Top 7 Vlogs Setups Without Showing Your Face 

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Exploring Creative Vlogging with 7 Vlogs Setups Without Showing Your Face 

In the vast expanse of YouTube content, a treasure trove of videos exists where creators opt to keep their faces off the screen. While showcasing yourself certainly has its perks, it’s worth noting that there are compelling motivations for maintaining anonymity. From the diverse array of vlog ideas available, many can be brought to life without putting your face in the limelight.

Considering the potential pitfalls of online spaces, shielding your privacy from the internet’s darker corners or sidestepping biases rooted in appearance are valid reasons to explore alternative vlogging approaches. These reasons resonate even more strongly in our ever-evolving digital landscape.

In this guide, we’ll steer you through the exciting realm of vlogging setups that don’t require your face to be front and center. We’ll cover everything from conception to execution, giving you a solid foundation to embark on your vlogging journey. So, if you’re eager to dip your toes into the world of vlogging without making your face the focus, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re a novice content creator or a seasoned pro looking to diversify your content, these setups open doors to captivating storytelling that goes beyond traditional norms.

Let’s dive into the possibilities together, where your voice, ideas, and experiences take center stage while your face enjoys a well-deserved break.


Product Review Videos

Tech review. Vlogging without showing face

Products Review Approach

Gone are the days when viewer engagement solely hinged on revealing your face. The secret sauce to attracting an audience isn’t about your appearance; it’s about the substance of your content. It’s all about the heart of what you’re sharing.

In a world where simplicity speaks volumes, myriad avenues await your exploration, all without the need for your face to grace the screen. Among these innovative concepts lies the art of product review videos.

Recent trends have witnessed a surge in vloggers opting for the realm of product reviews. Remarkably, some creators within this community are still amazed by the meteoric rise in views these videos can garner. The secret sauce? A contemporary inclination toward consuming well-presented product insights, swaying viewers away from their own exhaustive research.

These videos furnish viewers with a comprehensive panorama of the product at hand. Not only do they delve into why the product resonates with the audience, but they also meticulously dissect its merits, drawbacks, and potential future value.

Guiding the audience through their evaluations and personal experiences, vloggers play a pivotal role in helping potential buyers make informed choices. This authenticity is the bedrock upon which trust is built, and trust is the key to expanding your viewer base.

Now, the million-dollar question: How can you produce these impactful videos without revealing your face? Picture this: your camera’s gaze is firmly fixed on the product itself. While your hands may make the occasional appearance, meticulous lighting and cinematography ensure that the star of the show remains the product. However, there’s a slight detour when you’re reviewing a camera or a photography-related product; in this case, showcasing your face could be conducive to your objective.

Before diving in, a nugget of wisdom: let the nature of the product you’re reviewing shape your approach. So, if you’re ready to traverse the avenue of faceless reviews, armed with insightful details and a strategic camera angle, you’re poised to unlock a world where the product takes center stage.

Gameplay Videos

Game playing

Excitement of  Gameplay Videos

Did you know that a whopping 70 percent of gameplay video viewers are 18-year-olds? This juicy tidbit explains why these videos have teens as their prime target. Recent data points out that this demographic has witnessed a substantial surge in viewership over the past years. Enterprising vloggers are capitalizing on this trend by delivering exhilarating live streams, where they immerse themselves in epic gaming quests, all while dishing out insights into strategies, hacks, and more.

What’s remarkable is that viewers stay glued to these live sessions, absorbing every thrilling moment. Even after the stream concludes, their engagement doesn’t dwindle. They actively contribute by sharing their own experiences, insights, and invaluable suggestions for improvement.

Gaming videos offer a prime example of how to craft vlogs sans a spotlight on your face. The golden rule here is to position your camera strategically, ensuring that your gameplay and reactions remain in the viewer’s sightline. After all, the gameplay is the star of the show. The viewers tune in to your channel not only for visual cues but to glean valuable gameplay insights and, of course, to hear your specific reactions.

As you venture into this realm, remember that your audio narration plays a pivotal role in delivering a seamless experience. Your audience relies on your vocal cues to navigate the game and uncover hidden gems within. With your gameplay and strategic commentary taking center stage, you’re all set to offer viewers an enthralling journey through virtual realms without ever showing your face.

DIYs Videos

DIY videos

Unleashing Creativity of DIY Adventures

One of the amazing facts about these videos is that viewers never get bored watching such content. It explains the popularity of DIY videos. You can learn something new every day! These videos excite the audience because they get creative and learn new skills.

Another thing many viewers do not notice is that these DIY vloggers mostly use opt to use environmentally friendly materials showing overall support for recycling and hence gaining positive moral points among their viewer bases. In these types of videos, vloggers resist facing because they wish the viewers to dedicate their attention to the process rather than the visuals and the explanations given in audio. In these videos majority of the YouTubers use the ring light to provide an extra effect to the video. It is not mandatory to buy an expensive one if you make DIY videos until you ensure to spend an affordable and acceptable amount.

DIY videos are all about creating something useful from reusable or recyclable materials. But the most important thing that you must consider is that those who have the skill set in this field can easily perform these videos, so it will be beneficial for you if you choose to take a few courses before you make DIY vlogs.

One thing to ensure when making DIY videos is honesty. Giving misleading information to your users about the process of any DIY can have consequences.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard video

The Magic of Whiteboard Animation Videos

Imagine a camera poised in front of a whiteboard, its surface brimming with potential. Whether mounted on a wall or perched on a desk, this creative canvas unfolds a captivating avenue for content creation—one that doesn’t necessitate revealing your face.

Enter the realm of whiteboard videos, a realm with students as its primary audience. But why this focus? In the wake of the pandemic, students worldwide grappled with the challenges of remote learning. Recognizing this gap, educators and online tutors stepped up, wielding whiteboard videos as a solution to bridge the knowledge divide.

What’s particularly remarkable about these videos is their accessibility—free of charge and a lifeline for students seeking affordable alternatives to traditional tutoring. While initially tailored for students, whiteboard videos have seamlessly intertwined with a plethora of vlogging concepts.

Intriguingly, the whiteboard serves as more than a backdrop; it becomes a storyteller’s tool. Scores of YouTube creators now employ whiteboards to narrate engaging tales, captivating their audience’s imagination. The rise of infographic-style content is a testament to the allure of whiteboard videos.

Intricately tied to their popularity is their inherent simplicity. This very trait has spurred an expansive adoption among YouTube’s diverse vlogging community. With whiteboard videos, the canvas is limitless, inviting you to bring your stories, ideas, and lessons to life—all without stepping into the spotlight.

Travel Vlogging

Travel video

Unveiling The Adventures of Travel Vlogging

Travel vlogging, a journey cherished by wanderlust enthusiasts, stands tall among the trends, capturing the hearts of globetrotters and armchair travelers alike. Through this dynamic medium, viewers are swept into captivating narratives that span the globe.

While the misconception lingers that travel vlogging necessitates a face at the forefront, the truth lies in the content’s prowess. Engaging storytelling effortlessly outshines any veil of anonymity, capturing audience attention and kindling wanderlust without the need for constant facial presence.

To step into the realm of travel vlogging, essential tools await your embrace. A capable vlogging camera, one that balances features and affordability, alongside an external microphone, form your arsenal. Crafting travel vlogs requires a delicate balance between ease and significance, with your core mission being to keep your audience enthralled from start to finish.

Remember, both visual and auditory elements hold equal weight in these videos. Strike the perfect harmony between the two to ensure an immersive experience. As you delve into travel vlogging, seize the opportunity to introduce viewers to hidden gems off the beaten path, enriching their knowledge with intriguing tidbits about the places you traverse.

Fostering a deep connection with your audience is paramount. Beyond enhancing your channel’s reach, this engagement extends to your personal growth. Cultivate this connection by embracing diverse platforms and thoughtfully responding to comments, offering a glimpse into your dedication and passion for this enriching journey.

Interview Videos


Exploring The Power of Interview Videos

Picture a space where questions spark discussions, ideas intertwine, and insights unravel—a dynamic akin to podcasts, yet off-camera. Welcome to the world of interview videos, a platform where curiosity meets candid conversations.

Intriguingly, the process of selecting interview topics can be as challenging as it is rewarding. It’s a delicate dance where you step into your viewer’s shoes, pondering what would captivate their interests. A nifty workaround involves tapping into platforms like Instagram, where you directly engage your audience to curate the conversation. By harnessing this crowd-sourced wisdom, your focus sharpens, and your content gains a fresh perspective.

Why do these videos resonate with viewers? The answer lies in the multifaceted benefits they bring. Many interviews delve into enlightening topics, serving as a wellspring of knowledge that piques curiosity. Here, the audience isn’t merely recipients of information; they’re exposed to diverse perspectives, encouraging them to reflect and shape their own views.

Yet, there’s another dimension to this canvas—interviewing celebrities. The allure of peeking into the lives and thoughts of prominent figures creates a magnetic pull, luring viewers to join the conversation. This, in turn, amplifies viewership, sparking a ripple effect that extends the reach of your content.

So, as you embark on the journey of interview videos, remember that each dialogue is an opportunity to bridge insights, fostering a space where ideas collide, minds expand, and the art of conversation takes center stage.

Animation Videos

Animation video

The Magic World of Animation Videos

Ever caught yourself entranced by YouTubers who wield animations to tell their tales? Look no further than YouTube juggernaut CGP Grey, a prime illustration with its 6 million subscribers. Through the captivating realm of animation, these creators have unlocked the art of vlogging sans the need to grace the screen.

Animation videos are a labor of love, demanding meticulous effort as each element is brought to life independently. While this path may necessitate significant time investment or financial resources, it’s a canvas awaiting your creative touch—whether you decide to embark on the journey solo or enlist the expertise of another.

As your animated vlogs weave narratives, plots, and cinematography, they transcend the bounds of traditional storytelling. And here’s the cherry on top—animation bypasses the need for impeccable video quality, allowing you to pour your energy into elevating the audio experience, a critical facet.

Through animation, your content becomes an immersive tapestry where visuals dance to your tune, enabling you to craft compelling stories and share your insights—all while maintaining an air of anonymity. In this realm, your voice narrates the journey, breathing life into characters and scenarios, making animation an enigmatic doorway to vlogging adventures.


These vlog ideas serve as a testament to the creative prowess of countless content creators who have chosen to carve their path without relying on face time. The success stories that have unfolded are nothing short of inspiring, showcasing the potential that lies in this unique approach. By now, these vlog concepts have likely sparked your curiosity and ignited your imagination.

As you embark on your own vlogging journey, armed with the insights shared above, you’re primed to craft content that resonates with your audience. Remember, every ounce of effort you invest is bound to shine through. In this dynamic digital landscape, the road to success might be winding, but it’s a journey worth taking. Patience becomes your ally as you nurture your channel, nurture your skills, and ultimately nurture your success.

The realm of vlogging is a canvas that rewards innovation, dedication, and authenticity. Your journey might start without showing your face, but the impact you make, the stories you tell, and the connections you foster will leave an indelible mark. So, go ahead, seize the tools and tips you’ve gathered here, and step into the vlogging arena with confidence. Stay true to your passion, let your creativity flourish, and remember—the path to triumph is often paved with perseverance. Your audience awaits, eager to embark on this captivating journey alongside you.

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