the maximum diameter * length-weight is 2.7* 0.9 in. / 68.2* 22.8 mm which is approximately close to 4.4 oz. / 125 g, the diagonal view of the lens is nearly 59” 10’ and the focal length and maximum aperture are 24 mm 1:2:8. 

The product is best for taking family pictures and for event photographers.  

CANON EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • Carries a reasonable price.
  • Light in weight can be carried easily. 
  • The lens works best in low lights. 
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • The flash of the lens makes the photographs unnatural. 
  • The image stabilization is not great.


This version of the canon is one of the best and most successful releases so far, the reviews of the lens are far too good except for a few. The overall results are excellent. 

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2. Canon EF-S 10-18MM f/4.5-5.6 IS STM–Clearer and Enhanced Results

Canon EF-S 10-18MM f/4.5-5.6 IS STM


It improved the camera lens to provide clearer and enhanced photographs through the newly developed lens. The central processing unit of this lens is designed in a way to provide the fast ever result. The lens has a longer standby time and prolonged durability.

 Besides, the canon has a compact design with a sturdy body that lets the lens be carried with ease. Moreover, optical image stabilizers are now providing more sharp and more clear images. The lens is now incorporated with different and new features to capture more high-resolution pixels. Also, the improved focal length of this lens makes the art of photography easier.

The other important thing is the maximum zoom-in for a quality image can also take from this lens. The aperture of the camera lens is now designed to provide better backgrounds and soft intact images, however, the spherical lens part, automatically makes the picture quality better despite the large diameter. It also adjusts the focus both manually and automatically, minimizing the flare in the images. 

Feature and specifications

This lens is a must for all beginners who have started photography in the range from 16 to 29 mm zoom which is equivalent to 35mm. The lens is designed in such a way that helps in taking photographs of dramatic pictures with high resolutions. 

Moreover, the best quality images are because of the aspheric lenses and a UD lens that take the consistent sharp image-focused from the main viewing point to the bordering areas. These new lenses have almost approximately resulted in 20% smaller and 38% lighter compared to the existing versions. 

This lens is very portable for those who want to carry less equipment. The filter size is 67 mm with a maximum aperture is f/4.5-5.6 with an STM in it. 

It is best used to take landscape images, and entry-level photographers. 

Canon EF-S 10-18MM f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • Less handy and portable 
  • A must for beginner’s practice
  • High-resolution, sharp and clearer images. 
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • The darker scenery is difficult to capture with focus. 
  • The aperture size is big.


The overall reviews about the camera lens are a good fit in the market, especially for people who are young and starting as it has excellent commercial results at a cheap price.

3. Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens–The Ultimate Group Photo Lens

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens


The AF-S DX Nikon 35mm f/1.8G allows the photographer to take pictures uniquely by using the zooming feature to the maximum with an ideal shot and beautiful images that are close to the view from the human eye. The 7-blade diaphragm opening help to take a more natural picture. It is indeed the best Nikon lens for group photos.

The lens is more compact and lightweight compared to others. Also, the pictures have high reproduction capability with the best quality images in an affordable range. This lens also offers the SWM ring type similar to AF operation. In this lens, the front part and filter do not rotate to prevent the change in barrel length, giving an advantage when using a filter SB-R200 Wireless Remote Speedlight unit. 

The Nikon lens has 2 focus options that can change simultaneously that are manual override focus and manual focus. There is a rubber seal that prevents the lens from getting moisture on it and maintains its focus well. 

Feature and specification

The Nikon lens is fast and best for the low lightning environment, travel and portraits. The engineered Nikon camera lens provides a classic image from the normal view angle that is a 50 mm lens on a Nikon Format digital SLR or 35mm film camera. 

It also provides a super integrated coating (SIC) to provide quality color transmission and reduce the flash effect. It is also used to take images close to 1 foot for creative photography. Additionally, they accept 52 mm filters as well. 

It is best used for portrait photography. 

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • The lens is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The low light is great
  •  The two-focus system makes it easier to fine-tune the photographs. 
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • The focus rings look fake and inexpensive like plastic. 
  • There is some minor barrel distortion.


Last, the Nikon camera lens introduces like never as it is fast and lightweight. People like the lens and want to buy it, as it is available at reasonable prices.

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4. Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN Lens for Sony E-mount Cameras–Sharper And Better

Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN Lens


The sigma 30 mm F2.8 Lens is designed with a metal external according to the art category. This lens is specially designed to take photographs with the mirrorless replaceable lens that has an equivalent angle of view that is 60mm lens which is four micro four third systems and 45 mm on the E-amount system. 

It improved the aberration in the enhanced version of this lens as the spherical lenses are now on two glass molds for perfect correction in images. Also, the focusing system inside the lens is there to correct the fluctuation in aberration to maintain high-quality photos. The super multi-layer coating is preventing ghosting and flare in the images with sharp and clear images. 

The newly released lens has a new linear motor which does not require any other part to drive the mechanical parts. 

Features and specifications

The sigma lens for Sony cameras is available with different apertures with different price ranges from $158 to $69. However, each lens has a wide angle and a maximum aperture of f/2.8. the focal length of the camera lens is 30mm to 35mm. 

Different companies can buy them. The product dimension is 2.4* 60.6 * 1.4 inches. It covered a minimum distance is 11.8 inches and is the prime lens for the Sony camera. Moreover, the accurate color gives the apomixis that the lens quality captures natural scenarios. 

It is best used for landscapes, and scenery, and can be used on family trips as well. 

Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN Lens for Sony E-mount Cameras Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • The aperture is fast 
  • Image looks natural
  • The price is reasonable and the quality is good. 
  • Compact and lesser weight.
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • It can create color aliasing artifacts in the images
  • The rattling of AF motors when it is turned off. 


Summing up the sigma innovated lenses, the overall review of the lens is good except for the common rattling problem. Besides, the image quality is perfect and at reasonable prices. 


5. Panasonic LUMIX G Lens, 25mm, F1.7 ASPH, Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds–Good Price!

Panasonic LUMIX G Lens


The Lumix G lens is the standard lens and is quick, lightweight, and compact specially designed for LUMIX G DSLMs and the micro four-thirds system standard. The dimension is 2.05 inches long. Also, the weight is just 5oz. 

The image provides a beautiful background alongside the subject of the image exceptionally well. The lens includes 8 parts in 7 groups with 2 spherical elements and an ultra-high refractive index. 

The main feature of the LUMIX G 25mm, F1.7 ASPH, has nano-coating with it. Yes, nano-coating incorporates into Panasonic’s lens. The unique coating advancement makes it least reflect through the whole range that is (380nm-780nm) which results in the prevention of flare and ghosting. 

The lens provides stabilization in image quality. 

Features and specifications

This lens is perfect for various occasions. It has a 25 mm lens with a natural viewing angle. Also, it gives a perfect background effect from its aperture diameter which is F1.7 super light. It also helps in recording smooth videos that are HD and hybrid videos that is because of the Lumix mirrorless camera element with the AF system. 

It is best used for casual occasions. 

Panasonic LUMIX G Lens Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • The performance is exceptionally great with low lights 
  • Great results with a low price.
  • It has the best bokeh.
  • Compatible with so many cameras. 
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • No autofocus, available only for videos.
  • The image stabilization is not good.


The overall rating of the camera lens is superb. You can add this to your collection as it has good computability with multiple cameras. 

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6. Tamron 20mm f/2.8 Di III OSD M1:2–The Ultra King

Tamron 20mm f/2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 Lens


The 20mm F/2 I III OSD M1:2 is the fastest, most compact, and most portable lens so far. The lens has a fixed focal length lens; the lens is mostly used for traveling. This lens is designed in such a way that it captures the images with perspective and unique style with its ultra-wide-angle lenses.

 It can capture an image with the shortest distance of 0.11m (4.3 in) MOD (minimum object distance) in the most magnified yet the best pixel quality. The f/2.8 aperture, the model 2050 has a built-in material that includes low dispersion and glass-molded aspherical to provide the best results and performance. 

It also helps in making the image clear and sharp. The focus of the camera lens remains focused. The camera lens also has special coatings. The coating helps control moisture and dirt on the lens. This property helps in taking the more controlled photo. 

Features and Specifications

The weight of the lens is 7.7 ounces. It is easy to carry for traveling and captures the perfect shot. It has a coating of moisture-resistant and dirt resistance fluorine coating to prevent flare and ghosting in images in the best possible way. 

Other coatings also helped in color aberration and color sharpness. It is the best lens for wedding photography. You can buy in an affordable range, easy to handle, and light in weight. Moreover, this lens is designed specially for Sony mirrorless cameras. 

Tamron 20mm f/2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • Better results compared to so many results. 
  • It provides the best bokeh effect.
  • The pro-quality lens with the perfect image.
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • There is a slight barrel distortion.
  • Autofocus is a bit slower.


The overall picture quality from this lens is adored by professional photographers. The rating of the product is also good. It is recommended by the reviewer in an affordable range and best quality images. 

7. Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 Lens for Alpha Digital SLR Cameras–The Wedding Needs!

Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 Lens


This product is incorporated with the macro lens in which you can get the dimensions from another entry. It has a good focus on close-up objects. Your life is way too easy with the SAL30M28 macro lens. It provides the image with a smooth autofocus motor.

 It has a 35mm equivalent to 45mm. The macros lens is the lens that converts your everyday life into art, giving you the portraits brilliant shots. You can easily adjust your aperture to change your focus from different objectives. 

It can capture the most beautiful blurred effects with its circular aperture that is present inside the lens. This lens has solved the problem of focusing and the bokeh effect. The other main parameters are the distance encoder which plays an essential role in maintaining the flash and its reflectance from the object.

 It is a component that directly detects and controls the position from the focusing mechanism. The smooth autofocus makes the images smoother and more focused. It is the best lens for wedding photography long lenses. 

Features and Specifications

The weight of the product is 5.3 ounces. The camera lens has a maximum aperture of 3.5mm and a focal length of 50mm. Sony is always a good market competitor in their products especially in lenses for cameras. It captures the images with minimum distance with good quality. 

The minimum aperture of 1.8mm. Moreover, there are different types of focus in this focus like micro-type ultrasonic, micrometer, stepper motor, and autofocus. 

Sony SAL30M28 Alpha Digital SLR Cameras Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • The lens is fully functional and captures high-resolution pictures. 
  • Carries functional features and a well-focused aperture. 
  • Reasonable price.
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • Images are not that sharp compared to other 
  • The depth of the field is short. 


There are mostly 5 out of 5 ratings for this product as it is cheap and captures quality images. It is easy to take with and highly recommended if you are looking for a quality lens at reasonable prices. 

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8. Rokinon AF 24mm f/2.8 Wide Angle Auto Focus Lens for Sony E-Mount, Black (IO24AF-E)–Lightweight And Sharp

Rokinon AF 24mm f/2.8


The new Rokinon AF 24mm F2.8 lens is the new addition to the Rokinon series with highly auto-focused lenses. Mostly popular for E. mount camera.  The 24 mm Rokinon lens has more good results than the previous 35mm F2.8 with a wider angle.

 However, the new Rokinon is specifically made for the Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras which mainly have 3 features that it is portable, quiet autofocus, and optical quality. It is now offering quality without affecting performance. 

Also, the lens is made up of 7 components in 7 groups. It is made for portable usage and to deliver high-resolution images. The ultra multi-coating techniques minimize the chromatic aberrations and undesired light reflection in the new rokinson.

The minimum focal distance is 9.5 inches, it is also used to capture astrophotography and landscapes. Moreover, the camera lens is ideal for traveling.  

Features and specifications

The camera mainly comprises automatic and manual adjustments. The maximum focal length is 24mm with a minimum aperture of 22mm. The camera is a wide-angle one. The price range differs from aperture sizes and focal length, the more critical aperture sizes the better image quality with different prizes. The weight of the camera lens is 2.39 oz. 

The camera lens is best used for taking pictures of galaxies too.

Rokinon AF 24mm f/2.8 Wide Angle Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • It is lightweight and fast. 
  • It is a super compact and silent AF motor with great autofocus. 
  • It captures sharp images from the center.
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • The camera quality is good but not like a macro camera. 
  • It has plastic construction.


The rate for this lens is good overall. It can be mainly used for landscape and photography, which justified the money. It might be highly recommended. You would love to buy this camera lens if you look at taking shots of the skies. 

9. Tamron AF 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 SP Di II LD Aspherical (IF) Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras (Model B001E)–The Traveling Partner

Tamron AF 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 SP Di II LD


Tamron AF 10-24mm f/3 -4.5 is a prolonged series of ultra-wide zoom angle lenses from a longer period. It is the most compact and light giving a professionally high resolution for DSLRs with APS-C size sensors, giving approx. 35mm equivalent results from 16mm ultra-wide range to semi-wide. If you’re looking for the best lens for large group photos, this should be your number one choice. 

The other important characteristic is the markedly noticeable 2.4* zoom ratio by covering at an angle of 108 degrees. It is the camera lens that helps in expanding your subjective visions by just looking at the high-resolution images. 

The ultra-wide-angle zoom lens is particularly for SLR cameras which is providing the best focal length ranging from 10-24mm, with a 35mm equivalency to 16mm wide-angle. This angle is the best to capture the most panorama from the camera lens just close to the human eye. The semi-wide angle also helps to capture breathtaking views. 

Features and Specifications

This camera lens is designed to capture images with small size objects and have all the important characters used to have in the Di products as well. It made them specifically designed to use in digital cameras and not in conventional ones with image sensors that are larger than 24mm * 16mm.

The second-best feature of the Tamron SP is its super performance. It is the feature that distinguishes it from the rest. This lens is specially designed to achieve the super best performance of the image quality without hindering other quality and not compromising on resolving the image. 

The internal focus is best for photographers as it does not require rotating the filter ring that polarizes the position and graduated filters. the Tamron lens provides the minimum focusing distance (MFD) in the whole setup. 

The low dispersion of the lens helped in controlling and preventing the chromatic aberration, to maintain the color of the image as it is in the original. 

It is the best wide-angle lens for group shots while traveling in a group. 

Tamron AF 10-24mm Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • Good lens with affordable price
  • It has good compatibility with a lot of cameras
  • The components it has to make it a light product.
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • The material is plastic. 
  • The aperture of the lens is a bit variable. 


In a nutshell, the reviews of the camera lens are good compared to other cameras. You can add this one to your collection for a better collection of photography.

10. Samyang SY12M-E-BK 12mm F2.0 ultraWide-angle Lens for Sony E Cameras, Black–The Commercial King

Samyang SY12M-E-BK 12mm F2.0


The Sony E-mount rokinson 12mm f/2 NCS CS lens is one of the prime super wide-angle lenses that are particularly designed for Sony mirrorless cameras with APS-C-sized pixels sensors. The lens can provide a 35mm equivalent focal length to 18mm and a broad 98.9 degrees view angle. 

Mostly these types of shoots are done with primes lenses for wedding photography. Also, it can take landscape and architectural images. Moreover, its aperture of f/2.0 can be used for nightscopes and low-light conditioning as well. 

These lenses are more compact, and lightweight, it also has a nano-coating system in their lenses to transfer maximum light and contrast with the image. They are the best lens for low-light indoor photography. The camera lens provides bright and fast images having a maximum aperture of f/2.0. 

Features and specification

This particular lens consists of 12 glass elements in 10 groups, the range of aperture from f2 to f22, and the six-diaphragm blade. The lens can take images at a distance of 7.87 inches. More importantly, the filter size is 67mm, the lens diameter is 2.85 inches. The lens has the best chromatic aberration because of the coating of the nanoparticles on the lens and also the camera lens has less distortion. 

Besides, the Samsung camera has an internal focus that adjusts the rotation in the front lens, is easy to polarize, and other filters too. The nano-coating technique improved light transmission and maintain the flare and ghosting in the images. 

Samyang SY12M-E-BK 12mm Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • The lens is perfect for landscape and architectural purposes 
  • The camera lens has the best wide-angle zoom lens. 
  • The prices are in an affordable range
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • The lens change is manual. 
  • The pictures are far sharper than the required images. 


In the last, different lenses come for different purposes. The overall review about this lens is considerable for the future plus it can be added to the new collection of lenses as well. 


11. Rokinon 12mm F2.0 NCS CS UltraWide-Angle Lens for Fuji X Mount Digital Cameras (Black) (RK12M-FX)–Focus King

Rokinon 12mm F2.0 NCS CS

The Fuji X mount Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 NCS CS is one of the super wide-angle lenses specifically designed for fuji X cameras with APS-C sized image sensors, it has a 35 mm equivalent focal length to 18mm and an angle view that is 98.9 degrees. 

This lens is also designed to take images for landscape and architectural images. The wide-angle lenses for group photos are highly recommended. They are also available at different prices with different aperture sizes. They have nano-coating applications inside the lens that help control and prevent excess reflection of the subject. 

These lenses are also one of the best lenses for indoor group shots. Go for this one if you are looking for the best lens for low-light indoor photography.

They are fast and bright, moreover; they are lightweight too. 

Features and specifications

This lens is specially designed to do videography, travel shoot, nightscopes, and group photos. Also, known to be the best lens for wedding videography. The lens deals with the coverage of APS-C, the filter size of the lens is 67mm with a minimum focusing distance of 7.87 inches. Also, the maximum diameter is 2.85 inches. 

The other important part of a prime lens is that it is designed in a way that the optimal performance never gets disturbed by its multi-functionality and provides the best results. They are a smaller number of elements and a maximum aperture, which results in a prime pass lighter. 

Rokinon 12mm F2.0 NCS CS Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • The image results are sharp.
  • The lens is easy to adjust for focus.
  • The ring for focus is flexible and smooth 
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • The Lens hood might not lock and can be easily turned on/off.


Rokinson has updated its series with a different name but it is one of the favorite lenses that people endeavor. 

12. Canon EF-M 22mm f2 STM Compact System Lens–Reasonable But Good!

Canon EF-M 22mm f2 STM


The Canon lens is ultra-slim and compact, it is a moderate wide-angle which is small and portable. It is bright that is f/2.0 lens is present to provide the photograph with an extra wonderful background. 

The aspheric lens can control the softness and provide high-resolution images. It incorporated the stepping motor to run smoothly the autofocus. The aperture has 7 blades to deliver a cool background with the least distance of up to 5.9 inches.

 The Canon EF-M 22mm f2 STM compact lens provides exceptionally well-captured photographs. The coverage for landscapes and scenery is really beautiful, especially in the eyes of these cameras. It is the best lens for indoor group shots. 

Feature and specifications

The fullest aperture provides the best performance of the lens even in low light and produces beautiful bokeh. They are also used in prime video shooting of wedding ceremonies professionally. The focus change is an inner focus system, with the minimum distance coverage being 0.49 ft/ 0.15m, and the filter size of the lens is 43mm. the lens construction is 7 components in 6 groups.

The diagonal view of the camera lens is 63 degrees 30’, it is the moderate wide-angle lens available 

Canon EF-M 22mm f2 STM Compact System Lens Pros & Cons

12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 1



  • The images are crispy. 
12 Best Lens for Group Photos to Invest in 2023| TOP LENSES 2



  • It creates flare and ghosting sometimes. 


Last, the overall performance of the moderate wide-angle lenses is good. They can be added to the collection of lenses. You can search for this now at reasonable prices.

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Is a 50mm lens good for group shots?

Answer: Yes, a 50mm lens is good for taking good group shots with some tricks and tips. Beginners mostly used it to practice and improve photography.

What lens do most photographers use? 

Answer: There are three types of cameras that every photographer should own to use for every condition. The first one is a fast general-purpose zoom (18-50mm), a macro lens, and a telephoto zoom (70-200mm). These lenses would help anyone shoot as it has good compatibility with many cameras. 

How do I keep everyone in focus in a group photo?

Answer: The wide-angle lens is mostly preferred to take a group photo. However, there are also some tricks and techniques to focus the aperture so that everyone can be focused in a group photo. Also, depends on the size of the aperture and its adjustment according to the group size.

How do you take a picture of a group with a 50 mm lens?

Answer: Taking group shots with a 50mm lens is good. However, it requires certain techniques before you take one that is you need to adjust your aperture according to the group size. Moreover, you need to adjust the number of people in a group according to the space where you are taking the picture.  

How do I photograph a group?

Answer: There are different ways to control taking group photographs. Here are several tips that you should consider while taking a group picture that prepares the individual, check your location, better have an assistant for larger groups to take every individual into account, take control for poses, check the lights, and should have charged batteries. 

How can I look better in a group photo?

Answer: some ways to look better in a group photo are wearing long-term makeup, wearing small accessories like a necklace and earrings, wearing any scarf to give yourself some style, wearing a smile with your eyes and mouth, avoiding wearing bold prints, you can also pose put your hand on hips too. Don’t use shimmer on your face as it might make your face look oily.

How do you light a large group photo?

Answer: Before you click a group image. Check lights as well with the location and to avoid shadows, you can use sunlight, trees’ shadows, or big long walls to take photographs. However, shooting inside your home or room is difficult, you need to choose a proper light source for that or a light.

What is the best lens for everyday photography?

Answer: choosing a lens is challenging for everyday photography. Here are we gave a few camera lenses below take you can use in your everyday use. 

  1. Sony 50mm F/1.8 lens
  2. Rokinson AF f/1.4
  3. Canon EF 85mm F/1.8 USM
  4. Canon EF 50mm F/1.4 USM
  5. Canon EF 40 mm F/2.8 STM
  6. Sigma 16 mm F/1.4

Above are a few camera lenses that you use in your everyday life. 

Final Thoughts

You must have chosen the best lens for group photos by now. There are 12 lenses discussed in the above article each having different properties, wide-angle, apertures, and focal length sizes under different company names. Moreover, the main purpose of these wide-angle photos is to take the best group photos in which someone might successfully focus on every individual. 

These lenses are from different companies each having a lot of series and various connections with one need which is taking group photos with autofocus. We wanted to talk about different and differently budgeted lenses. This guide will help you understand your primary needs better and choose the lens accordingly. 

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