How to Become a Tech Vlogger in 2023 – Complete Guide

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Hey there! If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate guide on how to become a Tech Vlogger and gain some essential vlogging tips, you’re in for a treat.

For all you tech enthusiasts out there, having your very own YouTube channel is a fantastic way to showcase your passion, share your experiences, and connect with your audience through the lens of technology.

In this comprehensive article, we’re dishing out some seriously valuable insights into the world of tech vlogging, paving the way for your journey to becoming a successful tech vlogger.

YouTube is a buzzing hive of activity, with a staggering 300 hours of video content being uploaded every single minute. That’s a jaw-dropping 18,000 hours (equivalent to around 2 years!) of fresh content per hour. This statistic alone solidifies YouTube as the go-to platform for creators to shine a spotlight on their creations and weave the tale of their everyday lives. Vlogging, as a niche, has captured the hearts of millions, giving rise to diverse subcategories and endless vlogging ideas across the YouTube landscape.

Here, we’re diving headfirst into one particular niche that’s skyrocketing in popularity – the realm of tech education and exploration, also known as tech vlogging. If you’re not quite acquainted with the term, fret not! We’re here to demystify the concept of tech vlogging, and by the time you reach the end of this guide, we’re crossing our fingers that you’ll be brimming with inspiration to kickstart your very own tech-centric channel.

Here is a concise preview of what we will discuss

  • Unveiling Tech Vlogging: We’ll unravel the essence of tech vlogging and why it’s the pulse of modern content creation.  
  • Channel Crafting 101: Let’s embark on the journey of creating your YouTube channel from scratch, complete with all the must-know steps and best practices.
  • Nailing Your Niche: Discover how to find that sweet spot in the tech realm that resonates with you, and master the art of crafting a captivating storyline.
  • Lights, Camera, Tech: Dive into the world of filming and editing your vlogs like a pro, armed with the latest techniques and tools.
  • Channel Promotion Strategies: Learn how to draw the spotlight onto your channel using savvy promotion methods and growth strategies.
  • Pro Tips From the Tech Pros: Get ready for a treasure trove of practical tech vlogging tips and tricks, straight from those who’ve already made their mark.
  • Inspiring Tech Vloggers: Let us introduce you to the trailblazers who are setting trends and inspiring others in the tech vlogging arena.

Hold tight, because this journey is about to unveil a world of opportunities and insights that’ll propel you towards becoming a bona fide tech vlogging sensation!


What is Tech Vlogging?

How to do tech vloggign


Tech vlogging is all about creating engaging video content centered around technology. Think about it – you’re capturing those thrilling moments when the latest phone drops, or you’re taking your audience on an educational journey to help them pick out the perfect PC or camera gear. It’s like having a conversation with your viewers, where you sit down and unpack a product, sharing insights, recommendations, and handy tips that they can’t find anywhere else.

Now, here’s the deal: tech vlogging is no small feat. It’s a blend of expertise and dedication. As a tech vlogger, you’re not just hitting record and sharing your thoughts. Nope, you’re dedicating time to in-depth research, staying up-to-date with market trends, and critically analyzing the plethora of options out there. You’re the tech guru your audience turns to for trusted guidance in a fast-paced, ever-evolving world.

Think of tech vlogging as a window into the tech universe. You’re not just showing off gadgets; you’re crafting narratives, curating experiences, and adding that personal touch that sets you apart. And let’s not forget the editing magic that goes into refining your videos for a polished presentation.

In a nutshell, tech vlogging is your ticket to merge your love for technology with your creative flair, all while building a community of like-minded enthusiasts. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a journey that’s equal parts thrilling and rewarding – a journey that transforms you into a tech-savvy storyteller, bringing the latest tech trends to life with your unique perspective.

How to create a YouTube channel

Creating your very own YouTube channel is a strategic process that sets the stage for top-notch content production. Here’s how to get started without breaking a sweat.

First things first, let’s talk gear. Your toolkit begins with a solid vlogging camera. Opt for one that excels at indoor filming, prioritizing factors like impeccable zoom, ISO settings, and frame rates over slim design or extended battery life. A heavyweight in terms of performance is the Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II, ringing in at an affordable $500.

But wait, there’s more to exceptional content than just visuals. Crisp audio quality is equally essential. Enter the Blue Yeti USB mic, a standout choice. With options like cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo, it’s a versatile gem. And boasting a signal-to-noise ratio around 100 dB, it’s a dream for any vlogger.

Lastly, let’s talk stability. A tripod is your secret weapon, granting your videos a professional touch. While creative alternatives like boxes can work, investing in the Manfrotto 190XPro4 tripod is the savvy move, delivering both stability and adjustable height.

Now, for the grand finale – setting up your YouTube channel. This step is remarkably easy. A digital creator’s account on YouTube is a mere one-minute affair, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Once that’s squared away, you’re ready to embark on your vlogging journey.

By ticking off these equipment essentials and navigating the YouTube setup, you’re primed to unleash your tech-savvy stories and ideas to a global audience. Get ready to rock the world of tech vlogging, armed with a killer camera, impeccable audio, and the passion to make waves in the digital realm.


Find your niche and define your story

Brain storm. Find Your niche


Let’s talk about honing in on your niche and weaving your unique narrative. It’s a journey that’s all about finding your sweet spot and crafting a story that captivates. Here’s how to make it happen:

To uncover your niche, let’s shed some light on a few guiding principles that can steer you in the right direction. Begin by tapping into the content that truly resonates with you as a viewer. These videos you’re drawn to are golden hints at what you’ll genuinely enjoy creating. Remember, your authentic enthusiasm and passion are irreplaceable, something your audience will instantly connect with.

Now, consider your interests and hobbies. Let these be your compass as you chart the course for your channel. If, for instance, smartphones have held your fascination since childhood, that’s a clear signpost for the type of content that’s right up your alley.

Last but not least, assess your skill set. Where can you offer the most invaluable insights, in-depth analysis, and expert knowledge? The depth of your knowledge on a subject shines through in your videos, adding substantial value to your content.

Remember, your journey as a tech vlogger is as much about what you’re passionate about as it is about what your audience craves. Aligning your interests, expertise, and the content that resonates with you paves the way for an engaging channel that not only reflects your authentic self but also keeps your viewers hooked. So, embark on this exploration with an open mind, a passion for tech, and a story that’s uniquely yours.


Filming your tech vlog

Shooting vlog


Lights, camera, tech – let’s delve into the captivating world of filming your tech vlogs. Now that you’ve honed in on your niche, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and capture your tech passion in motion. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with pro tips to make the process a breeze.

First up, the script is your guiding star. Instead of scripting every word, focus on outlining key points. Balancing spontaneity with structure brings that authentic charm to your vlogs.

Now, let’s shed light on lighting’s paramount role. Whether it’s gadget reviews or any other topic, lighting is your steadfast ally. When the sun sets, artificial setups step in, but whenever possible, embrace natural daylight – just avoid harsh sun rays.

Location sets the stage. Especially for sit-down vlogs, prioritize stellar lighting and a tidy, distraction-free backdrop. Your backdrop should complement, not overshadow.

Variety keeps the viewer spellbound. Play with camera angles and shots to add that extra flavor. Change is your ally against monotony.

Start small, dream big. You don’t need a treasure trove of funds to kickstart. A quality camera, lighting setup, editing tools, microphone, and tripod form your foundation – all you need to pave your way.

With these insights in your arsenal, prepare to capture tech’s magic with finesse. Consider your camera your canvas and your vlogs your artistic masterpieces, ready to unfold. Get set to hit record and share your tech journey with the world!

Editing your tech vlog

Unlock the magic of video editing for your tech vlogs – it’s your secret to making your content shine. Once you’ve got your footage in the bag, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and bring it to life.

First things first, embrace the learning curve. Your initial edits might not be masterpiece material, and that’s perfectly okay. Start simple and build from there. Flashy and over-the-top editing can actually be distracting, so keep it clean and cohesive.

Equipped with quality video editing software and some basic editing know-how, you’re good to go. Smooth transitions are key; avoid jarring cuts that disrupt your flow. A touch of planning helps maintain the rhythm of your video.

And here’s a pro tip – music matters. A well-chosen soundtrack can instantly elevate your video’s impact. It’s not about a constant background tune, but rather strategically placing snippets at the right moments. The right melody can work wonders for your video’s success.

Don’t worry about scouring the web for music – there’s a treasure trove of amazing, royalty-free tracks available online. With your footage in hand and these editing insights in mind, you’re set to craft captivating tech vlogs that hook your viewers and keep them coming back for more. Get ready to transform raw footage into a cinematic masterpiece!


Promote your channel

Youtube promotion

Let’s talk about getting the spotlight on your channel – it’s time to spread the word far and wide about your fantastic video creations. No matter how amazing your content is, a little promotion goes a long way.

Enter the world of SEO – the game changer. When done right, your videos snag prime spots in YouTube’s search results and enjoy higher rankings. Crafting SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, tags, and eye-catching thumbnails with popular keywords amps up your discoverability.

Your social media playground is next in line. Link your YouTube channel in your profiles and email signatures. Trust us, your social circle is an invaluable asset for promotion. Without even sending out individual messages, your friends and family will naturally connect with your channel.

Maximize your impact by cross-linking. Attach your social media handles to your channel so subscribers can seamlessly follow you across platforms. Encourage them to like, share, and hit that subscribe button if they’re vibing with your content.

Creating playlists is another ace up your sleeve. These well-organized collections make it easy for viewers to navigate your content. Pro tip: ensure your playlists are neatly sorted for effortless browsing.

And here’s a golden tip – collaboration is key. Partner up with fellow vloggers in your niche. This dynamic duo amplifies your reach, exposing you to fresh audiences and tapping into each other’s subscriber base.

With these strategies in your arsenal, you’re all set to let your tech vlogging brilliance shine. Remember, it’s not just about creating great content; it’s about sharing it effectively to captivate a growing community of tech enthusiasts.

Secret Tips for How To Become A Tech Vlogger

Unlock these insider tips to kickstart your journey as a tech vlogger – consider this your road map to success:

When you’re just setting out, don’t shy away from seeking inspiration from fellow tech vloggers. Embrace the art of learning without outright copying their techniques. It’s about cherry-picking elements that resonate with you and weaving them into your unique vlogging style.

Here’s the golden thread connecting successful channels: consistency. Each triumphant channel thrives on a steady rhythm of uploads. Building a schedule is your secret weapon – it’s the glue that holds your content creation journey together. Let your audience in on your upload schedule so they can eagerly anticipate your vlogs.

Now, time for a mantra: quality trumps quantity. While consistency is your ally, never compromise on the caliber of your vlogs. The spotlight is on uploading content that’s not only top-notch but also a perfect blend of entertainment and information. This combination is your magic potion for captivating your audience.

So, as you dive headfirst into the tech vlogging realm, keep these tips close. Draw inspiration, embrace consistency, and let quality shine. This journey is yours to mold, and with these insights, you’re primed to carve out a thriving tech vlogging niche.

The best tech vloggers for inspiration 

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee a true trailblazer in the world of technology vlogging, has captivated millions with his passion, expertise, and unwavering curiosity. With each video, he doesn’t just explore gadgets and innovations; he invites us on a journey of discovery, demystifying complex concepts and revealing the magic behind the latest tech marvels.

Marques embodies the spirit of endless learning, fearlessly diving into uncharted territories and sharing his insights with a global audience. His dedication reminds us that in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, embracing our curiosity and embracing challenges is the key to growth.

As we watch Marques Brownlee navigate the digital frontier with grace and authenticity, we’re inspired to push our own boundaries, chase our passions, and always stay hungry for knowledge.


iJutine the tech vlogger extraordinaire, has illuminated the digital realm with her boundless energy and unbreakable spirit. With an infectious enthusiasm, she delves into the ever-changing world of technology, transforming complex innovations into relatable and exciting experiences for her audience. iJustine’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and genuine passion.

She fearlessly embraces challenges, turning them into stepping stones to success. In her videos, we find not only a source of information but also a reminder that with dedication and authenticity, we can conquer any hurdle.

iJustine’s unwavering commitment to sharing knowledge and spreading joy in the tech universe serves as a beacon, igniting our own aspirations to boldly venture into uncharted digital territories and make them our own.

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat a visionary in the realm of tech vlogging, has redefined storytelling and creativity in the digital age. With his unique cinematic style and relentless pursuit of innovation, he has inspired millions to break free from conventions and embrace their individuality.

Casey’s journey is a testament to the power of embracing one’s passions and fearlessly pushing boundaries. Through his lens, we witness the fusion of technology and artistry, reminding us that every tool at our disposal can be harnessed to craft something truly extraordinary. His unwavering work ethic and ability to turn challenges into opportunities serve as a profound lesson in resilience.

As we follow Casey’s captivating adventures, we’re reminded that the most remarkable paths are often those less traveled. He encourages us to be architects of our own narratives, creating stories that resonate and leaving an indelible mark on the digital canvas.


In wrapping things up, you’ve got the full scoop on crafting a thriving tech vlogging empire on YouTube. We’ve covered everything from sparking ideas to putting them into action, and even the art of spreading the word. This guide holds your hand through the entire journey of establishing and flourishing in the world of tech vlogging. Remember, from concept to creation to promotion, you’re armed with a comprehensive playbook that paves the way for your very own successful tech vlogging channel on YouTube.


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