7 Vlogs Setups Without Showing Your Face 

Among the enormous amount of video content available on YouTube, you will find many videos available in which video creators do not show their faces. Granted that there are a few downsides to showing your face on YouTube, however, that does not imply the absence of justifiable reasons to hide your face. There are hundreds of vlog ideas you can implement without showing your face.

It can either be to protect your privacy from the toxic internet communities or eliminate racial or physical bias that might be present in your target audience. Whatever the reason might be for you, explore the possibility of vlog ideas in which showing your face on camera is not a one.


Product review videos

Tech review. Vlogging without showing face

The assumption that showing your face will escalate viewer count is far from the truth. The number of viewers is not dependent on showing your face in your vlogs. It depends on the core content created.

Viewers are always interested in receiving information in a simplified manner. You can think of thousands of ways to captivate your audience without showing your face. One of these vlog ideas is product review videos.

Recently vloggers have created product review videos. Some vloggers in the community still find it surprising how such videos reach millions of views. The answer is that these days people are more inclined towards watching product reviews and vlogs rather than researching themselves.

Every viewer knows you will provide all the relevant information about the product in your vlog. It helps build a high-retentive viewer base.

This product review videos contain a panoramic perspective of the product. They explain why the product interests the audience, and whether the product is the right choice to invest in with a complete analysis of its advantages, disadvantages, and future value.

The vloggers also share their reviews and recommendations about the product, informing the viewers if it would be a good investment for them.

Vloggers consider this last step very important because increasing the number of viewers and gaining their trust is a key, accomplished by giving honest reviews. Now the question arises, how can you create such videos without showing your face?

First, focus the camera entirely on the product. It is all right if you are hands are in the frame, but the cinematography and lighting should be oriented so that the viewer can entirely focus on the product. One exception arises if you are reviewing a camera or any photography product, choosing not to show your face in such product reviews might be counterproductive to your purpose. A tip would be to consider the product you review before getting started.


Gameplay videos

Game playing

According to a recent survey, 70 percent of viewers of gameplay videos are 18 years which is why these videos target teenagers. Statistics show that in recent years viewers in this category have significantly increased. In some situations, vloggers live stream for hours in which they attempt game missions and inform the viewers about the gameplay, strategies, cheats, and more.

Viewers watch these live streams till the end. However, that does not stop them from sharing their experience with the game and providing feedback and recommendations.

Gameplay videos are another fitting example of how you can create vlogging content without showing your face. The tip while making this video is that you must situate the camera at such an angle that the viewers can see your game and reactions. Of course, the user must see what is happening. The only reason they are coming to your channel to view the gameplay is that they depend on your audio to provide them with valuable information about the gameplay and your specific reactions.


DIYs Videos

DIY videos

DIY videos are among the top vlogs where vloggers do not show their faces.

One of the amazing facts about these videos is that viewers never get bored watching such content. It explains the popularity of DIY videos. You can learn something new every day! These videos excite the audience because they get creative and learn new skills.

Another thing many viewers do not notice is that these DIY vloggers mostly use opt to use environmentally friendly materials showing overall support for recycling and hence gaining positive moral points among their viewer bases. In these types of videos, vloggers resist facing because they wish the viewers to dedicate their attention to the process rather than the visuals and the explanations given in audio. In these videos majority of the YouTubers use the ring light to provide an extra effect to the video. It is not mandatory to buy an expensive one if you make DIY videos until you ensure to spend an affordable and acceptable amount.

DIY videos are all about creating something useful from reusable or recyclable materials. But the most important thing that you must consider is that those who have the skill set in this field can easily perform these videos, so it will be beneficial for you if you choose to take a few courses before you make DIY vlogs.

One thing to ensure when making DIY videos is honesty. Giving misleading information to your users about the process of any DIY can have consequences.

Whiteboard videos

Whiteboard video

Whiteboard videos are videos where the camera is facing the whiteboard. It is your choice whether to hang up on the wall or put it on the desk. It is another idea to create content without showing your face.

These types of videos target students. Why? After the pandemic crisis, many students have faced problems because of their online classes. The professors or online tutors create these videos to solve these gaps in the knowledge base,

The advantage of such whiteboard videos was that they were free of cost. It was useful for those students who couldn’t afford expensive tutors. Although whiteboard videos targeted students, they can integrate with many vlogging ideas.

There are many vloggers you can find on YouTube who convey their stories with the help of a whiteboard. Without any doubt, many viewers are interested in these types of videos. You can take Infographics as a notable example. The popularity and simplicity of whiteboard videos have caused an expansion of their use among many vloggers on YouTube.


Travel vlogging

Travel video

Travel vlogging is one of the trendiest ones and treasured by those fond of traveling. These videos keep the viewers engaged throughout the whole video.

Many vloggers assume that travel vlogging is about showing face. However, the only thing that matters to the audience is how well the content is. This factor will easily outweigh the factor of hiding the face.

For travel vlogging, there are a few pieces of equipment that you will need to get started. Firstly, you will be needing a vlogging camera, one with the best features and is affordable, as well as an external microphone. Travel vlogs are easy to make and critical at the same time. Your primary aim should be to keep your audience engaged the entire time.

Make sure to give video and audio the same importance. The tip on making such videos is to create travel vlogs both informative and to show creative places the average viewer may not have a chance to visit. Make sure to tell interesting facts about the places you are visiting.

Staying connected with your viewers is immensely important. It will not only positively affect your channel but also your personality.

One of the ways is by using other platforms or replying to their comments in the comment section in which people will get to know how considerate and passionate you are about this career.


Interview videos


Interviews videos are question and answer sessions. Similar to a podcast but an off-camera. These videos are made for specific topics, but it’s hard to choose one because you need to think as a viewer. That is a painstaking process.

One solution to this problem can be that you can use their platforms like Instagram to ask about the specific topic that they would like to hear discussion about. with the help that you would have a clear mind and will be able to focus more on the video.

These videos can be beneficial for viewers in a lot of ways. Many interviews are on a knowledgeable subject to which most viewers would love to listen. In these interviews, the audience will not just get knowledge, but they would listen to both person’s perspectives and try to understand both and think about their own.

Another way to make these videos is to interview celebrities. It will highly increase the number of viewers.


Animation Videos

Animation video

You may have seen many YouTubers vlogging using animations and making it big. One of the prime examples would be the YouTube channel CGP Grey which has over 4 million subscribers. With animations, this channel has successfully implemented all the requirements for vlogging without showing their face on camera.

It will require much more effort as everything has to be animated separately. However, considering that you have ample time or a decent number of monetary resources, you can always get it done by employing someone else or doing it yourself.

Make sure that the animated vlogs cover all the aspects of your story, plot, and cinematography. A good advantage is that when vlogging using animations, you do not need to worry about video quality, but audio quality becomes much more essential.


That is it! These are some of the vlog ideas used by many vloggers who prefer to make content that does not involve showing face. No doubt they are phenomenally successful now. And now, hopefully, you have understood these vlog ideas.

With the help of the tips, you will make a great vlog. Always remember that handwork always shows. This platform is a place where success takes time so, be patient and keep trying your best.

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