How to Clean Backup Camera Lens in 2022 | Some Easy Steps

Cleanliness is something you cannot avoid when it comes to delicate gadgets like cameras. Wondering how to clean the backup camera lens?

A lens is the backbone of any camera and if you don’t take care of it, you won’t get sharp pictures and will get blurred ones instead. 

Although, a few particles of dust are negligible if the final result is all fogged, then maybe it is about time that you give your camera a thorough clean-up.

Avoid using excessive pressure while cleaning your lens

If old wives’ tales are to be believed, then many people believe that lenses are made from crushing down glass bottles. 

Despite this story being completely illogical, what you can pick from it is the fact that if you run any lens too aggressively, it will crush it.

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Therefore, you need to clean it gently without any excessive pressure. 

Even if you use a soft piece of cloth to wipe your lens, it can still harm it if you don’t apply light and even pressure on the lens while cleaning it.

How to Clean Backup Camera Lens in 2022

Blow out excessive dust particles

Contrary to common belief, you don’t need to touch your lens to clean it. Even a gentle blow on it will get rid of all dust particles that are resting on it. 

Use a syringe

Another handy tool to clean up the lens is an ear-shaped syringe. However, when using it, you need to be extra careful as it will create scratches on your lens if it directly touched your lens.

Use cleaning brushes

If you are on a short budget, then you can opt for a cheaper tool that comes with a bulb-shaped top and soft hairs.

All you need to do is gently brush off all dust particles using the brush.

Moreover, since the brush comes with super soft bristles, make sure to store it in a pouch to avoid the bristles getting damaged.

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Avoid using a tooth or makeup brush 

Another mistake that most newbies major while cleaning the lens of their camera is to use any brush that they find lying around their house.

This is a major no-no when it comes to expensive gadgets like cameras. 

Firstly, the bristles of these brushes are made of plastic and other synthetic material that can cause scratches to your lens. 

Moreover, they may look clean but the chances are that they may be carrying dust particles inside the bristles that can be transferred to your lens.

If these particles get inside the interior of your camera, then it may affect the smooth functioning of your camera which is something we all want to avoid, especially if the camera is an expensive one.

Use compressed air cans

Another popular option to clean your camera lens is by using compressed air. The air comes inside a can but you need to be extra careful when using compressed air. 

Although the air won’t blast out since it is encapsulated in a tight container, you need to maintain a proper distance when using it.

The air pressure is what helps to clean the lens inside out. Any dust particles or fingerprints that are on your lens will easily be removed from the can.

However, bear in mind that any form of excessive pressure can break up your camera lens. 

And the same goes for canned air as well. If the pressure is too intense, then your lens may get cracked. 

Therefore, it is better to use canned air in extreme emergencies when you can’t find any other way to clean up your lens. 

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Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning

Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or camera, anything that comes with a lens tends to get dirty easily. 

And the most common form of it that’s unavoidable is fingerprints.

No matter how cautious you stay while handling your lenses, they tend to get fingerprints that are not only annoying to look at but can affect the results of your image.  

The best to clean these fingerprints is by using a microfiber cloth that’s specially made for lenses. A microfiber cloth is designed to catch all dust particles and is soft which means you won’t get any scratches or marks on your camera lens.

Apart from cleaning a camera lens, a microfiber cloth is great for cleaning other glass surfaces such as your mobile screen or the lens of an eyeglass.

Use cleaning liquids for removing fingerprints on your lens 

A liquid cleaner that is specially formulated for a glass lens is another great way to keep your lenses clean. 

However, these liquids are usually more powerful and abrasive than regular cleaners and it is recommended to use them only when no other option is available to clean your camera lens.

Moreover, these cleaners are quite expensive and not the best option to use if you are into travel photography and need to clean your lens more frequently.

When using a liquid to clean your lens, make sure to never drop the liquid directly onto your lens. 

As mentioned earlier, these liquids are super concentrated and can completely damage your camera lenses. 

You will end up getting a lens that looks like it has been etched. And this is something we all need to avoid even in the worst-case scenario.

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To sum up

Although the process of cleaning up a camera lens doesn’t take a lot of time, however, it is better to avoid your lenses catching dust in the first place. Although it is completely unavoidable in most cases, however, there are some easy ways through which you can protect them from getting fingerprints and dust particles. Make sure to keep your lenses inside their cases when they are not in use. Similarly, cover them up if it is drizzling and you are using them outdoors. These are some simple ways through which you can keep your lenses clean for longer periods.

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